Thursday, 24 September 2015

Wearable Vintage Trends: The Vintage Tee

 Vintage and retro trends are back with a vengeance this season, with the 60's and 70's eras prevailing. But i have to admit i am not overly enthralled by it all. The cute mini skirts with pockets and wallpaper esque blouses are all well and good for some i'm sure, but for me on a daily basis, it just isn't practical, or my taste any more.
One way I think i can work some vintage in to my wardrobe in a wearable way is by the great band tee.
Little known fact about me:
I'm a huge classic rock fan. Yup, modern music i am not knowledgeable on, One Direction's split up you say? Wouldn't have a clue! But talk the greats like Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd and i'm ya gal.
So naturally wearing a vintage band tee completely appeals.
Not just for the classic rock fan though, no no, this look is one that never goes out of fashion and can be easily worn for many an occasion. Plus there are so many choices of tshirt styles.
Take the inspiration above and Fern below:

Vintage tee, skinny black jeans, ripped or not, leather biker jacket, ankle boots and a slouchy bag. Love love love. So wearable, so comfy and fun. A little bit of the rock chick in me prevails.
Another thing i absolutely love about a vintage tee is the individuality that comes with it. Walk down the high street and i'm 99.9% sure you won't see anyone else rocking the same tee. 
My advice for the best place to find Rock tees is the Mens Vintage departments, bargainous and one of a kind.
Take a look at some that i've found so far:

 My absolute fave is the above Led Zepplin tee.. red writing on a black tee.. perfection. I love the idea from the above inspo of pairing a tee with some sequins.. the juxtaposition between the two just works incredibly well. A sequin skirt or a sequin blazer is now top of my lust list.
And if rock tees aren't your thing, hows about a take on the sport luxe trend with a vintage sports tee. Again love the inspiration from the images above, the nike tee with some leather trousers and heels.
Or with a biker jacket and jeans and my new NB trainers. Great for school runs, walking the dog and all still feeling just a teeny bit trendy

What are your thoughts on vintage trends? 



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