Monday, 29 June 2015

Summer Edit

This summer i have found my style has simplified. I guess in summer it always gets a little easier, for the pure and simple fact that when its warm you don't want to me faffing about with multiple items and getting all hot and bothered.
But if i think about it it's not just that. My whole outlook on dressing as definitely simplified, or streamlined shall we say. Having previously had a wardrobe filled with pieces that were not the easiest to remix (read: nye on impossible) i have started to build a wardrobe that i go to each morning and i'm happy to choose my outfit. And with it being summer ( i say that loosely, its been sunny for 3 days here in Wales, i fear this may be our summer) there is nothing i love more than throwing on a sweet dress and calling it an outfit.
The peripherals are important too; great sandals, the odd jacket and some lovely finishing touches with the accessories all to complete the summer look.

Here's my edit of things i can't do without this summer

Starting at the bottom ;

All from Clarks
Simple but great shoes. One tan, one black and one leopard print. Flats, mid heels and a higher heel. I find these are perfect for covering off all eventualities of the foot variety. The black block heels are perfect for smarter occasions, the tan are great for both smart and causal and the flats are great everyday wear but with the added pizazz of the leopard print (my all time favourite print!)

Next up we have

I could literately live in this handful of dresses. It would pretty much cover off all eventualities of my life (bar wedding guest.. but as i've experienced lately, that's a whole other field of speciality shopping that i can't say i've enjoyed.. gimme smart-casual anyday!)
All these dresses are from Esprit, i could easily just kit myself out for the dress season with all of their marvellous frocks. I've mentioned it before, but i just love their selection this season.
From casual little black dresses and stripes, to maxis or patterns and embroidery. These 6 dresses are all this girl needs all.summer.long

Then we go on to
Jackets and cover ups 

 All available from New Look
I have a lot of blazers/jackets/cardigans. But to simplify there are really only a few i need for summer.A denim jacket is a summer must. For those casual days, perfect with dresses, shorts and tee's and pretty much anything. I don't think i could go through summer without a denim jacket.
A navy blazer is also a must have for me. As good as a denim jacket but that little more smart, perfect for lunch dates and such.
For smarter occasions i can't help but love a cream (or white) blazer. so smart straight off the bat. Put a smart tuxedo jacket or blazer with anything and you just look the biz.
And then finally a pretty floaty kimono, perfect causal throw on, i love the lentgh of this one. Great with shorts or floaty boho dresses.

Finishing off with some

All available here

I am a huge lover of accessories, as you probably already know. With simplifying my wardrobe, i have found adding in great statement necklaces and accessories can really mix things up and keep them from looking plain. Just at the hairdressers today i had so many comments on the necklace i was wearing (this one incidentally), they really can make all the difference. My key pieces this summer season are bright and fun. I am in love with orange this summer, and the contrast it brings between say the green Espirt dress above. Great combo that's easy to wear. I really do swear by statement accessories. They add that individual element that is much needed with a simpler outfit.

So that would be my summer edit, a capsule of things i want to wear all summer long.

What would you put in your summer edit? Could you limit it down to just a few items?


Friday, 26 June 2015

Shirt Dress, Arm Party & Passion 4 Fashion Linkup

You know what i love about summer? Ease of dressing is what. Great dress + wedges+ clutch = Done! Voila, outfit complete as if by magic. Ok not magic, but a little bit of sunshine goes a long way for mood elevating.  The past week has seen little old Wales bathed in beautiful warm sunshine. It's glorious to just get up throw on a dress, some finishing touches, and away you go. That sure gives me something to smile about. 
As does this Warehouse shirt dress that i wanted so badly when it was full price, but at the time i ended up going for the other one, which i also loved. But praise be to sales and payday. It was reduced, i had cash to burn. The rest, as they say, is clothes buying history.
I am all about the shirt dresses this summer (that and jumpsuits). I can not get enough (fyi that's your heads up for a lot of shirt dress action coming up over the next few weeks.. don't say i didn't warn you for repetitive dressing syndrome;)
I'm also finding myself reaching for those longer lengths. Maybe i'm geting old, at the grand old age of 30 i am reaching for longer hem lengths and leaving the shortie short dresses to the youngsters.. haha.. get me all old and (not)wise. I guess this is just a comfy length for me. Being tall means things often end up being micro on you when its actually intended to be normal. I have had my fair share of years of tugging at the bottom of my dress uncomfortably, and i no doubt will have more as i'm not quite ready to fully give them up just yet. But this on the knee situation is kinda nice, and dare i say it, easy. Like comfy easy. And we all know how much i love that.
Plus; Pockets. Need i say more?

I thought i'd share my little arm party with you. 
You see, all these bracelets are the ones i wear daily and they all have significance to me. 
The pearl one has a personalised heart with my name on (you know, incase i forget) and that was from the ladies i work with for my 30th. 
The yellow beads are from a  company i worked with which left me feeling really chuffed with my blogging game and how hard i work at this little blog, it's a nice reminder that the blogosphere is a great place to be.
The 3rd bead and wire bracelet was from my step kids from their holiday with their mama to Tenby earlier this year. Mia (my step daughter) picked it out for me and she really hoped i would like it. Turns out i love it, mostly because it was such a thoughtful gift from them. I cherish this.
And finally my darling Pandora. I am SO enjoying building this charm by charm. I just added the perfect summer charm with the little white daisy from Gift and Wrap, which is just so pretty. I have my eye on a few and i can't wait to add more again, i'm in need of another spacer to even things out too... Shall keep you posted! Its lovely watching my little collection grow.

