Friday, 3 March 2017

Colourful Stripes & Cropped Wide Leg Jeans (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

In Wednesdays post I wrote about Spring trends that you can wear now, and colourful stripes were one of those trends. I had this jumper and cropped jeans as a gift at Christmas and they've been happily hanging there awaiting their debut. I wore them out for a date with the husband recently(pf which he mocked my 'too short jeans') and instantly fell in love with the combination. After a season of wearing lots of darker clothes it felt great to be in something colourful and fun. 
Because fashion should be just that.. fun! An expression of our character and what we want to convey that day. 
I think i am going to end up wearing these cropped wide legs A LOT. They are a great fit (erring on the edge of a wee bit tight.. damn those winter pound i've gained!) and are the perfect amount of crop. These will definitely be worn a lot come spring with white sneakers and cropped jackets and tee's i think. I absolutely love them, which is hilarious as the husband thinks they're quite ridiculous ("You do know we can afford trousers that fit and not ankle swingers, right?" He says this EVERY time i wear them 😅), but with boots now they're create a great silhouette for this pear shaped girl and make a wonderful difference to the usual shaped jeans.

So Colourful stripes and cropped wide legs? Are you on-board with these for spring?

 Shop The Spring Look:

Cropped Wide Leg Trousers options:
These are fab & also Citizens of Humanity have some of the best I've seen
High Ankle Boots
Silver Clutch
Stripe Jumper
Yellow Pea Coat is from Laura Ashley but is currently sold out, this Yellow Jacket option is awesome though



  1. I love this cropped trouser/jean style.And they look fab on you Rachel. Unfortunately they don't love me! These would be below my ankle! I could buy some and get the sewing kit out! I love that coat though. That's just mustard xx Have a great weekend Rachel

  2. Ignore the man Rachel. I generally do. It looks great on you. So right about fashion being fun. I have a skirt my family hate. Does it stop me? No. In fact colleagues love it.
    I'm too short to carry the cropped wide look sadly.

  3. AAaah I love this outfit! I love the pops of colour, perfect for spring :)

    Rachael xx.

  4. Yellow is my favorite color, so this look gets a thumbs up just for that!!
    I have one pair of cropped pants, but I always feel strange in them. I need to see it on others more, I think!
    How tall are you, may I ask?

    1. I'm 5ft 6" so i often find they hit me in the right place, which im super grateful for. I know what you mean about seeing them on others first. It is quite a different shape and feels quite alien at first. But after my first outing it was love and now i'm super happy wearing them whenever!XX

  5. Love all of the color in this look! The button detail on your jeans is fabulous too! Gorgeous!

    xx, Elise

  6. What a fabulous and fun look! I love all the color! That coat and top are amazing!

  7. I'm loving the cropped trousers on you, and the bright sweater! Such a fun spring look.

  8. I love your yellow jacket, and the cropped jeans. I think short flare/wide jeans are so chic.

    Daily Style Finds

  9. OMG in love with the cool mod look!!!!!

    Dawn Lucy

  10. There's something so adorably retro about cropped wide legs. They make me think of some old TV series like the original Star Trek! If they make you smile then that makes them winners. Love all the colours, just gorgeous x

  11. That mustard color is so fabulous on you! Loving your hair styled like that too. Very chic outfit!!

    Trendy & Tidy

  12. Stunning colours I love them, after being away last weekend and realising ALL my outfits were boring black, white and cream I need something like this in my collection. Great inspiration. Jacqui

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