Monday, 29 February 2016

A Little Blush, Camel and Cropped Kickflares

 When Pantone announce their colours of the year I'm not one to go out and start shopping for those particular colours, but when I saw Rose-quartz was up there as one of the 'it' colours, I thought that was a colour I could happily get down with, and by get down I mean shop for.
In my eyes Rose-quartz is just a fancy name for blush pink, a colour that I am actually pretty sweet on. Its a great colour that plays well with the other neutrals and can be as bold or subtle as you want it to be.
Having fallen for Equipments silk shirts earlier this year (when I bought the starry print shirt) I fell under their spell once again when the Brett Blouse caught my eye in this pretty blush colour.
Perfect with black, like here, or blue jeans, I love how it lends a sense of opulence to a normal jeans and shirt combo.

The other thing that I wanted to mention was of course Cropped Kickflare jeans.
I am a new fan.
Now, I wear skinny jeans out of necessity rather than love. You see sometimes you just need a skin tight pair of skinny jeans that will fit inside your boots just nicely: dog walks with uggs/wellies especially.
Apart from that though, and I may be flogged at the blog-front for saying this, as they still remain the most popular pair of ladies jeans, but I just don't love skinny jeans on me all that much.
And quite frankly they don't love me.
They make me look like I've shoe-horned my overly ample hips and bum in to a shape that quite frankly isn't meant to be. Think carrot shaped, but that carrot as a really bulky top end.
For me and my bodyshape it's just not the best look.
The past two years I started to branch out more with different shapes and styles, trying wherever to avoid the super skinny jean.
I loved the Eva girlfriend jeans from River Island( which of course, sods law they discontinued), which I still wear on constant rotation. Boyfriend jeans are another firm favourite.
Then this past month I picked up a pair of the 'they're-everywhere-right-now' cropped kick flare jeans...
And I really like them!
Perfect for balancing out generous hips, can be dressed smart or casual (that'll be Friday's post) and can be worn with an array of shoes.
I have paired mine with a pair of the sock-boot type shoeage (the ones that go tight to the mid-high ankle) and I really love the silhouette it creates. They also look great with heeled pointed shoes, loafers or flats and mules.
Next month I'm thinking about trying the Mom jeans, again i think they may work well for my pear shape.

Have you tried the Cropped Kickflare? 
Or are there any jean shapes that you particularly love?

Cropped Kickflare jeans or these
Camel coat
Equipment Brett Blouse

I have a really special post tomorrow, something that is really important to me, I can't wait to share it with you, I hope you'll be able to swing by for a read.


Friday, 26 February 2016

#Instaoutfits 05 & #Passion4Fashion Linkup

I am so grateful for these daily snaps for today's post. I think I've mentioned before that we shoot my blog photos on a Saturday and Sunday when Salvatore (the husband) is home and then during the week he works away mostly. But sometimes mother nature has other plans, last weekend was the worst weather for standing around and taking photos, hence why we didn't take any. It was hammering rain all weekend long, and gale force winds. So rather than fight it, i sat and read all weekend, snuggled up on the sofa and enjoyed the amazing down time. 
Sometimes you've just got to resign to the fact that it's just not going to happen... 'it' in this case being outfit photos. Needless to say Salvatore was pleased as standing in the rain and wind taking photos of me prancing about in another outfit, is just not on his weekend priority list surprisingly (he's a good sport though). 
So with another month gone by already, its the perfect time to post my daily outfit photos that i do love to do. 
Favourite key pieces for this month? Well pretty much the same as last month, which is good because at least it means I'm getting my money's worth out of the things I've purchased, so pat pat on the back for me.
But my new sort after (and by sort after I mean stalked after.. by me) Whistles Lola dress, which i wore out to lunch this week and freakin' loved it, is a definite favourite.
New boots that work tremendously well with cropped kick flare jeans (more on that next week) and a classic black coat that seems to be on constant rotation.
Bag wise I've been rotating between my Madewell mini Glasgow Satchel and my Yosa grey and black bag, which both go so so well with everything.
And finally this necklace, again... goes with everything. You know me, I'm all about the great, easy, re-mixable pieces. 

