Monday, 28 December 2015

A Year with My Hair (From Black to Blonde and back to Brown)

This year has seen quite a bit of change on the hair front for me. I had been home dying my hair black for years. What had started as dark rich brown eventually turned to black which i was then pretty much stuck with. Black is not the kind of colour you can easily shift. 
I had grown tired of my black mane, and felt it just wasn't 'me' anymore. I disliked wearing any black on my top half as my hair would just blend in with it, making me look like a giant blob of blackness.. not a good look i can assure you. And with the impending greys that keep appearing, every time my roots grew back, i would quite frankly look like a badger. 
So i set about the mammoth task of having my hair stripped of all the black dye and on a hair lightening journey. I wasn't entirely sure where i was going with it, all i knew was that i no longer wanted to be black haired. I wanted to be free to experiment.
And that my friends is what i did!

For fun, i thought it would be good to have a little recap of a year with my hair.
NB.. there's a lot of photos of ma face here.. so apologise in advance ;)

The above photo is how i started the year, with my long black tresses.
Then a week or so in to January i went to the salon and underwent my first of many transformations. (you can see the full post here about the process)
Striped hair left me with a multi coloured flame head. Thankfully they didn't let me leave that way. After stripping the hair by leaving the bleach on for as long as humanly possibly it was still kicking off a lot of warmth (reds) from the undertones of the black.  We ran with what we could and put a dark redish brown dye on which was only a few shades lighter but was a marked improvement on the black.

On my next trip we then added some really fine foil highlights to the under sections. They added a lovely golden glow which i was really fond of. But apparently i was on a go blonde mission it appears...

So with my mind set on going blonder we went for foils to the parting and scattered underneath.
The base was still very warm but it was definitely no longer black.
Blonde was insight.

My final blonde stage. Full on thick pannels of blonde.
And once i was there, was i happy? Um no. I mean yes i did like it, it was actually  really fun and such a marked difference from the black. My son Neo, actually loved my yellow hair LOL! But with blonde on a dark, fast growing haired person came roots and very quickly too.

This was the final stage and the blondest i had been since i was 18. But after 9 months of bleaching my hair it had left it feeling like straw, honestly it was awful, i could barely stand the feel of my own hair! I tried hair masks and things but the breakage had set it was snapping off in places hair really shouldn't snap.
I knew it was time to quite the bleach.
Bye Blonde.. it had been fun!

With a lovely warm brown and a fair few inches off i walked out feeling like a different woman. 
Not only had i changed the colour but I had also had a massive chop which really helped get rid of all the damage hair and breakages (and FYI.. NOBODY noticed IRL! I mean c'mon surely that's noticeable no? lol!) My son requested i put the yellow back in immediately as he didn't like brown haired mummy. 
It immediately felt healthier and i could stand to touch my own hair once again. Always helpful. It held a curl well again. It was healthy happy hair once again.

And for me? Well i walked out of the salon liking it. Then i went through a few days of disliking it. 
I think it was the length, it threw me when styling, but after a week i absolutely loved it and still do now.
In-fact looking through these photos has made me realise that i don't actually miss my long hair all that much. I mean sometimes flowing bouncy long locks is lovely. But i'm really enjoying shorter hair.. which leads me to my next hair appointment....

I'm actually thinking of going shorter again.
Here's what I'm aiming for... what d'you think?

I think what this past year has taught me is not to be afraid to experiment with your hair. After all it is just hair and it will grow back andcolour can be changed.
Life is short, i say if you want a change just go for it. I know i will be in January!

And well.. there's always great hats if things don't turn out how you wanted ;)

Do you have any hair plans for the New Year?


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The most frantic time of the year!

 Happy Christmas Eve Eve everyone! Is it just me or is this not just the most wonderful time of the year BUT the most frantic, crazy, exhausting time of the year?! Seriously.. I'm shattered. Sorry things have been a little sporadic on the blog post front here, it has been cray-cray here.

It was my step sons birthday on Sunday, which led us to the cinema to see the new Star Wars movie (oh my god you guys., have you seen it? It was bloody amazing. I'm a huge fan and i am so utterly impressed by this new movie for so many reasons, i could in-fact write a whole post on this, but i shall save you ladies from that as alas, not every soul is a Star Wars fan,lol!)  So yes cinema, birthday celebrations and general loveliness.

Then it has been last orders for Christmas for Yosa, which has just been absolutely amazing.
So far December 2015 has been our best month ever.. i am so absolutely over the moon and then back again and over it all over again. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see my little baby business do well.
It makes all the blood, sweat and literal tears worth it and sends me in to Christmas feeling like i have been given the best present ever.
If you have been a Yosa customer, thank you, thank you endlessly.

