Friday, 30 October 2015

A Power Shirt and Passion4Fashion Linkup

Lately i have become found of what i have affectionately named, 'The Power Blouse'.
And what is a 'Power Blouse' i hear you ask.
Well, lately i have been finding the simplistic outfits the best outfits.
Take a beautiful blouse for instance, it is the easiest thing to just throw on and go and feel pretty good about it too.
Great for the office, day-wear or a night out, a workhorse of a blouse is why i've aptly named it 'The Power Blouse'.
And there's nothing like pairing your Power Blouse with a pair of faux leather trousers for added sass. Another current favourite.
I picked up this shirt when there were discount codes flying around, i kinda just fell for its dalmatian-esque print, which falls nicely in to my monochromatic love of late.
I added in a little sparkle with my favourite clutch and necklace, some berry coloured heels and lipstick and it was easy-peasy dressing.

Faux leather trousers: New look (Love these)
Berry Shoes: Primark

Do you own any 'Power Blouses'?

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Khaki A line Skirt and a Side of Awkwardness

 Is it ok to profess love for your own outfit? I mean, I'm British, so we don't tend to wax lyrical about oneself, it's like when someone compliments you, the natural reaction is 'oh this old thing, oh it's nothing'.
Well, stepping out of my very utterly British ways i'm going out on a limb to say I really like my outfit.
Yep, i just really like this combination.

Speaking of being a completely awkward Brit i have further terrible proof.
Yesterday i went on a rare date with Salvatore (that's the hubby btw), to the cinema.
We got our tickets and headed over for the obligatory nachos.
The young lad behind the counter served me, handed my nachos and said 'Enjoy your film'
To which I responded 'Thanks, you too!'
I mean c'mon...!  What an absolute plonker. I looked like i was on day relsease and my poor husband just scooted me on as if he were my poor carer.
I am honestly so socially awkward I actually embarrass myself.
The poor lad had the courtesy to laugh, but i nearly dropped my nachos as i was in stitches at my own stupid ways.

So if we ever meet, which would be epic by the way, be prepared for a socially awkward but kind hearted complete an utter plonker.

Anyway back to the khaki obsession. Its at the point where i loved this skirt so much that, even though it is completely sold out in my size, i bought the next size up.
Stupid? Yehhh.
But, it sits a little lower now which is mostly better and besides, i can always get it taken in..somehow.
I also managed to pull out my fluffy black gilet from hibernation too, which honestly, i forgot how much i loved.
Its perfect for this mild weather we've been having, and for those days when you're just in the car or popping to the shops, like me yesterday.
Paired together and i just felt like i'd hit the outfit jackpot for the day
Pat on the back for my awkward self.

Khaki Skirt
Grandad style Blouse: H&M (Super similar and lovely)
Black Gilet
Black Pointed Loafers: River Island (Similar)
Michael Kors Riley Bag

Do you ever compliment your own outfit? ;)


Friday, 23 October 2015

Bobble Hats for Casual Friday & #Passion4Fashion LINKUP

 This week saw the first cold miserable day we've had in a long time. Its been so lovely this past month that i kind of forgot what it was like to have rainy grey miserable weather. Absolute bummer is that the kids are on half term next week and its forecast rain of course. The law of sod I believe they call that.
But one thing about this weather means i can totally get my hat collection back on rotation. I do love me a good hat, and this newbie is from Yosa!
Yep it was inevitable, Yosa have gone in to hats :) only a few but they will be hitting the store next week, alongside new scarves and bags. Exciting times ladies. I LOVE new stock, haha!
Plus how cool is it that my bag matches my bobble hat, haha! Like they were made for each other!

I am on such a nice handbags kick at the moment, i can't get enough! Nice bags are my new fetish, which is funny as i was always such a shoe gal. But nope, bags are my obsession right now. Currently hunting the perfect hobo bag. Hobo is a wierd word isn't it? Hobo bag... hobo, hobo. hobo. Hmmm.

Anyway, so this is just your average casual Friday outfit, in my favourite Great Plains striped top that doesn't ever seem to be far from my back at any given time. Its just so easy and so ridiculously comfy i just find myself reaching for it practically every day.

And I finally got myself a navy Peacoat which i'm over the moon with.
Can you take a wild guess as to how much it was?
Just to give you a bit of a back story here, i was previously looking at a gorgeous Petit Bateau
Pea coat that was around the £220.00 price point.
I loved it, but the price tag was holding me back and knowing what a coat floozy i am, i couldn't justify the spend on a coat that may get switched in and out more than i care to admit.
So ladies what's your guesses as to cost???

Well i shall tell you. This lovely Peacoat cost me eighteen whole pounds.
Yep just £18!
As i mentioned in my post yesterday, i am genuinely cutting back on huge Primark hauls and such things that get worn once and never seen the light again, but i just couldn't not try it for £18.
And honestly?
Its delightful. Its soft, lined and warm, the perfect peacoat length and the exact style i wanted.
I just had to get it didn't i?

 Outfit details:
Flared Jeans
Striped Top
Navy Boots: F&F Love these ones
Pea Coat: Primark (Try this one)
Bag Laura Ashley (this one is fab)
Trio of Stars Necklace

Are you craving any coats this autumn?
I'm still longing for this one... its next on my coat hit list!! ;)

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Classics List & Buying Designers

This year has seen me shopping more savvy. Buying less but curating a wardrobe of classics that i love and want to wear now, but can envisage me wanting to wear in years to come.
So my frivolous spending hundreds of pounds on silly, not great quality pieces, that i end up wearing once and are then chucked in to the abyss until i find it on a clear out and it ends up in the charity bag, has come to an end.
I am actually really happy about it.
It does feel strange, as sometimes i wonder if an outfit is 'blog-worthy' as perhaps it isn't the loudest/brightest/most on-trend outfit. But then i give my self a slap and reminder that I now love my wardrobe more than ever, and by buying classic pieces that i love it is an investment in to me and also really saving a lot of waste in the long run.
So the thought of investment pieces got me thinking.
If you could buy anything...

