Friday, 29 April 2016

Star Shirt with pops of Orange (& #Passion4Fashion Link-up)

Another outfit from my capsule today and it's including a piece I really wanted to keep in the capsule: my star print Equipment shirt. Its actually the first time I've worn it from the capsule, and where other pieces have been worn time and time again this one doesn't seem to be worn as much, but it is still very much loved ('Ark at me talking like its one of my children.. seriously I  need to get out more). 
My life is super casual most days, so when planning the capsule i knew 95% of it had to be casual day wear, but then there are times when even this girl gets an evening out and can drop the sneakers for a few hours and don a silk shirt.
The good thing about the capsule was that it was simple enough to plan what I was pairing with the shirt, some pops of orangey-reds, black jeans and a killer necklace and I felt hot to trot.
I was actually really pleased with how the outfit panned out as it was a last minute-throw-it-on-quick just after the school run. 
Are we all fed up of this biker jacket yet? Can you tell I freakin' LOVE it? I seem to put it with most outfits, but it just finishes every outfit off so so well, I just can't resist.

Also sorry for the bizarre lighting in these photos, the sun was setting, it was late late evening, I was lucky to grab any, but yes slightly off.. so my apologise.

Outfit Details
Equipment Star Print Shirt
Madewell Flats
Black Asos Jeans
Fossil Bag
Yosa Necklace


Thursday, 28 April 2016

Honeymoon Ideas #Justhitched

Ok, so we all know by now that I am an ex travel agent who still loves to help friends and family with their travel needs, yes? I mean I don't book anything any-more, but any advise i can give i will happily help. I will often be having email conversations and DM's from friends with travel questions and i love keeping my foot in the door, as travelling really is a wonderful thing that everyone should experience as much as they can.

It's that time of year when proposals and weddings are in abundance. Whether you're just engaged, thinking about it, or closing in on the deal, i have some honeymoon advice for you, and my favourite destination for a honeymooners paradise too.

First Up

Advice for booking your honeymoon

  • When you first start planning your wedding, plan a budget for your honeymoon. Couples will often pour their heart and soul and savings in to their wedding day and then forget about the honeymoon until a couple of months before. Don't do this. Plan it alongside your wedding, as once your big day is through you want to have something to look forward to. Plus its going to be your first time together as husband and wife, you deserve for it to be special.
  • Discuss what you both want out of a honeymoon. Do you both want to relax, sightsee, bit of both? Clarify before you start searching, that way you can limit your search down to select areas rather than the whole globe.. trust me on this one, I've been around the world and back planning honeymoons for couples who haven't really thought through what they want.
  • Book in advance. Flights come out approx 11 months in advance. The first flight seats that are released for general sale are often the cheapest, the closer you get to the date of departure, the higher the prices will be. So again preparation is key. If you have the time, book in advance. If not seek out some offers through the likes of Flight Centre who have dedicated honeymoon offers
  • Indulge.. Chances are this is going to a trip of a lifetime. Don't scrimp on it, indulge in a little luxury if you can. Trust me, you will be talking about this honeymoon for years to come, it will set your married life off to a fabulous start. If it were me (and this is just my frank opinion, because i love to travel) I would forgo a few things on the wedding day, because the marriage to your loved one will be a buzz enough for you on the big day, and put that money towards a fabulous honeymoon. That way you will have the best of both.
My Top Honeymoon Destination for #JustHitched

White sands, crystal turquoise waters and the most glorious palm tree clad surroundings.
The perfect spot for any honeymooners.
If you aren't familiar with Sandals resorts then let me briefly acquaint you.

Pure Luxury
Adult only resort, perfect for honeymooners (no kids dive-bombing in to the pool, I mean I have kids, but man how awesome and peaceful, right?).
All inclusive: eat, drink and be merry.
Multiple facilities: water sports including diving, land sports including tennis, gym for all your fitness bunnies, and much more.
2 beaches
10 Restaurants.. all included
And if you're really pushing the boat out, some Butler class rooms have butler service.. oh yes, you read correctly, personal butler service.