Speaking of great pieces, for my next purchase (she says as if shes pulling a rabbit out of hat.. ahh if it only it were that easy) I am smitten with the thought of a Vivienne Westwood bag... especially the cobalt blue crossbody bag(go see, I dare ya not to want it..its divine!).
Such a versatile piece that would work so well for spring with a navy blazer..ahhh spring.

I think it's safe to say I am done with winter now, and i like winter! But all this rain and gale force winds, enough is enough. I want blazers, and loafers and light wash denim.
May start wearing them anyway and just freeze... who am i kidding, I'm a misery when i'm cold.
I'll just mope until the weather decides to change

What have you been buying/loving this past month?


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Face Base.. Talking Primers/Foundations for Great Coverage

Starting at the very foundations(heh) literally today. Get the base right and the rest of your face just sits perfectly, am I right ladies?
Something I am hugely appreciative of is great make-up.
I've said it before and I continue to say it as, I think its so easy to think that maybe I naturally have good skin from the photos I post here on the blog. But I want to be honest with you, I do not have great skin and therefore have to work at it.
The photos you see are always me fully made up with my war-paint on.
For me its not spots so much that I have to deal with but uneven skin tone. I don't have a beautiful clean palette to work off. I have prominent reddish undertones (rosacea) and dark circles, so getting a good base is absolutely imperative to my make-up routine.
Its something I have worked hard on for years and trialled many, many products to only feel let down or like its just not quite what I wanted.
So if you are looking for high coverage without feeling caked in makeup this may help you. I hope it does.

Starting with the very base.. primers

I recently saw the new No7 colour balancing primer in a magazine and thought it looked like it had potential. The green colour balancer works as a neutraliser against the redness of my skin, and even though I can still see pink hues, I have to say it does help take the severity off the redness, especially if I'm having a particularly bad flare up (read : stressed/drank to much all the time then really). Now, beware, it comes out bright green, like Kermit the frog green and you think to yourself, 'Am I really gonna put this on ma face and not like a giant frog??'  But rest assured, it blends down beautifully. Not only is it a colour balancer, it is also a primer which helps keep my make-up in place much longer than when I go bare back.

So this is my first step(after cleansing and moisturising earlier that morning), please take in to consideration i am stood in good lighting here and in real life the redness is more apparent.

Another product worth mentioning is the Benefit Porefessional to minimize some of my rather prominent and unwelcome obvious pores. Again, using a little of this across my cheeks where its needed to help with a lovely smooth base. I apply this after I have applied the primer and fairly sparingly as it could be a little greasy if you over did it.

Next up the all important Foundations

Now I need a high coverage foundation. I am currently using the Chanel Perfection Lumiere after feeling the Lumiere Velvet wasn't giving me enough coverage. I'm really interested in trying the Estee Lauder Double Wear as I've heard such good things regarding its maximum coverage (Have you tried it? Id love to hear what you thought if you have!) 
What I am also really enjoying is the Bourjois Air Mat. For a daily foundation the coverage is superb, the price tag is small and it lasts majority of the day. When you apply it, it has a very yellow tone which again helps to settle any redness. It is also extremely matt, so it does what it says on the tin basically, but for me that's great as I love a matt base. I feel if I want to add some 'glow' i can do that with highlighter if I require.
But today I went for the Chanel Perfection Lumiere.
As you can see the coverage over all is pretty decent with just a hint of redness on the cheeks still, but its definitely very comfortable to wear and gives me the clean base i require to then apply the rest of my face.

Concealer and Highlighter
For any redness that's seeped through the above processes I then take to them with the Collection Lasting perfection concealer, which is just ace. It has such high coverage and is literally a few pound. I finish with the L'oreal La touche Magique under my eyes to rid those dark, dark bags.

Because I layer up my make-up its really important to have the right tools for the job. The real technique brushes are my weapon of choice but what I love to death is my Real Technique mircacle sponge.. It blots away any excess make-up, leaving a lovely natural well blended finish on the face. Do you use one? I honestly can't recommend it enough.