The necklace is a new arrival and its called the Sweet Coral Beaded Necklace.. which just screams holidays to me.
I thought the necklace and the Everyday Orange clutch added a nice pop of colour to the outfit.
I wore this out for a meal with the girls (where i managed to tip a glass of rose wine over my lovely colleagues white jeans.. I was mortified.. I am such a clutz lol!) 
But it was a lovely night. Rose wine, Mexican food and great company. Pretty much the perfect summer evening!


Monday, 22 June 2015

The jumpsuit love continues

With this khaki Mango jumpsuit. I finally added a khaki jumpsuit to my growing jumpsuit collection. A phrase i never thought i'd say, i genuinely thought jumpsuits and general all-in-ones were a hideous idea that should have been left back in the 80's when they were last deemed as fashionable. But i am the first to admit when i am wrong and i shall eat my jumpsuitted words, as i actually really love this trend. Maybe its the fact that its easy (we all know how much i love easy outfits), it's minimal thinking required, you don't have to worry about what top will go with what bottoms, like with dresses, but better as its day-wear (or in-fact evening wear with the right accessories.. heels, cute clutch, biker jacket..yes..but i digress) that can be worn even when super windy and the temperatures aren't on your side. In other words jumpsuits are excellent for the British climate.
Once again mother nature has thrown us another week of showers and wind, but i am prepared! You can old your dresses 'cos i've got my jumpsuit (having said that, i would still reeeallly like to wear my summer dresses pretty please weather gods, don't let this be it for the rest of the season!!).

So after much, much deliberation and asking my lovely IG pals here which, oh which jumpsuit should i buy? I ended up getting a completely different one, due to the fact the one i was going to part my well earned cash with sold out (did you buy it? DO Tell, is it nice?)

But after frantically cursing at my computer a silver lining appeared.
As you probably know its full on crazy sales season which means bargains a plenty, and what that also meant was this jumpuit falls gratefully in to the category. What was also good was i have a very similar black jumpsuit from Mango so i knew the fit and quality was good (wearing it here).
And at nearly half the price of what i was going to pay, its turned in to one of life's beautiful little purchases.
Don't you just love when that happens? Something you've wanted for ages, deliberating excruciatingly for weeks and then BAM in the sales it goes.. i call that my friends and excellent win for the ladies.. *fist pump* oh yeh.

 I decided to go comfy -casual and pair with my new orange Boden Lille lace up flats (i know, i'm terrible, after loving and living in the navy  ones all spring i have now invested in the orange too.. on sale i might add.. But yes, somebody seriously needs to stop me.. interfriendsion please?!)
and my aztec soft clutch for a lovely Sunday at leisure.
I accessorised with my gorgeous new All-Sorts Necklace (aptly named as it reminded me of Berties liquorice allsorts sweeties , any one else see the resemblance?)  which is just a real fun pop of colour and has the most  lovely subtle aztec border to each of the resin stones.. Love.

 I finished off with my new Jord Wood Watch.. isn't it amazing! They have the most wonderful selection, this is the Ely in Black but i'm actually really smitten with the Cherry also (go see, gorgeous isn't it?) I have not stopped wearing it lately. Its wood (obviously) which makes it lighter and actually more comfortable than my D&G and Fossil metal watches. It feels perfect for summer.

allsorts no? ahhaha

Jumpsuit: Mango
Clutch: (old) F&F
Ely Jord Wood Watch: Jord Wood Watches

Have you had any sales bargains yet?
And are you a jumpsuit fan? 

Some khaki jumpsuit options for you:


Friday, 19 June 2015

The most comfiest summer shoes (& P4F linkup)

Do you know the one thing i dislike about summer? The wearing in process of new sandals... There's nothing like multiple blisters, cuts and plasters to really put me off wearing that pretty new pair of strappy sandals. Last year i even got an infection from a wound that was from a pair of sandals.. i was on antibiotics and everything.. all in the name of pretty sandals.. Crazy huh.
Well not this year. Nope. I am fully planting my feet in the comfort zone. And i have one word for you.
Say hello to your comfiest summer shoe everrr.
You are welcome ;)
I had been eyeing up espadrilles all through spring, there are some lovely varieties out there, striped, plain canvas or patterned. I knew mine had to be comfy first up but also go with lots and be able to throw them on to do everything from the school run to a lunch date.
These are more than a little Chanel-esque also.. which i freakin' adore!
These beauties are from Daniel Footwear, one if my most favourite footwear stops, they have siuch an amazing selection of designer womens footwear.. its like Mecca. And i have literally not stopped wearing them. They are the most comfy summer shoes and i think they look great with pretty much everything; skirts, dresses, jeans or trousers. They are the best summer shoe i could have possibly hoped for. 
For a sunny day i paired them with a simple black midi dress and timeless denim jacket. Sunny casual outfits are some of my most favourite.

Howlite  Necklaces : here & here: Yosa
Anklet: Yosa
Dress:New Look
Denim Jacket: f&F
Fringe Bag: Very (about 7 years old)

Do you own espadrilles? I can't recommend them enough.

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