So why here?
If you want to be treated like a princess, be left in peace or weighted on hand and foot, this is one of those places.
Beautiful luxury oozes from every corner of this resort, ensuring the most perfect honeymoon is their priority from the moment you set foot on this island.

The reasons i chose this as my top honeymoon destination this year are:

  • You are just off shore, on Sandals dedicated island. You want peace? You got it, Want to explore? Take a boat across to the mainland and head out for some fun.
  • Speaking of outside, try some day trips, including Swim with dolphins, distillery trip, The Queens Staircase and of course the Waterpark at Paradise island... just to name a few... needless to say you won't be bored.
  • If you're staying for 10-14 days (which i would say is best for a long haul honeymoon, make the most of every day I say!) then you want a plethora of restaurants available to you. Sandals has 10 here all included, all available. This is crucial as you don't want to have to eat at the same buffet for 10 nights on the trot.
  • Evening entertainment included. Sit back, relax with drink in hand and enjoy the varied entertainment program.

So tell me, if you were to book your honeymoon this year, where would you go? Or maybe your planning your wedding and need some inspo?
Why don't you get involved on twitter with the hashtag #JustHitched


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Loafer Test-Run.. A Day in my (New) Shoes

New shoes, new shoes, new shoes.
Its a love hate thing though at first isn't it? I love a new pair of shoes, but the one thing I hate, is the wearing in process; the blisters, the agonizing trapped toes, the rubbing, the holy hell when can I take these evil contraptions off feeling. 
Yep I hate being uncomfortable so for me, the wearing in of shoes is my most hated part of the whole new shoe experience. Plus i'm always wary now as I once actually wore a new pair and ended up getting an infection from a nasty blister.. it was god awful and agony!
When it comes to a pair of day wear shoes they HAVE to be comfy from the off set.
A rarity in itself (unless its trainers.. and i've actually had cheap trainers that have in-fact rubbed the hell out of my feet too, so beware), and finding comfy shoes from the first wear is not easy.
So with a new pair of beautiful loafers (which can i just say, will be awesome all seasons) from Lotus  Shoes I thought it would be fun to do something a little different today and take you all out with me for a literal road test with a day in the life of my feet.
Yep i am taking you on my daily journey via the medium of foot shots(#FWIS) (lol).

I wanted to see just how comfy these shoes could be and if they were to rub at all.
The road test was set to a long 12 hour day, first putting them on at 8am and removing them at 8pm.

Let the test-run commence

I check the weather first then decide what I'm wearing from my capsule wardrobe and set out my clothes for the day. I do my make-up and hair and get Neo ready for school first then at 8am i get dressed myself.
 The loafers are instantly comfy, with the suede and leather inner making them soft but supportive and no pinching like some new shoes.

We (me, my new loafers and Neo of course) take to the school run and head on to his bus stop. I grab a quick smoothie as feel like I could do with some energy and this one has it written all over it, literally;)
So far its just house to car but shoes are in place and ready for the day.. so far so good.

After the school run and a quick mad dash home to grab my bag I head off to meet the bestie for coffee and a natter.
Conversation flows for hours and i forget i even had new shoes on.

Grab a quick outfit pic in the blue skies before heading back in to do some work.

After my lovely long coffee morning I return to do some work, replying to emails, setting out media shots for Yosa, which includes standing on your table and chairs.. all the glamour, then packing up orders and making a post office run to send all the pretties out to our lovely customers.
Having walked around all morning I remember my shoes are new and realise how I'm still super comfy. I'm not been wearing socks or shoe liners either and yet my feet are still feeling fine and dandy.
Good job too as my day isn't close to being over yet

After doing some work I bunk off again and head to the supermarket for some supplies for dinner. So far I haven't done a lot of walking, just house to car and back again. So after depositing my groceries back in the house I pick up Cassy and decide on a stroll round the block to test the comfort levels out on the next level. Nothing to off terrain, just around the block and back again a nice 20 minute walk which she loved every minute of, and still my feet feel like they are in trusty old shoes that were worn in yonks ago....And yet they're brand new.
No pinching, no rubbing.. nothing but comfort. I'm shocked. But there's still a few hours left and it could be breaking point.