 And then the completely finished look, with uh, soft focus I might add..because that helps EVERYTHING.. if only life was soft focus.. oh wait it is when I take my contact lens' out maybe I should try that more often, the world would look all peachy and fuzzy all the time, ha!
But yes, this is my face (hello) with all the make-up. Complete with eyes, cheeks and lip make-up.

If you'd like to know more about any of the other products I'm enjoying at the moment then let me know in the comments.
I love to talk beauty products so any tips or products you'd recommend I'd love to hear.


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Shiny, Shiny shoes

London fashion week is a-buzz right now and the websites and magazines are filling up with the latest low-down of what we all should be wearing for uh autumn/winter 16 (i really find it hard to work that far in advance, anyone else? I mean I struggle to plan tomorrows outfit let alone a whole other season, but i usual.)
The one thing that was fairly prominent on many a fashionitas shoe clad foot is metallics.
Shiny shinies, an array of silvers, gold and rose gold.
I have to say its pretty liberating, especially for the feet, to see so many absolutely fabulous flats on the market now.
As much as I love to don a sharp pair of gorgeous heels, I find myself feeling in control and exceptionally happy in a pair of great flats; accept when you stand next to your supermodel-statue esque bessie.. and suddenly you feel like a hobbit. But model sized ladies aside, I love a good flat. Even better if its special.
The thing that seems so very appealing about a metallic shoe is how it can instantly lift any outfit: Take a pair of jeans, a simple sweater, add in some metallic shoes and Bam!
Click those bedazzled heels together and suddenly 'Toto we're not in Kansas any-more' ,
No, we are in the land of the fabulous footwear.
They are the instant outfit lifter. Plus still comfy.Win win.
So in the name of research I got to looking..

At Shopbop we have some delights for the feet. Starting with the blinking winking beauties above.
Total kitch revival, a little OTT, But... they are fabulous aren't they?
Easily worn for an evening out or for day-wear. I'm picturing black cigerette trousers, and black roll neck sweater for now, then with a denim midi come spring. The pointed silver winking sparkle shoes are probably my favourite as a point always seems that wee bit more chic to me, but I adore the midnight shade of the round toe.

Moving on, we have some delights with some SUPER verstaile silver,
starting with some Jeffrey Campbell loafers. More of a pewter than a silver i would say, which also holds appeal. But yes, swoon worthy none the less.

Similar from Kate Spade but a pure silver, what I would call a soft pointed toe. Either of these could look so good with a khaki pair of chino's, a breton top and denim jacket for day time chic.

 Moving on to a gold shine with these Madewell beauties, which if you're more of a golden girl then these could be just for you. I think I may actually like the gold more.. i don't know.. lets face it i blatantly want both..damn my fickle mind.
Back to these. How gorgeous? Chic, shiny and on point... literally.
A little more androgynous with these Matt Bernson loafers , again in a pewter, so still a metallic but slightly more of a subtle wear-everyday type shoe. Would be so great with boyfriend jeans.
 Next up some Topshop beauties...

Multiple straps here with a slight block heel on The Joni in silver. I adore those. I would happily hit the shops or have an evening out in them. Again, these could work so well with trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses.
The Gold Fleur 3 Strap looks just darling. I actually thought these were kids shoes at first...ha! But no, super sweet and I would imagine comfy!

Asos up next bringing it with the shiny shoes

Rose gold is still going strong and loved by the masses, a pair of loafers in the favoured shade is a great way to nod to the Pantone rose-quartz trend. These are rather casual so I would say less of an all rounder show, but heck at the small price tag you could afford two pairs!

Again, Complete bargains here with the Libre tassel loafer. Love a good tassel. Plus slightly more functional for dressing up. I've added these to my cart, for research purposes of course. They just seem a little to good to leave behind.

 Round toe classic loafer shape , which i have to say look better on than they do flat here. Add some boyfriend jeans and a blazer and you are looking hot to trot!

Now tell me, do you love a shiny shoe? Are they for you?
Which would you go for if you were going to start your shiny shoe quest?

For me i'm smitten with the Chiara Ferrangi flats, but the pointed tassel loafers from Asos are a bargain to try the trend.

Let me know in the comments what you're thoughts are, am i on my own here with the shiny shoe love?

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