Friday, 31 July 2015

Super Ripped Jeans (& #Passion4Fashion linkup!)

 I've had these Topshop ripped jeans since Christmas. Each wear they just get a little more ripped, which i kinda love. But they are totally bordering on scruffy now, which i also kinda love. Scruffy is ok in my books. My sons always ask why i have holes in my jeans and do i need a new pair (uh yes, always ;) But when an innocent mind asks such a question what do you reply with? 'Its fashion dhhharling?' To which i would probably receive some very confused looks. Funny how things that are totally illogical (ripped jeans in this case) can be so good! I can't get enough of ripped jeans!
I've just bought a gorgeous pair of Flared Jeans which i'm hoping i will end up loving as much as i do these, in order to give them a rest at least, 'cos honestly, i wear them A LOT. Like 'do you actually own any other jeans??' lot. I wore this to a play gym/5yo bday party a couple of weeks ago. I paired my trusty jeans with an old little white jacket and an old red top. Funny, i've had both pieces for years but never worn them together. A little happy hunting in my wardrobe can make beautiful things happen. I should go hunting more and shop less i tell ya (is that another #100daynospend i hear in the deepest darkest part of my mind?... No. Actually. Just no. ;)

Turquoise necklace ( Current fave! so so pretty!!)
Mules: F&F (love these!)
The most perfect ripped Jeans
White jacket: Peacocks (try this Gorgeous one )
Red Top: Matalan (so similar)
Simple Anklet (only £6!)
Michael Kors 'Radley'

Are you a ripped jeans fan? 
Do you have a favourite pair of jeans?

Shop the look!


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Making the most out of your Beachwear...

 Images via pintrest here

...Especially when the weather does not co operate.
We've all done it. Bought some beautiful beach wear to throw on for a day in the sun. Then proceeded to wear them just the once, or if at all, and then resign them to the back of the wardrobe for another year.
Yep so sad. Especially when beach wear can be just so so pretty!
So i got to thinking. Why not add in some pieces that can be worn with actual day to day clothes, maximising the potential of actually being able to wear the item.

Take these for example:

Beautiful white dresses. Great beach cover ups. But without the sun or a beach in sight what to do? 
Well, I'm thinking these layered over a white vest and some skinny blue jeans, sandals or tan ankle boots, and a fedora style hat will mean you can work both these dresses for more than just a  day at the beach. 
Perfect for running errands and utilising a pretty garment for more than is suggested.

Next up: Both of these are far far to good for just a cover-up. I mean look at that maxi dress!! Stunning right?
Each of these again prove that there is more to beach wear than my first thoughts.
Pair the funky summery print trousers with a white vest top and a black jacket. Add in some black block heels and a statement necklace and you've got yourself a nice evening look made out of what was primarily just some throw on trousers.
The maxi dress needs no imagination to see that it just works. A denim jacket and some sandals are this dresses best friend. Need that in my life!

 All beach cover-ups available here

Lastly beach sarongs and scarves. I mean look at them. So so pretty.
The wrap scarf doesn't have to be just tied around your waist in a tropical style, no no Scarves have been big in the fashion community for seasons. Wear them draped around your shoulders and rock that drapey scarf look. I am besotted with the poppy print sarong. Add in some white jeans, a navy vest top and some tan heels and this draped around your shoulders and now the sarong now has a whole new lease of life.

Do you have any beachwear items that you could give a new lease of life to?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Vintage-inspired Costumes for Festivals

A little inspirational post for you today 

Looking for fashion inspiration for an upcoming festival? Why not take your style cues from the past with a hippie or grunge vibe. Vintage-inspired costumes can help you stand out in a crowd and take your fancy dress costume from meh, to amazing!
 Not quite sure which era best matches your personal style? Here are a few ideas by decade to help give an idea of what could work for you.
1920s Glamour
Although you may think of a slick, 20’s flapper look as being better suited for a ballroom than a muddy field, if you’re looking for fancy dress that will get you noticed you could opt for this type of look. You can pick up the 80’s take on 20’s fashion with a fringed flapper dress, available at any vintage shop. Accessorize with wellies and loads of fake pearls.
1950s Rockabilly
Do you prefer the glamour of a classic pin-up girl or the sass of a rockabilly look? Sky-high hair, a polka dotted dress, and a slick of red lipstick is a perfect festival-ready look. You don’t have to be authentic at a festival with a full-on poodle skirt either – opt for a high street polka dot dress or slim-fitting jeans, cat-eye sunglasses and headscarf and you’ll have style to spare.
1960s Psychedelia
The looks of the 1960s are a perfect fit for summer festivals, and you’ll see a bevy of funny costumes each year that look straight out of Austin Powers! If you’re not ready to go full-on paisley, you could opt for pops of colour, whether it’s a floaty scarf or oversized pair of brightly coloured sunglasses. Flat go-go boots are also comfortable yet chic, ideal for unpredictable festival weather. Just be sure to waterproof the fabric first if you’re wearing vintage suede.
1970s Bohemian
Thanks to Coachella, 70’s Bohemian style is perhaps the vintage look most closely associated with summer festivals. Fortunately for festival-goers this year, this style is also bang on trend so you’ll find no shortage of flared jeans, cropped crochet tops, and suede jackets to choose from. Go for the dreamy look in floaty maxi dresses and top the look with a slick fedora.
1990s Grunge
Are you looking for fashionable or funny fancy dress ideas that also have a bit of edge? The 90’s grunge era has your number. Clomp around the muddy fields in a pair of Doc Martens, and it won’t matter if you rip your tights. Flannel and thermals make for great layering items anyways, and look cool layered over a sweet babydoll dress a la Courtney Love. The grunge look is perfect for festivals, because not only does it look cool, but it looks even better with a layer of grime and a few snags along the way.

You can choose to mix and match from these different eras to create your own unique look, or go full-on costume party if you want to make a bolder statement. But either way, there’s no doubt that vintage fashion and summer music festivals go hand in hand. 

How would you dress for a festival?

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