Saturday, 12 December 2015

3 ways to look great in the morning madness

What a mad rush! It’s six in the morning, work/school run/general life is only a few hours away and you’ve still got to find the time to apply your makeup. It’s a panic we’ve all been in – the cosmetic clock ticking like an episode of Countdown – but there are plenty of skincare products that can be applied in almost no time at all.
Admittedly, it might feel like a lost cause when you first look in the mirror, heck i know it does for me.
At that time in the morning, every reflective surface feels like an evil force. My hair is a wiry mess, there's dry skin all over my lips and my cheeks are as rough as sandpaper... #sadtimes
How can you possibly recover from a rough night’s sleep?
The answer is simple – try a few of these tips and you’ll look tip-top in no time.
Say goodbye to blackheads (eugh i know.. but it needs addressing)
When you’re a teenager, you always imagine that blackheads will disappear along with secondary school and Myspace. But here’s a harsh truth – blackheads aren’t going anywhere soon.
You might have eaten a greasy pizza the night before and woken up with a stonking zit on the end of your nose(delightful), or your spots might sneak up on you and, before you know it, pollute your face like smog over New York.
But a blackhead remover is easy to apply in the morning, and can be used in the shower. Use it at least once every day and those nasty blackheads will disappear.
A blushing look
It’s the morning, the middle of winter and you’ve barely had time for breakfast – of course you’re looking a little pale.
To hide that pallor, invest in a blusher that will fill those cheeks with life. We’d recommend this Sleek Cream Blusher from Superdrug. At only £5.99, it’s a steal – and it only takes a couple of dabs with a makeup brush.

Brighten those eyes
Your eyes are drooping after a rough evening. It looks like you’re transporting industrial sandbags under your peepers. But that’s nothing that a little eye brightener won’t fix!
Eye brightener can be purchased in various colours (although we’re fans of this magic pink variant from LookFantastic) and it’ll make your eyes look less tired and aged.
To add a little more style to your peepers, make sure your lipstick matches your eye brightener. This’ll accentuate the bright and breezy look you’re aiming for to combat the morning sump.

What makeup tips have you got to help you look great during a rushed morning? 
Let us know in the comments below. 
I'd love to have a natter!


  1. I feel like I never have enough time in the mornings! A blackhead remover is definitely something I should invest in.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing


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