Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Spring-Summer Bag Edit

Spring Summer bags

With the  Spring season literally upon us, I know, I know it doesn't quite feel like it is upon us what with this delightful weather gracing us, but my mind is for all intensive purposes in the floral's and pretties zone. I'm done with dark and dank and layer upon layer of fabric. I'm craving splashes of bright colour and pretty prints and a touch of fun that only comes with sunshine (winter = no fun).

I find with simplifying my wardrobe the best way to inject some oomph is via the accessories. Fun, easy and can be as cheap or expensive as you can afford.
It's a lovely easy way to update any outfit and bring it up to date. Plus accessories shopping is the best.
Bags don't judge if you've gained a few pounds and they fit regardless.. thank god for lovely bags I say, as this body is faaarr from bikini ready. And when I say far I `actually mean never. Never ever ready.
With an update in mind (that's especially not bikini shaped, no surey bob) I got to thinking and a looking as to what kind of bags I would like in my life this spring and summer, the practical, the fun and everything in-between. I set off to my usual stamping ground of Lyst for some inspo and ideas. Great place to read up the bag edits and to see what's 'in' for the season.

So after much (way too much) research, here we have my Spring Summer Bag Edit.

Starting with the crossbody

My favourite type of bag, as it enables the all important hands free when out and about. 
Crossbody bags are vast and varied. you can have slouchy or structured, neutral or pop of colour.
For me this season is all about the pop of colour with my crossbody.
I absolutely love with all my bag loving hear this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Sofia tassel bag. 
Tan neutrality which is perfect for summer, but with the added magic of the tassels for that little fiesta of colour... Isn't it divine?
 I will also be constantly using my Red DKNY mini bag which I love for adding a pop of my favourite colour. People will often think that red is a winter colour (or save it for festivities such as Christmas or valentines) but it's such a great trans-seasonal colour, it works well all year round. 
If you don't fancy red, orange is a great alternative, I have a beautiful bright orange Fossil bag I pull out each Spring and love, pair it with khaki, denim, all the neutrals, and pretty much anything. It just works.
And finally the trusty black crossbody. When all else fails you, a classy chic little black number will never fail you and of course you'll get years of wear with it. My absolute favourites are by Marc Jacobs  and Kate Spade, soft leather, unstructured and a little slouchy.. Lovely!

Next up we have the Large Bag

Here we're talking holdall's for weekends, tote bags, backpacks and shoppers, general carry everything bar the kitchen sink around with you, type bags.
I've said it before and I still am yet to invest, but this year I will be sporting the backpack. Yes I am returning to my youth with sneakers and now the backpack. Full on Dora the explorer style (to the point where all I can hear in my head is that irritating song "Backpack Backpack" a la Dora) But yes for practical reasons, summer holidays etc, I am investing in the backpack. Wet wipes, snacks, random lego can all be chucked in and my hands can still be free to grab small children and assist where needed. Why have I not thought of this sooner (and previously rammed way too much stuff in to an inappropriate cross-body bag)? 
Again my preference is the Rebecca Minkoff Black Julian (Rebecca Minkoff is KILLING it on the bag front!) which is the beauty above. Julian, you shall be mine!!
Other bags for the season include a pretty blush tote that would be a lovely addition, the idea of blush as a summer neutral is such a great update, Kurt Geiger has some pastel pretties that really just scream Summer at the top of their pretty little voices.

Lastly the all important 

Clutch Bag

Now, if I were to live off beans for the foreseeable and I possibly wanted my husband to get really really mad at me, I would go for the beautiful Floral Alexander McQueen De Manta clutch, slightly pricey for a clutch that you may drag out a couple of times a month, but wow... What a piece right?
Its like a piece of art.
On the more purse (or clutch ..snort..) friendly price range, a little jute number is summer personified, add some embroidery and a tassel and you have beach to bar perfection. Mango Clutches are wonderful for this and they have a vast array or colours ans styles that I hope to bag (ha, I just can't help it) for myself this summer.
House Of Fraser also have an array of lovely clutches too.