And then on top of ALL that my poor little boy Neo, has chicken pox! Yep we are in quarantine over here, meaning any last minute shopping and trips out for festivities has been put on hold.
Plus trying to get any thing done (like writing a cohesive sentence) is practically impossible.
Someone ALWAYS needs something: a drink, cream for chicken spots (lol), a blanket, to put a film on, a snuggle (nawww) a cheese sandwich. Always something... Anyone else struggle with kids present to string a sentence together?
I'm on my second coffee already... !

Anyway, that's enough from me (can you tell i haven't had much social interaction lately, jabber on much Rachel ?!)

Today i bring you a sparkly little number from Boden.
This year i haven't gone the traditional red route at all, which is a shocker. I love red! The festive season is still young and i feel some red clothing is definitely on the cards for the next few days.
But as you may have noticed i've really been loving a more neutral colour palatte, with camel and black at the top of that list.

This Boden embellished jumper is on sale so i snapped it up knowing it would tick all the right boxes for my neutral colour loving heart, but also a little festive with its shininess.


Embellished Sweater
Leather Look Trousers
Camel Coat: F&F last year. Love this one with its contrast collar
Ankle boots
Tassel Earrings
Clutch Bag
If i don't get back before the big day:
Happy Holidays to you and yours! I wish you all the most wonderful festive time!


Friday, 18 December 2015

Winter White (& #Passion4Fashion linkup!)

 I am really loving whites, creams and camel colours this winter. Usually by this time in the festive season i am all about the reds and tartans, but taking a small break from everything christmas decoration coloured and trying out some winter nuetrals.
I had my eye on this dress for weeks and finally caved and bought it for myself as a birthday treat at the beginning of the month. I've worn it every week since as its just so damn comfy. good news is its gone on sale, which is a definte bummer for me seeing as i paid full bloomin' price! But hey, i've enjoyed it and will continue to do so.
A good day dress in winter is one of my favourite pieces to style. The creamy hue of this fine knit dress will lend itself well to so many other colours which in my remixing book makes it a great piece regardless of price (justification for myself right there..) I love the contrast of the white and black but i may have some rather lovely tan boots for Christmas that would work equally well and and chunky brown cardigan also.

In other news.. how do you like my rather snazzy, simplistic new blog design?
I love it! Its simple, clean and exactly what i was looking for (thanks Catherine for the recommendation sweetie!) If you scroll to the bottom my IG feed is there, which i love, plus a new shop link at the top which will take you to Yosa.
It also has social share buttons at the bottom of each post, which i had been asked for by some lovely readers. i am now fully shareable and all my Youtube/IG/FB icons are just to the left, you know.. just in-case you loose me.. Plenty of places you can now find me :D

So yes. Nearly a new year, and a lovely new fresh blog design. Happy days!


The Jane Clutch Bag
Scarf(only £9!)
Steve Madden Boots (also on sale and SO worth the money)
Dress (half price)
Quilted Biker Jacket

This will be the last Passion4Fashion this year! Can you believe it?
The next Passion4Fashion linkup will now be on January 1st 2016!!
I'm going to hopefully get a post up on New Years day but shall keep you all posted otherwise!

Are you all ready for Christmas?


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Seven on Sunday 0.12

Happy Sunday to you!
This has been a rather quick ol' week now hasn't it (uhm.. do i say that every week?) It was a busy one this end with Neo's nativity (adorable) Vet visit for yearly check for cassy, and then doggy groomers for her haircut (evidently Cassy has had a busy week this week)
We (me and cassy that is) also helped raise awareness of a very important campaign with River Island and the Dogs Trust.
River Island are working closely this Christmas with the Dogs Trust to help raise awareness of a cause that is very close to my heart.
In store they have been selling off doggy mannequins and giving all the money to the Dogs Trust  . Read all about it here#RiGiveADogAHome is still ongoing so donate if you can!

This week i have been trying not to shop for myself as i still have a few pieces to get for others.. but that doesn't stop me from looking now does it..

0.1 The perfect festive blouse i would love love love this right now.. paired with some leather trousers and some sparkle and yep.. festive perfection! Plus its red.. i love red and not just for christmas.

0.2 I was researching some spacey type items for a little boys christmas present so when i typed in space in to the search this came up. Isn't it gorgeous (for me not him obvs)?! Its a beautiful cut and would make a great special occasion dress.

0.3 Also spacey related these are for me too please! Spacey pajamas that look mighty comfy. I can see me in these all day long come boxing day :D

0.4 As soon as i get home i am straight back in to my comfy cosy slouchy wears. I am loving the items from Sundry at the moment, especially the Oui raglan top and the starry joggers.. Problem is i may never want to change in to my proper clothes (and by proper i mean things that don;t have elasticated waistbands)

0.5 I own a lot of black boots. Like a ridiculous amount. What i don't own much of is tan boots. I feel like there has been a tan boot shaped whole in my shoe collection these past couple of weeks. You know that feeling when you put an outfit together and you think, ' A pair of tan boots would really make this outfit' Well that's happened to me a lot lately. So i asked hubby for these for christmas as they look really nice and they have 40% off( im considerate like that when asking for presents). Lets see if i get them!I have been really, really good this year :)

0.6 My nails have been appaling the past few weeks. They've been peeling and not holding nail polish at all. So this week i'm going to try this to see if it makes a difference. Shall keep you posted!

