Friday, 29 April 2016

Star Shirt with pops of Orange (& #Passion4Fashion Link-up)

Another outfit from my capsule today and it's including a piece I really wanted to keep in the capsule: my star print Equipment shirt. Its actually the first time I've worn it from the capsule, and where other pieces have been worn time and time again this one doesn't seem to be worn as much, but it is still very much loved ('Ark at me talking like its one of my children.. seriously I  need to get out more). 
My life is super casual most days, so when planning the capsule i knew 95% of it had to be casual day wear, but then there are times when even this girl gets an evening out and can drop the sneakers for a few hours and don a silk shirt.
The good thing about the capsule was that it was simple enough to plan what I was pairing with the shirt, some pops of orangey-reds, black jeans and a killer necklace and I felt hot to trot.
I was actually really pleased with how the outfit panned out as it was a last minute-throw-it-on-quick just after the school run. 
Are we all fed up of this biker jacket yet? Can you tell I freakin' LOVE it? I seem to put it with most outfits, but it just finishes every outfit off so so well, I just can't resist.

Also sorry for the bizarre lighting in these photos, the sun was setting, it was late late evening, I was lucky to grab any, but yes slightly off.. so my apologise.

Outfit Details
Equipment Star Print Shirt
Madewell Flats
Black Asos Jeans
Fossil Bag
Yosa Necklace



  1. Rachel- I love this chic and edgy look. Eep loving the star blouse with the leather jacket and the pop of red. You look amazing! Hope you have a great weekend xo

  2. Another fabulous look Rachel. The biker going out of fashion ? never! Silk shirts have got to be part of a capsule too i'd of thought. And apologies for photo's ? fab as always.I should be apologizing every time I post! (I will get there in the end ! Thanks for hosting & have a great weekend x

  3. love the pops of red! Your necklace ties everything together :)

  4. The colorful pop make this edgy outfit more fun - Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Great look! Love the stars on the button down shirt and the pop of red with the shoes and bag.

  6. That star shirt is gorgeous! Love the whole look especially with the red! Nice!

  7. This is such a fab look, the jacket really finishes off the outfit so well.

    Thank you for hosting and hope you are having a fab week!


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  8. Love this fun, edgy look! Great star top!

    xx, Elise

  9. This look is something I typically wear, so of course I love it! Equipment is my favorite, and I love the star shirt. So perfect paired with the black and red flats!

  10. Great look, Rachel! I love the pops of orange/red with the black. I love the flats!

    Happy Weekend!

  11. Such a fun top! I love the color you added with your flats and bag!

  12. Great look! I seem to be collecting faux leather jackets and love yours. You look great in black and love the patterned top, the bright colors really add to the look, cool color combo the orange and red!
    jess xx

  13. I love this whole look! The start print and pops of orange are amazing!

  14. Such a pleasure to join you, dear Rachel
    Happy weekend

  15. Love your hair and of course your outfit is on point as always, Gorgeous!

    Dawn Lucy

  16. Such a lovely pair of flats, and the pops or color and stars really make this a fun outfit. I live in casual and comfort clothes most of the time so I know what you mean by sometimes you just have to dress up pieces.
    Rachel xo

  17. This shirt is so beautiful and flattering! Love the star print. Have a great weekend!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  18. I love the pops of colour in this outfit! The bag, shoes and necklace are amazing pieces. Great moto jacket too!

  19. The red flats look lovely with the all bkack look! Your blouse is really cute.

  20. Every time you style this star blouse I love it. Equipment makes gorgeous blouses. Love the pops of orange and red here. The shoes and bag are great. I just bought very similar flats and you will see them on my blog, very soon. =)

    Don't forget to linkup with me on Thursdays, pretty lady. The new linkup is live, currently. Welcome by. =)

    Have a great weekend. Ada. =)

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  22. I love those flats! I've been eyeing them at Madewell for awhile. I think I need to get them!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  23. The red in this outfit is just gorgeous! Jane X

  24. I love my little leather jacket too. It really does finish up so many different outfits perfectly. Yours looks wonderful with the star print shirt. This makes me wish I had a star print shirt of my own!

    Jamie |

  25. Such a cute look! I'm loving that star blouse :) I'd love to have you join my weekly link-up here:




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