Monday, 23 May 2016

Perfect Culotte Wearing Weather

Oh yes it is. Culottes seem to be made for this inbetweeny weather we're having here in the Uk right now. Its not warm or cold, but inbetweeny, kinda like the leg length of these trousers, which are called culottes but i'm not sure if they're actually more of a wide leg cropped jean.... either way i really, really love them. 
It took me a while to come around to the culottes trend after Brownie Uniform memories came to mind from my youth, but as long as they aren't in brown and are a little longer then I think they are now acceptable.
On my culotte hunt i ordered this pair from Warehouse  which turned out to be absolutely dire on me. They just drowned my frame and made we look so wide I thought I suddenly became of oopma loompa stature. Those got sent straight back.
I turned to Shopbop, as although they're American I have to say every time I've ordered from them they've actually arrived quicker than most UK companies (UPS 2 day transit from the US.. It's impressive). And with a gift voucher in hand i got to looking for some culottey options.
My first thought was too these Madewell Wide leg Jeans but alas, not in my size.
So i searched and searched and these Etienne Marcel came up. And me likey.
When they arrived I tried them on straight away, they were wide but yet more streamlined than the Warehouse previous pair, making me less Oopma Loopma. 
They are high waisted which really helps with the leg lengthening too as culottes can be a little shortening, and at 5ft 6" its not a problem I'd ever encountered really, but yes midget status can easily be acquired in the wrong kinda culottes (so i had discovered).
Plus they are really-really comfy, a super soft denim which drapes nicely, but still has that fresh crease to the front which i love for smartening a pair of trousers and giving them some streamline. This only happens when i buy them as i can not iron for shit. My creases would be more like a concertina down the leg, thus missing the point.

Have you ever seen the film  Begin Again with Kiera Knightly and Mark Ruffalo? Well she plays a British musician in NYC and blah blah blah (Its a good film, go watch it), but i absolutely love her style in it. It's so tomboy-esque, so relaxed tailoring. I love it, and pinned it a lot ( see here) for inspo.
Well these trousers kinda remind me of that style she has. I'm very much looking forward to remixing them through summer with a boxy little top too.

 *Culottes: Etienne Marcel
Blazer: Next(old) Try this gorgeous one
*Lotus Shoes (which are sublimely comfy)
*Madewell bag
Topshop Cami Top
Yosa Necklace and Bracelets

So ... Culottes. Thoughts?

Ps If you caught the rather pleasant message on the gate behind me in some of the photos, i do apologise on it's behalf. The gate obviously has greeting issues. Or is just really mean. 



  1. :-))) Greeting issues :-)))

    Very nice outfit, casual yet still chic.

  2. Adore this look-so chic, those wedges are perfection. You suit culottes so much-might have to try them too x

  3. Those culottes are divine. Although I might be more inclined to describe them as a wide legged jean. Fine line isn't it?

  4. Oh these pants! Oh my! Divine as Briella said. That word is almost adequate for these heavenly pants! I love the way you styled them and I cannot wait to see the other ways you style them. Fabulous!

    By the way, if the iron is kicking your *ss, definitely invest in a steamer (if you don't already have one). My sister got one for me for Christmas and it is seriously the best thing ever!!! Wrinkles be gone without the hassle of the tedious ironing board!


  5. Ooh another fabby outfit, that blazer is awesome and really cool with the culottes. Yvadney xx

  6. I could love them or hate them, but you are right you can't stop searching until you find the pair with just the right fit! Love how you've styled them here as well, I think you've channeled Kira's style perfectly.
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. This is such a fabulous look! I love the culotte trend but don't know if I can pull it off. The length and high waist are perfect!

    Doused In Pink

  8. I can't iron for shit either so we have that in common lol. I am loving this trend of denim culottes but have yet to try a pair. I should invest on some cheap ones. I agree with you though, the wrong culottes can make one look awful and I am the same height with you. I love how you styled this with that super chic sort of masculine blazer I am lusting after. Love the jewelry too. And now I have to check out that Keira Kinghtly movie lol.

    Longest comment ever. Anyhow, make sure you linkup with me tomorrow, pretty lady. Thanks Rachel and enjoy the weekend!

  9. You look great--I'm so glad you found culottes you love. I can't get enough of them myself. And P.S. I am loving the wisteria in your photos (yes, I am weird). It blooms and goes away so fast here in Rome and I wish it stuck around longer!


  10. still not sure about culottes, maybe becuase I wore them in the 70's LOL.. I love this look on you and I am loving your hair.

  11. I adore these on you Rachael! The perfect length, they look comfortable and light and so stylish. I keep looking wanting to try them. Love how you styled them... I just remember the polyester big culootes my mom wore in the 70s !
    Thanks for linking up with TH Tuesday
    jess xx

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