Tuesday, 30 August 2016

3 tips to get back into work mode after a holiday With Michelle from The Joy Chaser

There's something so magical about getting away from it all on holiday and spending time with the family, isn't there? Even a staycation can be SO good for the soul - a change of routine without the school run or work commute to push us out of bed in the mornings might not be the same as lounging by the pool in the sunshine, but it can definitely be a breath of fresh air!

It's no wonder then that so many of us struggle to get back into work mode and the mountain of emails waiting for us when the vacation veil finally has to lift.

But there is a way forward. Here are my 3 top tips to get you back into work mode after a holiday. Hope you (and Rachel) find them useful!

#1 Give yourself a break!
When the post-holiday blues strike - be kind to yourself. You had an amazing holiday and hopefully a complete break from work. Don't feel guilty about it!

Savour the magical moments, share them with your family and friends and celebrate the memories while they're still fresh. Why not make a photo-book? The best time to do this is straight after a holiday otherwise you're much less likely to get it done.

Why this works: by reliving the memories of your holiday and celebrating them you're more likely to be able to get 'closure' and find it easier to move forwards into work mode again.

#2 Take time to take stock
Use the first day back at your desk to review your goals with a fresh perspective rather than diving straight into your email inbox.

It's all too easy to get caught up in the urgent rather than the important. Let's face it everything seems urgent at first! But be sure to make a note of any ideas or new goals that surfaced during your time away. Inspiration often strikes when you have a change of pace and refocus your priorities. So take some time to look at your big, hairy goals and see if you need to edit them or if they're still valid and exciting you - and tweak your monthly, weekly and daily actions to get back on track.

#3 Prioritise and timebox
When you DO get to your inbox (and if it's anything like mine it will be overflowing), use your new goal-centred focus to guide you.

I use a 3 step prioritisation process to triage emails and actions that have come in while I've been away from my desk and then I use 'timeboxing' to get headway on the most important ones. (You can find out more about both of these systems at TheJoyChaser.com)

Before you know it you'll be back in the flow and be looking forward to your next holiday!

Michelle Reeves is a life coach, blogger, MIND mental health charity ambassador and busy mama to two under 8s. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering busy mamas and bloggers to become their most positive, powerful and productive selves. You can find her at TheJoyChaser.com and on social media as @thejoychaser.
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