Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Maxi Cardigans and the classics

My Mango dressing gown  coatigan arrived and it is deevine! Its so warm, perfect for this time of year, accept when its raining, which of course it did as soon as I'd donned the beauty. Typical law of sod when you really want to wear your new coatigan.
What I loved about it instantly was how thick it is and the ever so slight wide bell sleeves.
It was between this cardigan  and this one i'm wearing when i was shopping for a long cardigan, but the latter won out due to its thickness, and the little detailing it has with the sleeves and it has a very slight embossing/quilted effect. Also its really thick and cosy (and dressing-gown esque and i mean that in the best possible way)
Being black it will obviously go with quite a lot, but I knew immediately i would add in the classics: breton top, leopard print scarf and a pop of red for its maiden journey, which incidentally didn't last as long as I envisaged due to the most ridiculous downpour... Coatigans/woollen outerwear and the UK are sooo not a great combo, but alas i do it anyway as I will not be dictated to by a weather system.. I'm a rebel like that;)

So i feel like we've broken the back of January haven't we? Just past half way and careering quickly into the next month.
January has been a funny old month for me so far, and not funny haha either. Its been filled with what I can only describe as tension or bad feeling.. which is rather crap if I'm honest.
We recently had a run of crappy things happening, car problems, vans breaking down and a burglaries (work van). Its been a tough start to the year I'm not gunna lie. But i guess these things are sent to test us. It does make you think though doesn't it.. Why do bad things happen to good people. I'm assuming I'm a good person, I mean I swear like a trooper but heck I'm solid bloody gold i swear ;)
Maybe we're getting all the crappy stuff out of the way now to hopefully have a smooth run for the rest.
In the mean time you'll find me internet shopping my troubles away and blowing the budget way,way, wayyy in to oblivion. I can't help it, I'm an emotional shopper!

Boots (now on sale too!)
Breton top- mine is old and in need of an upgrade.. loving this one)
Coated Jeans

How's your January been so far? Good I hope, I would love to hear some good news!



  1. LOVE THIS!! Your cardigan, your boots and your bag!! Gorge!

    xx, Elise

  2. Loving the mix of patterns.



  3. GORGEOUS!!! And that bag, hello amazing :)



  4. GORGEOUS!!! And that bag, hello amazing :)



  5. Nice casual look and the bag adds the perfect pop of color!


  6. I'm sorry you are having a rough month! I'm sure things will turn around and you'll have a great year ahead! I'm loving your coatigan! It looks so warm and cozy!

    Doused In Pink

  7. Emotional shoppers unite. Much love, Rachel, this too shall pass. Sounds far too easy, I know, but it will, I bloody swear it will xoxo

  8. I hear ya about the emotional shopping! Doesn't the bag look great against the coatigan. Yeah, rain and coatigan aren't a great mix but I love it that the weather doesn't stop you!


  9. the cardi looks so good on you, i really do like it! and a lovely outfit altogether:-) xx


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