Friday, 27 November 2015


I mentioned on Tuesdays post that i was in a real navy and blacks kind of groove. A happy groove but sometimes its good to break out and wear something different.
I'm not one for pastels at any time of year really, but there's something about this blush pink colour that I'm pretty smitten with.

The cream coatigan and blush pink sweater were just a cheap purchase from Primark. That place just lures me in with its cheap knitwear and sparkly numbers at ridiculous prices. As much as i try and steer clear, the odd piece just magically jumps in to my basket. Terrible i know. But not that terrible as i wanted a little blush in my life and there it was.

The cream coatigan is really lovely too, i just wish it would stop raining long enough for me to wear it out again.

But for now it makes a nice indoor coat and is a marked improvement on spending the day, at my laptop, in my husbands (not even my own) dressing gown.
Which reminds me. I need an actual dressing gown(this one in particular looks snuggly and starry-ness..lovely!)... My Christmas list is growing by the day.. i am worse thatn my 5 year old (I'm just SO excited!!!!)

 F&F Jeans
Burgundy Scarf
Blush Sweater But love this one (the elbow patches are adorable)
Cream Coatigan try this fabulous version
F&F Navy Boots 
Radley Bag
Yosa Berry Earring

How do you feel about winter white and pastels?



  1. Your burgundy blanket scarf is so nice and looks great with the cream coat! A very cosy outfit :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Love a Primark bargain! and I really like the burgundy gloves and scarf your wearing. You are so great at putting it all together, something I need to concentrate on. Thank you for hosting.
    Laurie x

  3. I love your sweater and the scarf! Those colors (pink and burgundy) look great today!

  4. I.Love this outfit and the photos are lovely especially against the blue. Love the scarf, can't beat a great scarf and those earrings ;) Ive messed up on the link and put rather than com! I'm not sure how to delete it! Sorry. Tracey xx

  5. I.Love this outfit and the photos are lovely especially against the blue. Love the scarf, can't beat a great scarf and those earrings ;) Ive messed up on the link and put rather than com! I'm not sure how to delete it! Sorry. Tracey xx

  6. So in love w/ everything about this post…especially how gorgeous that maroon scarf looks against your cream sweater. So chic! x Nicole |

  7. I love this cream coat with the burgundy accessories!

  8. Love the coat, it has been warm here in the South, so I dont get to wear my winter coats as much. Looks great with the burgundy and aweseom navy boots. I keep obsessing over boots!
    jess xx

  9. Those earrings are divine!
    The perfect contrast to a pared down look. I need to check them out on your jewellry site.
    I love this outfit, so stylish and cosy looking....I could not believe the boots are from Tesco.
    I love a bargain luxe look.
    Fake Fabulous

  10. I love your pink jumper. It has such a delicate and gentle hue and you've styled it beautifully! The shoes look really classy too. I can't resist Primark knitwear either, so tempting, good prices too.
    I wonder if I can ask you a favour at all please Rachel. Ive entered Lady V London's Hall of Fame competition and in order to win, I need the largest number of likes in Facebook, but I'm not on there. So far friends and lovely blog friends have voted for me but I've got a little way to go to .catch up, is there any chance of a Facebook like at all? Dont worry if not, I know it is cheeky to ask, but I know you are really kind and supportive and I thought I'd try asking!
    I would be very grateful!  Especially as I am now 100 behind the leader!!! Waaaaah!!!!

    1. All done sweetie! An absolute pleasure to support you. I really hope you win. You look stunning!XX

  11. Nice scarf and cute bag :)
    Maria V.

  12. Gorgeous colours, and how snuggly does that coatigan look? I love the gloves. Such a pretty photo of you smiling right at the camera, you look lovely xx

  13. love this outfit! I can relate to this! perfect

  14. You look amazing in Burgundy! I love this outfit. It is so cozy looking. Those boots are fabulous too!

  15. I'm so charmed by this classy color combo effortlessly styled!! Come and join my first linkup ever!

  16. This is fantastic!! Love the burgundy color!

  17. So many pretty touches Rachel. Everything about your pictures and outfits is always soft and pretty. Just lovely.

    Rachel, have you ever told a story behind this blue wall? Where is it? Is it your house? I always love it so much. It's perfect for you. I'm just curious about it is all.

    Thanks for linking up Rachel!

    Love, Ann

  18. Those gloves make this outfit so chic! I also love the booties.

    xo, Lauryn


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