School run to pick this grubby little monkey up from his bus and walk back to the house, only a 5 minute walk, we chat about his day, I supply a treat and admire my new shoes with the added accessory of a marvel backpack ;)

Quick #ootd taken by the 5 year old... its either that or Cassy but the no opposable thumbs thing means its down to Neo.. To be fair, he did a great job.
Outfit details:
 Jacket: Next (last year)
Trouser: Gap
Cami: Topshop
Bag & Necklace: Yosa

 5.00-6.00pm: Cook and serve dinner, do the dishes and tidy up a bit.. nothing to see here folks.

Neo and I take a pew for a cuddle and to do his reading book. I put my feet up for 5 whilst we read about Biff and Chip.
Then he get's bored and we take selfies, I want a nice one but to no avail of course.. 5 year old boys are stinky.

I get the little man ready for bed and get him all tucked in, we play yo-yo bedtime, where he comes up and down 3 times before finally settling down.
I make Salvatore some dinner as he's been working late and before I know it it's 8pm. The day has flown and I'm still well and truly in my shoes, my feet feel tired but just tired from an eventful day, but no pain. My head feels sleepy and I make a cuppa tea before finally kicking them off, slinging my comfy pj's on and settling in for the evening.

Well having worn them all day without a single break, from 8am till just gone 8pm i can honestly say I've never been happier in a pair of new shoes.
They are supportive, comfy and fit extremely well.
As I mentioned I went in bare back foot and haven't worn these with any socks, tights or shoe liners and they are a great fit (i'm a pretty standard size UK 6, and these are perfect).
I love that these will work so well for me all year round and will see me through many, many outfits.
I have the black suede but they come in black leather as well as other colours (the green is divine!!).
Needless to say I am happy with them and I can see these becoming a firm favourite!

Have you ever owned a pair of super comfy shoes from the offset?


Friday, 22 April 2016

Cream Jeans with a Utility Jacket ( & #Passion4Fashion Linkup!)

This week I established that it is currently perfect white jeans weather. Its been beautiful sunshine but still super chilly, which means bare legs are still a definite no no(that and some major defuzzing and tanning needs to happen before these furry milk bottles make an appearance.. ha, tmi? You can always rely on me, the constant over sharer.) So yes white jeans, or cream is this case, are absolutely perfect.
I picked these up from Shopbop, and for once with great hindsight as they are perfect for my Spring #RtHCapsuleWardrobe. I can see much more wear in them this season (and in to summer too) as they are exactly what i've been looking for in a light jean.
These are the Levi's Wedgie Icon Fit Distressed jean and the colour is the most delightful vintage chalk (light cream). Now, for me this seems far easier to wear than stark white.. Not entirely sure why, I'm just more comfy in a cream than a white. I also absolutely adore how these fit in a really relaxed way, which for me is more flattering than stark white skinny's (which i've tried many times and never felt truly comfortable, possibly as its like going over my non-best bits with a giant highlighter pen).

For a simple day of chores, writing and school runs it was just a simple causal outfit, pairing it with one of my other favourite items The Utility jacket, which is just the perfect jacket for this weather also. Plus the cream jeans and the khaki jacket are like two lovely peas in a pod, like they were made for each other.

Outfit Details:
White/cream jean options
Jacket: H&M Love this BB Dakota Option and its a great price
Fossil Bag(old) Try The Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Orange
Fedora options
Tan pumps: New Look
Madewell Black V Neck Tee

Do you own any white or cream jeans that you love?


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

#RtHCapsuleWardrobe Daily Outfits so far...

I wanted to do a first impressions of the whole capsule wardrobe thing now that we're already 20 days in(20.. man that has gone fast!!) 
It's going to be a honest post of what I've liked and disliked and if there's anything I'd change going forward.