So there we have my weapons of choice for the summer.
I shall be investing over the next few weeks!

What bags will you be buying this summer?


Friday, 25 March 2016

Lace-Up Tops ( And #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

 The lace-up top.
Not something that I overly liked when they first came (back) around through winter. But then social media convinced me otherwise, I would see them cropping up in magazines, on blogs and Instagram and I started thinking that it was quite a nice style, how's that for social media conditioning.. I have to admit I am occasionally prone to falling prey to a new must-have style; marketing at its best and I guess that makes me an advertisers dream, but hey, fashion is my vice and i only *occasionally* fall prey to passing trends.
With the lace-up tops I liked the idea that they add a little interest to the plain black top, which is something i am gravitating towards more and more of late.
Plus its perfect for spring as in chillier weather my chest would get cold (ha, old lady alert).
I picked this one up in Primark for a mere £8.00. I've gone from investment pieces to flyby fashion pieces all in a week. Sometimes you've just got to throw £8.00 to the wind and see how it falls. Thankfully with it being so super cheap i was happy to give it a go. And actually i really like the style. It was super easy and comfy to wear (accept the dangly bits of the ties kept getting in the way when i bent down) and a nice addition to my basics collection which I'm always happy to add to.
 My wardrobe is now mostly lots of basics with some key colours thrown in.
Speaking of key colours, I've established i am pretty much addicted to Khaki and Red as a couple; They just marry so nicely together i can't keep the two apart.

Have you tried the Lace- Up Top?

Lace up top: Primark (try this one or this one or a designer option)
Red Heels: New Look
Khaki Sleeveless Jacket: Boohoo (super similar)
The Jane Clutch bag
Obelisk Earring 


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Shirt Dress and Biker Jacket

 Oh I do love a good shirt dress, in fact it seems to be all I'll wear of late.
I think it's the comfort they bring and the non necessity to suck it all in, as at the moment I can't bear the thought of anything clingy.. it could be to do with the winter pounds I just can't seem to shed, or that in my 30's I am opting for comfort more than ever.
Working from home and being a mum means most of my clothes these days need to be comfortable and practical. But that doesn't mean staying in my pj's all day, nope I still love getting dressed each day but am orbiting the more relaxed vibes. Shirt dresses like this one and the one from Fridays post are exactly what I'm after.
This Madewell dress is brilliant for transitioning nicely in to spring and summer.
Its still single digits temperature wise at the moment so paired with a layer underneath, and thick tights and boots and its totally wearable now. And then when the temperatures rise it will be awesome for easy sunny days with some gladiator sandals and a denim jacket.

You've probably noticed I've been banging on and on (and on and on and on) about buying pieces that transition seasons well and also things that work well remixed.
Well I have been curating a bit of a capsule wardrobe.. and I am very close to having approx 36 items that I would happily live in for the season.
I'm excited to try this, and also a little bit scared.. the thought of giving up the rest of my wardrobe and the variety is scary!! But I've found that week after week I've been reaching for the same items anyway, plus with a fixed palette or neutrals with the odd side of colour, they are easily worn in different ways.
It's just something I'm seriously considering at the moment. I guess one of the things that makes me super apprehensive is the weather. The weather here in the UK is so temperamental that having a varied wardrobe is kinda vital. It can be torrential rain one moment, then a blazing heatwave the next, especially through April and May, our Spring months. But that doesn't mean it's impossible, just harder. Plus if a heatwave hit then swapping some sandals in to the mix is acceptable I'm sure.
So yes, capsule wardrobe, 36 items.. Am I ready? Argghhh I don't know. I shall keep you posted.

