Friday, 20 October 2017

Polka Dot Maxi Dress (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

Next to stripes and leopard print, polka dots are a big pattern love of mine, in-fact i really feel i don't own enough polka dots and need some more in my life, and at the moment they're having a bit of a fashion thing so there are lots of lovely options out there.

I picked -this maxi dress- up at the very beginning of September and then left it there hanging, just longing to be worn. Sometimes i categorise my clothing in to 'Places i can wear it', which is silly of course, but then sometimes i am a bit silly i guess. So this dress was in my silly mental category of 'Lunch with the girls' and due to busy schedules that day didn't come around until this week.
But oh i was so glad it did as firstly, the company and food were of course wonderful, and secondly it was great to wear this dress out for the first time. I paired the navy polka dot maxi with black, which is definitely a favourite combination of mine (I know some people cringe at black and navy together but i absolutely love it) and layered a cami under and wore tights and boots as the autumn chill has certainly snuck in this week.

That's the great thing about winter maxi dresses, you can layer under and over and there is no need to be cold or sacrifice wearing lovely dresses. Its a win win!

And just to talk boots for a second: if you're looking for a small block heel comfy sock boot that doesn't go too far up the calf (i find some of them can be very unflattering!) then the ones -i'm wearing here -are from asos and they are amazingly comfy and very flattering!

Are you a fan of polka dots?

Shop Polka Dot Dress Options

Outfit Details:
Mango Dress
Biker Jacket
Asos Black sock Boots
Lola Rose Green bracelet


Thursday, 19 October 2017

Life Hacks: How To Make Your Diamond Ring Sparkle

We wouldn’t dream of putting on the same outfit day after day without washing it, yet it rarely enters our minds to consider cleaning our jewellery.
Jewellery we wear on our hands, like diamond rings, are especially vulnerable to picking up dirt and grime as time goes on. Solitaire diamonds, for example, are often worn as engagement rings every day, so are worryingly even more likely to get grubby and lose their shine.
It’s essential to clean diamond rings properly to avoid damage and keep this valuable piece of jewellery in its best condition for as long as possible. So, how do you spruce up your diamond ring and restore its shop-bought shine?

Where to start

Remember to focus on the back of the ring setting and not just the stone when cleaning. The ring’s setting is the section that sits on your finger, and as you can imagine, collects the most grime. Not only does this make the entire ring look dirty after time, but the setting can also cause skin irritation if left.
Different ways to clean your diamond ring
To begin, you need to use the right equipment to make sure you don’t cause any damage. The best thing for cleaning a diamond is a cheap, soft bristled toothbrush — similar to one you might buy for a child to use. The bristles will allow you to properly clean around all diamond facets and types of settings, while not harming the shine of the stone.

Baking soda

Standard baking soda is an answer to many cleaning problems for diamond solitaire rings that you can pick up at the supermarket. When combined with water to form a thick paste, it becomes an effective cleaning solution for the stone and metal settings. Just remember to rinse the ring with warm water to remove any residue after you’re finished.


Yes, there’s another handy purpose for alcohol. A strong, clear, grain-based alcohol — like vodka or gin — is a fast and effective solution for cleaning diamonds. The science behind it is that the high level of ethanol is a natural solvent that will chemically remove any stray dirt on the surface of the diamond or trapped inside the setting of the ring.

Soap and water

If you want something even simpler to clean your diamond ring in a hurry, how about soap and water? Any household soap, including hand soap or washing up liquid, will do. As with other cleaning jobs, leaving the jewellery to soak is preferable, because this helps to loosen solidified particles in hard-to-reach areas.

Professional cleaning

Then again, you can always cut out the work and get your diamond ring professionally cleaned by a jeweller. This is arguably the best and most thorough method of cleaning diamond solitaire rings, and a decent jeweller will also check the diamond’s settings, as well as use an ultrasonic system to clean it. An ultrasonic system is a specialised tank filled with liquid. The jewellery is submersed and high-frequency sound waves are used to disturb and remove tiny dirt particles from almost unreachable parts of the jewellery. Some jewellery companies, like AC Silver, offer free services that will make sure your ring stays sparkling, too.

