Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Jewel Tones

I bought this Whistles blouse a month or so ago when there was an offer in place of some description, and then like some items do, it just hung there waiting to be worn. Then one sweet day i just decided today was the day, annnnd now i can't stop wearing it. Its so so comfy and because its navy it goes with black, berry, like above, and normal jeans.

It's blouse love.

As i've mentioned a few dozen times, i'm edging more and more towards plain clothes, by plain i mean less prints, not plain boring of course. But with my wardrobe fast becoming a mass affair of black, white and then breton tops i decided an injection of pattern was needed.

This loop detail blouse was just the ticket for me. Kind of animal print-esque but different in the fact that it is infact a loop print. The colouring, as i've already mentioned is just spot on for me.
On the day i donned it for its maiden voyage (out for lunch that is, not a cruise around the world) i paired it with some gorgeous jewel deep tones, which i was really really pleased with the outcome. Rich shades can look so luxe, the forest green, the berry coated skinny jeans and the navy deep blouse all worked very happily together I'm pleased to report.

And as for the blouse, well I've already worn it 3 more times since, each time in a slightly different combination.

That is shirt love ladies and gents. Shirt love indeed.

And now i have a thing for shirts and blouses and the need for more. I may have just placed an ever so sneaky order for a gorgeous Star Print Equipment Shirt (scroll to the bottom of the Shopbop page and you'll see the black with white star beauty.... what d'you think? Lovely??)

Plus Shopbop has 25% off everything right now* TWNETYFIVE PERCENT OFF!! Yep you read that correctly.
I have a wish list as long as my leg...Shall share tomorrow and see if anyone wants to buy me an early Birthday present( my birthday is December.. never to early to start requesting early birthday presents right?)
But if you fancy anything the code is INTHEFAM25 or click the image to take ya through.
I may have also made a sneaky handbag purchase that i've been longing for (can you guess which one??)


Are you a blouse/shirt lover?

Berry Coated Jeans: F&F last year. Similar
F&F Forest Green Trench (now available online 
and looks so much more expensive than its small price tag!!)



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