Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Over at Laura Ashley Blog

Hi Guys.. no post here from me today because I am over on the lovely Laura Ashley Blog, which can i just say, is an absolute privilege. 
Would love you to come see my my post and the outfit i put together for them HERE

Happy Tuesday everybody!!


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Seven on Sunday 0.3

0.1 Soup glorious soup. I have been cooking big batches this week and i just can't get enough! This week i love Butternut squash, parsnip and carrot soup which a friend gave me the recipe. Its delicious and super easy. I actually find myself looking forward to lunch time as its that yummy! (if you'd like the recipe let me know and i can add it in the comments or at the end for you!)

0.2 I've been using the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet  for about a year, and i love it. Its like your skin but better. My only problem with is the lasting power. My 3pm its looking pretty defeated( i have oily skin so it takes a lot for something to stick on me). So i've just purchased this foundation with this primer to see if this has better lasting power as it claims to last 15hrs! Excited to see!

0.3 New arrivals.. i am so so excited for the new stock. I haven't even had chance yet to add all the new a/w stock on but oh my god, i have so many new favourites, plus new scarves and bags coming very soon!! Eeeeeee :D

0.4 Haircut. I'm in desperate need of a good cut. The past year i have bleached my poor hair to a crisp. Its never been in such bad condition so, yep im getting a mop chop, and i've being pinning like  mad woman here all the styles i like. Ultimately i'm thinking this kind of style and  this .
What d'you think? Please let me know.. or any suggestions? 

05.Its getting really really chilly in the morning and i adore it. This is a must for my early morning doggy walks. I have to say its one of my most favourite times of day (which would be made even better with the above coat ;).

0.6 Oh i am totally getting into my candles again. I don't know why but i don't seem to burn them much in summer, but come autumn i have them burning constantly. I love how they make my house smell homely and cosy. My absolute favourites are what i call christmassy smelling candles, cinnamon, apples, spicy mulled wine smells, ugh, i love those smells so much, but do ypu think its too early? I'm thinking i could start with this one which isn't just christmassy but autumnal too, right?

0.7 I have a huge crush on these, do i need them? Probably not, but man oh man do i want them! I just can't decide whether i want them in the grey tone, navy or camel, all such great options (and currently with money off too, which makes me want them even more!!) I love how Boden styled them and totally need to recreate this snuggly look.

As i mentioned last week, i now absolutely love 7 on Sunday, its so much fun and a great little diary for me. I've found it such a wonderful way to chat with you too, so if you do leave a comment i endeavour to reply to each and every one.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.. Here's to a great one!


Friday, 25 September 2015

Forest Green Trench and a Great Great Plains Dress (& #Passion4Fashion linkup!)

Happy Friday folks! And happy is what I am. 
I have some amazing news which i hope to share with you all next week, but for now i'm happy in the fact that this dress is awesome. Yep awesome.
A month or so ago i wrote about how i adored the new autumn winter Great Plains collection, and this dress is from there gorgeous selection of ladies dresses.
And let me tell you, it does not disappoint. 
I've got the  Galactica Printed dress and its just so, so flattering. 
Deep V neck to the front which is elegant yet not flashy, long sleeved, tie belt waist to cinch me in and the just the right length. 
I absolutely adore it. 
When i first got dressed  i added some flat loafers which also looked really nice, but i opted for some ankle boots for our meal out with the fam, but have made a mental note to wear in future with my burgundy loafers. Totally love the idea of it with a black biker jacket or with a chunky knit cardigan too. Needless to say the black and white palette lends itself wonderfully to lots of great remixing options. 
Good news too ladies, i had a Great Plains newsletter today to say they have 20% off their Autumn Winter collection (CODE GPAW20), which is perfect timing as i totally have my eye on this striped top and this biker jacket and this coat and, and, and..gahhhh!! Ok so i want pretty much all of it (especially the coat).