Hopefully, you have a few tips here to get your diamond ring back to its gleaming best. Make sure you stay clear of bleach or any corrosive solution. These can damage your precious diamond and its metal setting — and it could be irreversible.

Working in a happy Collaboration

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

#NoSpendOctober Over Halfway

A couple of weeks a go I published a post Not keeping Up with the Instajones': Stopping the constant buying and it seemed to resonate with, well, quite a lot of ladies.
I was happy to find out i wasn't alone on this but sad to find out that actually so very many of us constantly feel the need to keep up, keep shopping and making those purchases week after week, leaving many items unworn and unloved.
Women are renowned for only wearing a small percentage of the clothes they hold in their wardrobe, but with social media constantly showing us new pretty goods, the temptation to shop gets too much and we end up falling in to the habit of buy, buy, buy.
After talking about this to some ladies on Insta we formed our #NoSpendOctober group and hashtag and have not shopped for the month of October so far.
Now for those of you who have been around these parts with me for some time you'll know i've previously taken it upon myself to do exercises like this before, with two lots of #100daynospend (not consecutively i might add) and a whole year with a seasonal capsule wardrobe I know how it feels to not shop, to limit myself and to walk away from the beautiful dress thats just begging to come with you.
But the reason for me doing it this time was slightly different, as mentioned in my the previous post, i don't want to have to feel the need to keep buying the latest instagram trends all the time. I don't want to feel like i'm not as good as so and so if i don't have X in my wardrobe. And just to clarify, no one is making me feel like this apart from me. It was also a case of showing that i don't always have money or the need to justify new clothes every week. I have plenty of things i love and need to get the wear out of them.

And so here we are half way through, and as much as its not been super difficult (we've had lots on in the house with decorating and things) I would be lying if i said i don't want to shop.
The non shopping has made me evaluate what i have and what i dont have, what i need vs what i want, and that's certainly a good thing.
I've mentioned before, but i am an emotional shopper, and that goes for any emotion; Happy, i shop with glee, sad or feeling down, i shop to cheer myself up, proud or elated, i shop congratulatory to myself... you get the point.
As always though, tis been good to get some wear out of what i already own and take enjoyment in the fact that i have not spent a penny so far this month on clothes.

In total there are approximately 80-100 wonderful ladies doing #NoSpendOctober and they are all doing a mighty fine job too.
It has been an absolute pleasure to see so many ladies from so many different walks of life come together to support and encourage each other. Its also lovely to see how many of us are so like minded with our shopping habits and to not feel bad or alone in this.
And even if there have been some hiccups along the way, then we are just getting straight back on the no spend wagon with no judgement, just encouragement. Sometimes the justification of buying X makes complete sense, why would you walk away from something that you have longed for and is now half off... that would just be lunacy 😂.
This month is just about creating better spending habits going forward, less knee jerk purchases and more thoughtful spending. Its about working with what you have and adding in what you need, but obviously the occasional special item is ok too as, after all, you only live once 😉

I've created a link up below for all those wanting to add your instagram links so we can all go around and see each other and follow if you so wish.
Please add your link below (its super easy to do, click the blue add link button and instructions are given, or gimme a message and i can add you!)

But thank you ladies, you are all amazing.


Monday, 16 October 2017

Come Shop With Me: Skirts

With #NoSpendOctober in full swing (more on that in Wednesdays post) I have been wearing all things that i already own (obvs) and with no new items in the old wardrobe it has given me fresh eyes to see what i may be lacking in, what my wardrobe needs and what i don't need any more of.
One of those things is skirts. I don't have many at all and yet they are game changers when it comes to remixing. My problem is that i love buying dresses, but really a dress can only be remixed a couple of ways, and yes that all fine and good to keep wearing them the same two ways but being able to remix something multiple ways usually means I will get more wear out of it because, well, that to me is useful!
So skirt window shopping i went. Now i am super super fussy when it comes to skirts, hence why i don't have many. I usually find shops to be lacking in anything majorly gorgeous in the skirt department and there's never many i love enough for me to want to buy it.
Well guess what.. Skirts just got more interesting! Skirts seem to be in abundance this season and d'you know what there are some mighty fine options out there ladies!
Here are my findings and favourites:

I started with Next as their gorgeous window display drew me in. Inside there shop was split in to pinks and greys(which were lovely) and autunmal reds rusts and  greys. 
These two (above and below) had me swooning as soon as i walked through those doors. 
The pleated skirt is quite a thick density of fabric which makes the pleats fairly rigid and fall well, but at the same time it was very comfy and hung perfectly as a skirt should.

