Monday, 7 December 2015

The Gilet

I was having a discussion with my friend last week about gilets. Now before i get started on it, what do you call them (the furry thing i'm wearing here)?
I think to my american friends it's know as a Faux Fur Vest (is that right my transatlantic friends?)  
But even here in the UK when i call it a Gilet (pronounced Jee-lay) i get some funny looks. Is it a waistcoat or a body-warmer or what? 
To me its a gilet and i have to say, names aside i love mine.

Back to the conversation i was having last week, which may seem like a strange conversation, but as someone who enjoys talking about inanimate objects on a regular basis its actually quite the norm for me. 
So she was wondering if they were worth the investment, after all its not like a coat, it has no sleeves and when really would you wear it.
My answer to that was: All the time.
You see i love my gilet and i did last winter too. I actually wear mine A LOT. Its just a super easy item to throw on over a sweater and rather than covering up the outfit, like a coat does, this just adds to it. 
The texture, the layer and the added body warmth all make this one of my winter essentials.
I throw mine on if i'm just going from car to shops and home again, or the school run in the car, or out for lunch.
So a lot as you can see.

Its been particularity mild here so far this winter, but when you enter the shops its like you've inadvertently walked in to a sauna dressed in a snowsuit. 
Last week I had a coat on and i literally thought i was going to pass out in New Look. My makeup was sliding off my face by the time i left the store and i realised then that the gilet is the perfect shopping companion. Your arms aren't inhibited leaving you to shop freely and you also don't feel like you could quite possibly sweat to death.
So that concludes my Gilet argument.

What are your thoughts? 
Are you a fan of the Gilet/waistcoat/Vest?

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Faux leather skirt New look (love this one more!)



  1. I am definitely a big fan of the gilet, or as I do indeed say, the faux fur vest. I wear mine all the time, and yours is gorgeous!
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. Theyre great aren't they Lydia.. just so versatile! And thank you for clarifying the across the pond status of this word haha! :DXX

  2. I'm happy you verified the pronunciation, I really wasn't sure about saying "gilet" aloud. 'Cause, you know, to me it's a Faux Fur Vest. :o)


    1. happy to help with the pronunciation of that as left to ones own devices the word sounds quite disgusting really (and reminds me of gullet)Faux fur vest works fine with me too, heehee :)XX

  3. Definitely a gilet and definitely a fan! I have two now, a faux fur one in mink and a shearling one in black and I've really been surprised at how much I'm wearing them. Out and about and even in the house when you just want an extra layer over a jumper without having to ramp up the central heating!
    Love yours with the leather skirt.

    1. Yay to a fellow gilet pronouncer! bodywarmer just doesn't cut it for me ( i think puffy and sporty when i think bodywarmer) They are great aren't they. I am so jealous of your mink coloured one.. i think i would like that addition to my wardrobe!XX

  4. I love your gilet!!! It is gorge and yes, in the U it is a faux fur vest, but whatever it's called, it's fabulous! Love the whole look!

    xx, Elise

  5. I call mine a gilet, I have two dressy ones like Blazers without sleeves, two long lightweight crepe ones like a trench without sleeves and a fur one similar to yours. I've just ordered a very fluffy grey faux fur one that I can't wait to wear, I love them. I also suffer with the make up sliding off when I'm shopping and love the fact that your arms can move more freely, also great for hiding the wobbly bits.

  6. Yea we totally call it a faux fur vest over here! Although, I think I prefer gilet much more. I worry that no one would understand me here if I talked about it though. I also really love your whole outfit, you look so chic!

    Feel free to stop by my blog and join my link-up! Have a lovely week!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  7. Gilet...definitely.
    Sometimes a waistcoat....Vest and pants are undies in my book! Hahahaha.
    I remember reading a blog post title..."leather pants and a fur vest"....very confusing!
    Although a fur vest would be very warm, much warmer than my thermal one :oD
    Fake Fabulous

  8. I call it a gilet too!! But I've heard problem call them 'body warmer', 'padded waistcoat' and 'sleeveless jacket'. I've had a fair few over the years and I.agree, they are super versatile and useful. Nowadays, I've got a thick goose down fatface one which is cosy and in extreme weather is an extra layer under a big cost. Then I've got a vintage 70's sheepskin one I wear around the house to keep me warm!!

    Your one is really stylish and you've styled it to perfection in this outfit!x

  9. head to toe perfection! love the furrry, fluffy vest! so stylish

  10. Love the miniskirt, and of course your necklace, So styish. I heard of gillet but mostly say, fur vest , either way it looks super stylish on you.Love your style of course!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx


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