What would your invest pieces be?

Hardly Ever Worn It  stocks some gorgeous designer bags, and at a cut of the cost it really makes designer goods more attainable. Its perfect for picking up those classic designer pieces at a fraction of the cost, which for my clothing budget really, really helps. 
Also hints to the hubby also help..
Its renowned in the celebrity world as the place to go for finding that hard to get designer piece. 
But for me its the reductions. The prices are designer attainable.

I have spent years building up a little wishlist of all the designer items i would want to get.
Much thought has gone in to the classic items that will stay with me for years, and hopefully pass on to my step daughter/grand kids. 
Designer price tag aside, the idea of adding/mixing a little luxury in to an already high street outfit is a great way of adding that little je ne sais quoi to your outfit, or in-fact your wardrobe.
So.. with much thought my items would be:

1. A classic Chanel bag

Starting with the epitome of luxe. Chanel exudes class. The brand is one I greatly admire and i know i would cherish a chanel bag like it were my child.
This would go with everything and is at the very top of my lust list.

2. The classic trench coat

Never ages, never goes out of style, the classic trench is the perfect coat. I always have one in my coat armour, but in all honesty mine has seen better days. 
And lets face it no one does a trench coat quite as well as Burberry.
The plaid lining, the perfect neutral shade and classic cut.  
A must on my Classics list.

3 & 4
A Diane Von Furstenburg Dress and Classic Black heels.

When i first started this blog 4 years ago i had a list similar to this actually. It was on my 'about me' page and after a general ramble about myself i made a list of my lust items. It included a kate spade bag and a DVF dress as two items i would love to acquire. Since then i've had a Kate Spade bag, and also sold a Kate Spade bag (was too small after Neo came along, wish i'd kept it now mind), but the elusive DVF wrap dress is yet to be mine. One day it will be i'm sure.
I find them again, timeless, and perfect for any occasion. Loving this one because i have always loved a good star print, again classic in my eyes.

And to go with the dress, a great pair of heels. Louboutins or Choo's would probably be my shoe weapon of choice here as the classic black pump would be the all time perfect shoe.

5 & 6
A GREAT red bag and a mulberry purse

I don't think i could go through life without a red bag. It just magically brings an outfit together and is perfect with all neutrals for bringing a pop of colour to the party. The one above is a pretty fabulous Mulburry that would effortlessly transform any look.
A mulberry purse would also be a rather lovely addition. I have friends who each have them. The thing I really like about them is how they improve with age. A purse so often gets chucked in and out of our bags that they take quite the beating. The Mulberry purses i have seen age beautifully. The leather softening and wrinkles charmingly adding character and personality to its fa├žade.

My list is quite structured now and has been the same for the past couple of years. I hope to start crossing things off my list as i acquire them (ahem husband, ahem Christmas and birthday fast approaching)

What classics would you buy? 

Do you think i'm missing anything, let me know in the comments if you think there's anything i should add to my Classics list.


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Flaunt Your Haunt -Cardiff, you so lovely!

Is there a place where you live that you really love?
As some of you may know i live in the Welsh hills. I'm close to countryside, sea and city which is the perfect spot for exploring. A quick 20 minute drive from my little old home gets me to the Welsh Capital of Cardiff where the shopping is plentiful, the food is varied and there are plenty of nice hotels
There is cultural museums and castles, there's brand new shopping malls and there's a plethora of parks.
So when Travelodge launched the 'Flaunt your Haunt' campaign i was a bit bewildered as to where i would choose. Cardiff is a lovely little growing city with lots going for it, so choosing my favourite was tricky.
But after a lovely day out recently i have a new favourite.
I love to combine days out with places i can take Cassy my puppy. So nice brisk walk with hot drinks, a bit of lunch where pooches are welcome and then a nice walk back is perfect for me.

My haunt starts in Penarth Marina at the barrage, just on the outskirts of the city centre. There is a beautiful fish restaurant here, Custom house, that is stunning, if you're local and looking for nice food i highly recommend it.
Starting at the barrage,which incidentally is one of the largest civil engineering projects in Europe (if that kind of thing impresses you) you wait for it to lower and then you can start your walk across from Penarth Marina to Cardiff Bay.

Cassy and i set off and the walk over is about a mile, mile and a half. Its jogger/cycle/ child and dog friendly. Perfect for the family, nice and flat and long enough for rambunctious little puppies to burn off some energy. The views across the channel are superb and whilst you walk the sea air whips around you feeling fresh and crisp.
Half way through the walk there is a children's play area and a skate park for older adventurous kids.
There's also a lovely little refreshment hut selling hot drinks and food to feed a frenzied family.

Then you reach the lovely Cardiff Bay.
The Bay is filled with water boat rides, a delicious range of restaurants, bars serving cocktails and ice cream stands.
From here you have 'The Armadillo' Which is the Wales Millennium Centre with concerts and west end shows regularly performing, The Doctor Who experience for those Whovian fans, plus the Senedd that houses the National Assembly for Wales.

Top of my list was hot chocolates and waffles with icecream in Cadwaladers looking over the bay, which is perfect as its dog friendly too.

 After filling up on delicious welsh treats, you can then burn off those calories making the nice walk back.

I'm already planning my next day out there possibly this friday, fancy joining me? :)

What do you love where you live? 

Is there anywhere you would like to flaunt from your haunt?

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