Below was the skirt that made me swoon BIG time. The fabric is a soft satin type finish that glides and doesn't cling, the colour is a soft rust and the flow of the skirt is beautiful. It was swishy, And therefore my swishy loving heart feels this could be true love. It worked perfectly well with my boots and the black fine knit that i was wearing, but i think with a breton, a blazer and shoes or even an orange sweater, a denim shirt or a big cable knit cardigan this could prove to be an incredible asset to your wardrobe!

A little bit of fun with some black lace and netting, i love that this can be dressed up or down and even though its a bit of mesh/tulle it could easily be worn in day or night time and it was very comfy.

This was a gorgeous khaki a line skirt, i like the idea of this for smart day time but also really nice for weekend wear too

I then headed to M&S and, once again, i was spoiled for choice! 
So the pleated midi velvet skirt is just the most wonderful fabric; stretchy, thick, and vibrant.
The skirt comes in red, gold or navy and i literally could not decide which was my favourite.
Again, these would work so well for so many occasions, dress them up, dress them down add some stripes or add some sparkle, trainers or boots they just work so very well.
But what colour would you go for??
For me the red is just christmas and festive season personified. The gold is so cheerful and daring yet will work with many things, but my head says navy is the most practical. I love how it would work with lots i already own.

 I didn't think i'd like this, but picked it up in the name of interest, it turned out to be really really nice on, it skims and flatters and adds a fun bit of interest. The print is pretty and is an item that does all the talking for you, enabling you to keep everything else pretty simple.

This was again something a little different as its not a shape i go for as a hippy pear shaped lady, but it was lovely on. Fitted at the waist and really lady like. I think i a bit to fancy for my day to day but if you're looking for something for office to bar this could be perfect.

And lastly another favourite, just because it fits like a glove. I tend to steer clear of minis these days, opting more for the midis as i find them more wearable (read: not gonna flash my pants) but there was something so gorgeous about this one, something so comfy with its thick fabric and flattering length that made me just love it. But its a statement piece that can't be remixed a whole lot of ways, but still, sometimes that's just what the heart wants.

Other note worthy skirts from M&S that i loved the look of but weren't in my size

So there we have it, a plethora of divine skirts. 
Are you a skirt fan? Do you own many and enjoy wearing them?
Do you like any of these beauties? 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Shoes that make you go Oooo #Giveaway with Mastershoe (& #Passion4fashion linkup!)

Happy Friday 13th Ladies.. unlucky for some but not today.. Fancy winning some shoes? Keep reading.

Shoes that make you go oooo, yep i love a good shoe. I would in fact say that i do have a bit of a thing with shoes. You see shoes never judge, they always fit and inevitably always look good.
It's probably why i have the entire storage under my bed filled with shoes. Shoes to me just make the outfit. Whether they be fabulous sparkle numbers like these Irregular choice babies (oh hello sparkle sparkle.. and they come in red too, Dorothy eat your heart out!) or really great practical boots like from Oak & Hyde shoes are what brings the outfit together.

Mastershoe are one of those rather marvellous online stores that stock all the brands you love and need. Want something quirky? Irregular choice have it, Practical? How about some on trend Vans, or walking the dog, well they've got you covered with a whole load of wellies to choose from with Hunter and Joules being favourites.
And what else is marvellous about Mastershoe is today they're giving away to one lucky reader a Pair of shoes from the rather gorgeous new brand Oak & Hyde.. Check these out:

The perfect Autumn /Winter boots that will go with just about everything!
The only decision is what style and colour will you go for?
{Details below to enter}

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