Friday, 23 October 2015

Bobble Hats for Casual Friday & #Passion4Fashion LINKUP

 This week saw the first cold miserable day we've had in a long time. Its been so lovely this past month that i kind of forgot what it was like to have rainy grey miserable weather. Absolute bummer is that the kids are on half term next week and its forecast rain of course. The law of sod I believe they call that.
But one thing about this weather means i can totally get my hat collection back on rotation. I do love me a good hat, and this newbie is from Yosa!
Yep it was inevitable, Yosa have gone in to hats :) only a few but they will be hitting the store next week, alongside new scarves and bags. Exciting times ladies. I LOVE new stock, haha!
Plus how cool is it that my bag matches my bobble hat, haha! Like they were made for each other!

I am on such a nice handbags kick at the moment, i can't get enough! Nice bags are my new fetish, which is funny as i was always such a shoe gal. But nope, bags are my obsession right now. Currently hunting the perfect hobo bag. Hobo is a wierd word isn't it? Hobo bag... hobo, hobo. hobo. Hmmm.

Anyway, so this is just your average casual Friday outfit, in my favourite Great Plains striped top that doesn't ever seem to be far from my back at any given time. Its just so easy and so ridiculously comfy i just find myself reaching for it practically every day.

And I finally got myself a navy Peacoat which i'm over the moon with.
Can you take a wild guess as to how much it was?
Just to give you a bit of a back story here, i was previously looking at a gorgeous Petit Bateau
Pea coat that was around the £220.00 price point.
I loved it, but the price tag was holding me back and knowing what a coat floozy i am, i couldn't justify the spend on a coat that may get switched in and out more than i care to admit.
So ladies what's your guesses as to cost???

Well i shall tell you. This lovely Peacoat cost me eighteen whole pounds.
Yep just £18!
As i mentioned in my post yesterday, i am genuinely cutting back on huge Primark hauls and such things that get worn once and never seen the light again, but i just couldn't not try it for £18.
And honestly?
Its delightful. Its soft, lined and warm, the perfect peacoat length and the exact style i wanted.
I just had to get it didn't i?

 Outfit details:
Flared Jeans
Striped Top
Navy Boots: F&F Love these ones
Pea Coat: Primark (Try this one)
Bag Laura Ashley (this one is fab)
Trio of Stars Necklace

Are you craving any coats this autumn?
I'm still longing for this one... its next on my coat hit list!! ;)

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  1. That is such a cute and cosy hat, and it does match your bag so well!

    the coat you got is such a bargain too :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. oh my goodness, I love that shade of blue of the hat and bag- it looks perfect on you! What a cozy outfit! :)

    Also, I read your post about your hometown/Cardiff- I've been wanting to visit there for forever! And also, I think it's amazing how close to Cardiff you are- it seems like a beautiful city. I'm a bit jealous!


  3. Loving the furry bobble! I'm also loving blue suede boots at the mo so I might just keep an eye on the White Stuff ones you linked to. :-) Adele x

    Ps- the Yosa leopard bag may have made it into this weeks wish list... Have linked up. x

  4. Rachel that first photo of you is so utterly dreamy and adorable...!! This outfit is absolute autumnal PERFECTION. I have to admit that if I could only ever pin outfits from just one blog for inspiration, it'd have to be yours. So glad Yosa is doing hats!!!!!!

    I want to look this good in flared jeans: Time to get back on the treadmill methinks ;)

    Thank you for hosting, have a bloody marvellous weekend hun!

    Catherine x
    Not Dressed As Lamb

  5. This hat is adorable on you, I'm loving this whole look so perfect for autumn!! Thanks for hosting every Friday.

  6. you look great in that hat and the navy coat looks great against that light wash!
    Southern Elle Style

  7. Love the bag and hat and the way you've styled them! Super cute!

  8. That blue beanie is beautiful on you. I love the matchy cobalt tote bag too. The pops of bright blue in this otherwise-neutral outfit are great, Rachel.

    Have a great weekend! <3 Ada.

  9. This is a very nice casual look! Love the bright hat and bag! These jeans look perfect on you!


  10. Love this casual look, these jeans look amazing on you!


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  11. I love EVERYTHING about this look! The stripes, the colors, your bag and hat... EVERYTHING!

    xx, EE

  12. This is such a cute hat!!! I wore a hat in my look as well! :)

  13. Oh my goodness! How adorable is this entire look?! I love the hat! I recently cut my hair very short, which I love, but regretfully, hats now look horrible on me! And I have so may cute winter ones, too. Perhaps next year.


  14. The blue hat and bag are great touches!

  15. I'm loving all the shades of blue! And the stripes. :D Thanks for linking up!

  16. Love those cobalt blue accents! Great casual look.

  17. Loving this casual fall look. Congrats on the new hats (so cute btw), and I love your coat! We just had a Primark open here in Boston and it's been all the rage. I really need to go check it out!

    Would love for you to come join the Weekend Wear Link Up!

  18. I love the coat! And what a great bargain for just £18 :) Since moving to the US I've missed Primark a lot.

  19. Love your bright blue hat and bag! I'm on a handbag kick at the moment too!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  20. LOVING the matching hat and bag look. That colour just looks fabulous on you x

  21. I love this Rachel! But I need the blue heart emoticon to express my full love! I have a similar blue beanie, but now I'm thinking I need to add a touch of fur to it similar to yours. It totally makes the hat!

    Rachel, it's already Thursday. Where did this week go. I hit a big slump with the blog--a rut I believe. Anyway, thank you for this link up. I will report back promptly tomorrow to enjoy the full benefits of your Passion4Fashion. And, any advice on when the rut hits? I haven't really had one that struck this hard.

    Anyway, I know one solution: visit here for style inspo!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


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