Friday, 3 February 2017

Blush and Camel (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

I am still so very smitten with Blush, its such a sweet colour to remix and adds such a pretty edge to an outfit. I've worn this jumper multiple ways since buying it as it just goes so so well with all jeans, trousers and skirts.
I think this outfit is me ushering in to Spring.. I think i may well be done with Winter, bring on Summer! Anyone else feel the same? As much as i love me some knitwear and my cast coat collection, I think I'm ready for not freezing or getting soaking wet every day, aren't you?
Even though its cold and rainy lately, I've still dared to bare my ankles as my Silver Loafers are just brightening my days at the moment. Again.. think i'm a little bit over boots
A little bit of metallic sure does bring a bit of jazz to an outfit and looking down on these unbelievably comfy shoes certainly lightens my mood (these ones look wonderful btw), plus being silver they act as a neutral, which means they go with just about everything.
And finally.. I may have to start looking for a new camel coat. This one has been with me for 3 years ( i think) and i still absolutely love it, but sadly i somehow managed to rip the lining from the inside to the point of being un-mendable.. Very sad times. I'm going to keep it for the rest of the season, but may have to resign it afterwards. I've just had a look at some and this dRA option looks like a good one (and its reduced). I really don't mind spending a little more on something i know i will wear and wear and wear. My current coat owes me nothing and has been well worn and loved, and it is the coat i never realised how much i would wear. It's fair to say I actually do need a camel coat in my life. I can't imagine not.

So enough about my outfit, how are you? Are you as glad as me to see the back of January? I am so ready for a good month. February please be kind!
Do you have anything nice planned for Feb? I'm looking to do something new, something different. I fear I've fallen in to a rut of the same old same old that so easily ensues through the winter months. I need and injection of fun somehow. Ideas on a postcard(or in the comments!).

Outfit details
Coat: F&F Super old.. Try this by dRA which looks like a beautiful cut and length
or Try This lovely option
Mom Jeans
Silver loafers: Love the Sam Edeleman ones, or These Asos rose metallic
M&S Bag
H&M Scarf



  1. Were both in Camel this week! This is a great outfit Rachel, love the scarf and as you say, these blush colours are the best.I don't know what to advise on doing different. These first three months of the year are so meh I think we all end up feeling like this. I know I do. xx

  2. Good morning! Such lovely colours, more than a hint of Spring here. Keeping active helps my mood, I like yoga and do that at home to Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. We joined the National Trust too! So lots of days out planned. X

  3. I'm loving all things blush too...I've been wearing it a lot. Love this outfit...the shoes are fabulous. Isn't it funny how we can't wait to break out the boots in September, but by now we are so over!

  4. It's a lovely outfit, the coat is simply wonderful, I love it! And I love blush and anything pink basically so the sweater is really pretty as well haha

    Marta -

  5. Your style is always fabulous and your pictures are always perfect + you are gorgeous, dear!

  6. Love this mix of colors but I'm most taken with those loafers!

  7. I do think that those loafers add so much fun to the outfit! And we definitely need some fun towards the end of winter!!

  8. Lovely outfit, Rachel! But the shoes! I am wanting the shoes! Thanks for the link up and have a fabulous weekend.


  9. That's a great sweater. And I love how well the scarf goes with everything. Great loafers, too!

    Thanks for the link up & have a wonderful weekend!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  10. Blush is a go to color of mine too, and I love how you paired it with the camel. Also loving the silver loafers!

  11. These are the most stunning pics of you girl and they are always so gorgeous. Adore this look, swoon x

  12. Pretty sweater and scarf! Loving the combo :). Happy Friday and thanks so much for hosting!

    Trendy & Tidy

  13. Thank you for hosting dear! I'm linking back to you HERE Hope you'll check out my latest <a href=">Fashion post</a>

  14. Blush and camel is a lovely colour combination. Your scarf is beautiful and those silver loafers are fab! I'm impatient for Spring too but it's not far off - at least it's not dark by 4pm any more :-)

    Emma xxx

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