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How to up your blogging game

I got talking to a dear friend from digital marketing recently about blogging and how it can be so hard to know if you're doing it right. My main aim is to engage you lovely readers, and make sure you enjoy coming here. But there is also the fact that this is my day job and if i can improve then it would be a good idea to learn and would obviously be very advantageous to me and hopefully you. She suggested i have a chat with Robb who she deemed a Pro in this field.
So pick his brains I did (hopefully not too hard), and WOW, even after 5 and a half years in this game i have learned more in this 5 minute chat than I have in a long time.
Useful, informative and easy to retain information that is useful for all bloggers, that's what I'm all about.
So here's what i asked
 Robb Frost,  Technical Account Manager for Ingenuity Digital.

How important do you feel Social Media to blogging?

Social Media is like marketing for your blog. If you are actively asking for engagement you are likely to get it. Otherwise you are reliant on people finding your blog through following a link back to you or appearing in search.

Social Media makes it easier for your followers to see your post, and for new users to discover you. The more you are shared the better.

From Googles perspective Social Media is not a significant ranking factor, it is only very minor but it does get noticed. So, it can help your blog as a whole.

Also, if you share other people’s blogs and posts they are likely to notice this and be more inclined to share your posts. This helps you become part of a community that supports each other and in turn naturally helps promote each other.

Which do you find the most productive social media platform?
It is different for every blog and person. It can depend on the time of day your users view your blog, if they are long posts, if its business or pleasure related.

If you are unsure the best thing to do is start by using the one you like. Don’t try and use all of them in one go or you will end up struggling. Try to find out how the system works (Twitter shows every single post, Facebook is selective, they are all different) and then work out a strategy. Then monitor your statistics and insights. Do you get more responses if you post a certain time of the day or day of the week? Trial and error is the best approach

Once you are happy with one (or unhappy!) start on a second. Remember taking on too much at once will be harder and have less results than showing a bit of patience and building a community on one media.

Do you have any advice for increasing traffic flow? Keyword placement etc?

Create a calendar and stick to it! Plan when you are going to post, what type of post it is going to be and keep it regular. Whether it is something funny for a Monday morning, or a video on a Thursday evening, make sure you keep posting. Google likes to see regular fresh content, as do your users.

If you have a mixture of long and short posts, videos and pictures and try to understand when each one gets viewed the most. You will probably find that different people react to the pictures than read the posts. So, keep it varied and interesting.

Have “cornerstone posts”. Once a month/quarter/week have a long detail post on a particular subject that is linked to form other posts and that you share more often and put more effort in to publicising. If you can make it an evergreen piece that often refer back to Google will see it as an important piece and this will help it rank. If you have done keyword research make sure there is consistency through the meta title, description and H1 tag and the appropriate phrases are used approx. 3 times for every 400 words along with plenty of synonyms.

If you are an expert in your field (whether as a source of data or information, as a thought leader or with valued opinions) people will come back to you.

Do you have any advice on someone hoping to make a wage from blogging? 

Make sure you are unique and writing about something you care about. This always comes across in your writing and advertisers will notice this.

Don’t sell out too soon! Keep your voice and the right type of advertiser will find you. If you have a particular brand in mind learn how to pitch to them and know how you can benefit them. Remember you may want to make money, but the company has a need as well. If you can service that need then they will pay you.

If you do start advertising with anyone and everyone you will devalue your blog. The bigger brands with the biggest budgets will want the most specific and on-brand blogs so play the long game and keep the blog true to your values.

Optimal blog posts per week? Would you say less is more or optimum exposure with more posts?

Everyone is different. Avoid writing posts for the sake of it is important, with advance planning you should always be able to find topics to write about.

Some sites produce multiple posts in a day, others 1 a week is fine. Staying regular with high quality content is the target. If you are able to do this 5 times a week then why not? But if your readers don’t have the time to read that much then are you actually servicing a need?

1 in depth post has more chance of ranking in Google, but shorter posts are more likely to be read on Social Media. Keep a balance and stick within the realms of what you know you can achieve.

I hope you also found this useful! I'm also going to expand this interview type post out and hopefully bring more great topics from experts in their fields, whether that be blogging, Cruelty free beauty or Vegan food!
I'm super excited to bring this new content to you all!

Do you have any great blogging tips?



  1. Great post! Lots of helpful info. I'm rubbish on social media, need to get back on it as I notice a difference to my stats when I do. Thanks Rachel!

  2. This was so helpful, thank you so much! I have had my blog for years now but have recently changed career and have started back to writing and am loving it! This post was great for some tips :)

    Rachael xx.

  3. These are great tips. My biggest tip would be to interact with your readers. There are so many blogs where I leave comments all the time and they never bother to respond back or visit my blog. Eventually I just stop leaving comments on their blog and stop visiting because to me it's all about engagement...if you don't want to engage with me, I don't want to engage with you.

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  6. Thanks for this Rachel. I try to use social media, but find it can be time consuming and not all platforms help my blog stats. I don't get that many clicks from Twitter. But I like it for reading content myself so I persist. My blog FB page is working out best I think. And while I love Instagram... I'm not sure how many people who "like" a post on IG actually go to the blog and read the "real" post. I also belong to several "communities" on Google+.. and find it funny when I get a comment on G+ that clearly shows the person is reacting to the cover shot and hasn't read the post at all.
    Ah well... it's a journey of discovery. And I'm learning all the time.

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