0.7 Finishing on the new bag range from Yosa. a little self promotion yes, but its something i'm so so proud of! i've worked with some amazing blogging ladies and have a fabulous line for you all.
We have:
The Jane Clutch Bag named after Jane of My Midlife Fashion
The Catherine Bag named after Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb
The Frances Bag (which has sold out twice over but now back in stock) named after Frances of School Run Style 
These ladies are inspirational and i'm so proud to collaborate with them all.
I know you're going to love their namesake bags just as much as i do.

What have you loved this week? Tell me what i'm missing out on!


Saturday, 12 December 2015

3 ways to look great in the morning madness

What a mad rush! It’s six in the morning, work/school run/general life is only a few hours away and you’ve still got to find the time to apply your makeup. It’s a panic we’ve all been in – the cosmetic clock ticking like an episode of Countdown – but there are plenty of skincare products that can be applied in almost no time at all.
Admittedly, it might feel like a lost cause when you first look in the mirror, heck i know it does for me.
At that time in the morning, every reflective surface feels like an evil force. My hair is a wiry mess, there's dry skin all over my lips and my cheeks are as rough as sandpaper... #sadtimes
How can you possibly recover from a rough night’s sleep?
The answer is simple – try a few of these tips and you’ll look tip-top in no time.
Say goodbye to blackheads (eugh i know.. but it needs addressing)
When you’re a teenager, you always imagine that blackheads will disappear along with secondary school and Myspace. But here’s a harsh truth – blackheads aren’t going anywhere soon.
You might have eaten a greasy pizza the night before and woken up with a stonking zit on the end of your nose(delightful), or your spots might sneak up on you and, before you know it, pollute your face like smog over New York.
But a blackhead remover is easy to apply in the morning, and can be used in the shower. Use it at least once every day and those nasty blackheads will disappear.
A blushing look
It’s the morning, the middle of winter and you’ve barely had time for breakfast – of course you’re looking a little pale.
To hide that pallor, invest in a blusher that will fill those cheeks with life. We’d recommend this Sleek Cream Blusher from Superdrug. At only £5.99, it’s a steal – and it only takes a couple of dabs with a makeup brush.

Brighten those eyes
Your eyes are drooping after a rough evening. It looks like you’re transporting industrial sandbags under your peepers. But that’s nothing that a little eye brightener won’t fix!
Eye brightener can be purchased in various colours (although we’re fans of this magic pink variant from LookFantastic) and it’ll make your eyes look less tired and aged.
To add a little more style to your peepers, make sure your lipstick matches your eye brightener. This’ll accentuate the bright and breezy look you’re aiming for to combat the morning sump.

What makeup tips have you got to help you look great during a rushed morning? 
Let us know in the comments below. 
I'd love to have a natter!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Faux Fur Coat with Boyfriend Jeans (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

 I honestly never thought i would be the person who would fall head over ankle bootie clad heels for a faux fur coat. I was just never that in to them before and the Pat Butcher connotations were just a little too much.

But with time comes age, and with age comes not giving a damn and that's how i feel about my beautiful new creamy faux fur coat.
I mentioned it in a Seven on Sunday post that i bought this when i was out shopping with hubby and he said he liked it (cue image of moi with mouth agog!). Its so crazily soft its like being a giant teddy bear. This is the size 8 which is a little snug , but i think i would prefer that than gaping and oversized. Its still on sale too but only a few sizes left.

So with my teddy bear-esque pea coat i knew i wanted to add in my (also new) boyfriend jeans that I've been banging on about for a couple of weeks now.
Firstly, i love boyfriend jeans. They're comfy and easy to wear plus i do think they're versatile (not just for slobbing around the house in).
I really do like the idea of these jeans for a smart occasion, the black braid down the seam of these facilitates nicely in their dressing up ( I say dressing up, i'm not talking balls or cocktail occasions here. I'm talking about a meal or a drink down the pub type smart).
Add in a black top and some smart boots and you've got something along those vague lines of smart-casual. Which is exactly what i did.
The faux fur coat over the top just takes it to another level (i'm not sure what that level is..but it takes it to it none the less)

Even Hubby approved which if you knew him, you would realise why i practically tripped over his compliment, stumbling with shock in to a wall of surprise.

My faux fur collection is amounting quite nicely as the years are going on, which is honestly something i never thought i would say.

Are you a faux fur fan?

What I'm Wearing
Faux Fur Coat
Black Wrap top
Jane Clutch Bag
Bold Bead Necklace
Black Pointed Ankle Boots

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