So, Capsule Wardrobe

The Good

I am LOVING it.
I never, ever, ever thought i'd be the person saying that, honestly, I am the person who struggles to pack for a holiday as I hate restricting my possibilities and also like having a grand choice to choose from.
But, having a carefully curated selection makes this process so much easier.
Everyday I wake up, check the weather forecast, go to my vastly downsized wardrobe and decide within a few minutes what I would like to wear.
This is unheard of for the compulsive over-thinker that I am.
It has changed my morning, and I know that sounds dramatic, but for a person who would stare longing into her wardrobe each morning then bemoan "I have nothing to wear" each day, this is a vast improvement on my quality of life (ok, extreme much?!)
So yes, to say i am enjoying it would be an understatement.
No my outfits aren't ground-breaking, but then I am happy, so I think that needs to be what i go with right now. Happy, uncomplicated outfits.
Another plus point is less laundry, like loads less. When I had my hundreds to choose from, i would often shove something in the laundry basket and choose something else, this would end up with lots and lots of washing for muggins here to do. not to mention the ironing and then putting away of said clothes.
There is no longer piles of clothes everywhere in my house, It's much easier to keep control of my clothes and that is truly satisfying. if something is clean at the end of the day i hang it back up and don't chuck it on a pile, as a renowned messy person this is major steps forward on the whole tidy-grown-up front. 

My capsule is 45 pieces (see it in full here) and as it was my first I was definitely cautious of giving things up and scared of limiting myself, but having started i can now see the pieces i don't wear that much and the ones i do, I think I could get the number down closer to 38 next time.

Last noteworthy good point: I have spent so much less. We are finishing up the month having saved money, which i would normally have spent. This is definitely a good drive for me, and the husband is happy too!

The Bad

Not much bad to report really, I'm that happy with it. But if I were to be picky I think I would mention that Spring in the Uk is a hard time to do this, we're barely hitting double figures temperature wise and that can be frustrating as I don't have a lot of jumpers in my capsule, but it is making me get a little creative, and having put an extensive amount of jackets in to my capsule, i can at least have variation there.
I didn't include a hooded coat, and so far I haven't used one, but if needs must I will grab my parker which I keep in the car as a just in-case and dog walks.
The other noteworthy bad point is wear and tear.
Obviously I am wearing my clothes a lot more than previously. With 3 main pairs of jeans (skinny ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans and black jeans) being on constant rotation they are getting a battering on the wear and tear front. 
Its worth noting here none of the jeans were bought new for the capsule and had been worn many times prior, so wear and tear hasn't totally been in the past 20 days, but i guess its just more noticeable now as I'm wearing them much more often.
My ripped skinny jeans are looking a little worse for wear on the rippage front, a bit scraggly and the rips are getting a bit out of control.
The black jeans have a hole where there isn't supposed to be a hole, which we'll just call "distressing".
Lastly, I wish i had included a couple more pops of colour. Particularly a little bit of yellow and some more pattern possibly.

 The Changes

If I were to make any changes going forward, there are definitely pieces I would exchange.
Its also worth noting that i did change my trench coat within the first week as i actually had a split in the lining of my other, and i knew from the beginning it was something i would need. I bought a new one with a credit note I had and am super happy with my purchase.

Also it's a good idea to buy good quality denim that you know will last you well. if denim is intergral to your being, like it is for me, then perhaps shelling out a little more on better quality could benefit the capsule.

I included a pleated skirt that I bought for less than a tenner in the sales, but really, I don't like it. I put it in as it seemed like a good idea and I had seen similar in other peoples capsules, but if i'm being honest with myself, it doesn't look right on me and doesn't fit well either. I will donate it to a friend or charity shop, but I would definitely like to replace it with a different skirt that is more me, and would open up more remixing options with the rest of the capsule.
I'm thinking about doing a limited exchange half way through (1st may) if the weather requires as Spring is so tricky.The exchange will be maybe 3 item switches and I'm thinking that could be a pair of sandals that i already own, and maybe a skirt option.
Who knows I may go until June 1st without a single switch as I am definitely happy overall with the capsule. But I'm going to leave the option on the table as feeling constrained isn't a happy experience and i want this to be something i continue with.

I think its safe to say that so far this is something I am super happy I am doing, I shall keep you posted in May on any other outfits and findings.

Just to note I am doing 1st April-1st June as a Meteorological season makes more sense in regards to clothes for me season wise. My summer season will change over on June 1st.

Thanks so much for following along, if you have any questions do drop me a comment below or ask me on twitter or IG!

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