Have you ever considered a Capsule Wardrobe for a season?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Biker Jacket: Mango
Madewell Dress: Shopbop
Fossil Bag & Watch
F&F boots

Friday, 18 March 2016

My Favourite Dress (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

About a month ago i mentioned the dress i had been cyber stalking in hope that i would get my grubby little mitts on it, and my stalker skills paid off as it ended up being mine.
And for once I am so grateful for my website lurking expertise. I have worn this dress twice a week since i got it. I just love it.
Comfy, neutral so easy to remix with other pieces and it has pockets..
is that or is that not the most perfect dress? It is for me, so much so that I have also ordered the Khaki version to wear the life out of as well, 'cos quite frankly this one needs a breather (and a wash) so the khaki will be added to my rotation.
I'm looking forward to wearing it with bare legs come the warmer days, but for today i mixed a little navy with this Laura Ashley trench and navy boots. I've also worn it with my biker jacket, with a long  maroon cardigan and with a long black coat... I wasn't lying when I said I've been wearing it a lot.
And when I invest in a dress I make sure I get my monies worth.. so far so good anyway.

Dress: Whistles
Boots: F&F
Navy Trench
Bag: Michael Kors

Have you invested any dresses lately?


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

A Classic Case of Camel, Stripes & Leopard Print

Spring to me is definitely stripes, camel and leopard print. 
Who am I kidding, I am stripes, camel and leopard print all year round. But for this fine weekend we just had it worked perfectly. As much as the sun was shinning it was still rather chilly, which I can totally deal with of course, as its a marked improvement on the gazillion shades of grey we've had for God knows how long. 
But camel seems to be one of those amazing colours that works all year round. Granted I ( hopefully) won't be needing such a thick coat come summer (she scoffs.. probably will in reality.. this is Britain after all) but the colour just works regardless.
People in my local town got a bit sun happy this weekend, I think it was delirium from actually seeing that thing we all had forgotten about, and whilst people instantly discarded their coats, i hung on to my camel number, and I was pretty smug too.
I felt spring dressed yet I wasn't freezing my goosebumped flesh off either.
That is a weekend win in my books.

Also... Leopard print loafers. Need I say more? You know when a mother has children and she says my heart doesn't split between them, it grows.. well that's how I feel about ma new pretty shoes.

Michael Kors Bag
Leopard print loafers (love these Penelope Loafers, if you're in the US buy them and show me how gorgeous they are please!)
Love this Camel coat
Similar Girlfriend Jeans
Stripe Knit

Are you venturing in to Spring wear yet?


Friday, 11 March 2016

Leopard Lovin' (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

I do love a little bit of leopard, my darling husband hates it.Walking out the door to take these photos he asked,
"Are you sure you want to take photos? Y'know 'cos that jacket its horrendous". 
Cheers love. 
Of course my reply was "Yes, its fabulous, I love it, now take my God damn photo!" (I'm an angry model ;)
I love leopard print, man-repeller or not, I don't care, I just bought the most amazing pair of leopard print loafers, I have scarves, bags you name it. Its a neutral in my books, but a neutral with a bit more oomph. Bringing the jazz hands to any outfit nicely even in a neutral.

I saw this jacket recently in my local Sainsbury's and just thought it should be mine. With the Blue short sleeved knit it just had a retro feel that I just really liked. I finished off with the necklace I can't seem to stop wearing as it's just so good and one of the new blue clutches.

Ok, So enough of the outfit, are well taking a collective sigh of relief that its Friday? I now I am. Wine is chilling, and the takeaway may as well be pre-ordered as I am so ready to kick back and switch off .. well switch off as much as you can when you have children.. hence the wine, 'cos that always helps.

Also sidenote: Did you notice that strange, bright shiny light in these photo's? I know.. I'm as shocked as you are, the sun came out for a whole morning and I nearly died from exposure. No, but seriously it was such a mood lifter. Needless to say its gone again now and the murky, grey that we all know and not love has resumed. Twas nice whilst it lasted.

Jacket & Knitted top: Sainsbury's
Trousers: Gap
Shoes: Old (similar)
Sunnies (similar)

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