Outfit Details
Galactica Print Dress
Michael Kors Riley Bag (Slightly smaller version which is gorgeous!)
Trench: F&F (love the purple version too)
Exotic Earring

Shop The Look:

Annnnd just finally, this boy.. absolute light of my life


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Wearable Vintage Trends: The Vintage Tee

 Vintage and retro trends are back with a vengeance this season, with the 60's and 70's eras prevailing. But i have to admit i am not overly enthralled by it all. The cute mini skirts with pockets and wallpaper esque blouses are all well and good for some i'm sure, but for me on a daily basis, it just isn't practical, or my taste any more.
One way I think i can work some vintage in to my wardrobe in a wearable way is by the great band tee.
Little known fact about me:
I'm a huge classic rock fan. Yup, modern music i am not knowledgeable on, One Direction's split up you say? Wouldn't have a clue! But talk the greats like Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd and i'm ya gal.
So naturally wearing a vintage band tee completely appeals.
Not just for the classic rock fan though, no no, this look is one that never goes out of fashion and can be easily worn for many an occasion. Plus there are so many choices of tshirt styles.
Take the inspiration above and Fern below:

Vintage tee, skinny black jeans, ripped or not, leather biker jacket, ankle boots and a slouchy bag. Love love love. So wearable, so comfy and fun. A little bit of the rock chick in me prevails.
Another thing i absolutely love about a vintage tee is the individuality that comes with it. Walk down the high street and i'm 99.9% sure you won't see anyone else rocking the same tee. 
My advice for the best place to find Rock tees is the Mens Vintage departments, bargainous and one of a kind.
Take a look at some that i've found so far:

 My absolute fave is the above Led Zepplin tee.. red writing on a black tee.. perfection. I love the idea from the above inspo of pairing a tee with some sequins.. the juxtaposition between the two just works incredibly well. A sequin skirt or a sequin blazer is now top of my lust list.
And if rock tees aren't your thing, hows about a take on the sport luxe trend with a vintage sports tee. Again love the inspiration from the images above, the nike tee with some leather trousers and heels.
Or with a biker jacket and jeans and my new NB trainers. Great for school runs, walking the dog and all still feeling just a teeny bit trendy

What are your thoughts on vintage trends? 


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Autumn wear at its finest

Ok i know its only the very beginning of the season, but oh my, i am so in love with this outfit. Its like the epitome of autumn dressing comprising of a few of my absolute favourite things for the season:
Camel knitwear, black comfy boots, a tassel bag and a denim dress. Love love love. 
Its from the dress range at George (as is the whole outfit in-fact), and i could not be more happy with this winter version of the denim dress. I bought a light wash one late summer and lived in it (seen here), but cometh the winter, cometh the dark indigo wash in my books and this gorgeous little number is perfection.
Needless to say its fast become a complete dress hero within my wardrobe.
Speaking of my wardrobe this past weekend saw me do the summer switch out where i put all my summer clothes back in storage for another year. I also got rid of about 80-100 more items that were just clogging up my wardrobe. When i get 5 i shall be ebaying my butt off (bummer is they moved from my wardrobe to my dining room table, which is pleasant when you want to sit down to dinner) which then funds my little shopping habit quite nicely. One out, or in my case 80 out, 1 or 2 back in.
I am getting far pickier in my older age, meaning i have to love love love ( the 3x love is the benchmark there) a piece before it makes its way in to my life for keeps.
 But this whole outfit? Well it was love love love at first sight ;)

Outfit Info:
Bag (only £12 can you believe!)
Boots( i dont think i've talked above about how much i love these boots.. in a nutshell: Perfect heel height and structure and super comfy to boot (ha pun intended.. you're welcome)
Wrap Cardigan (which fyi looks a bit cruddy in the photos at George but in real life.. its dreamy! Super soft and snuggly, really really warm and just the right colour camel!)
Tortoiseshell leaves Necklace : Yosa

Do you have any dress hero's? 

Hard working little numbers that just feel like they were made for you? Do share yours with me in the comments below, i'd love to know if there's a dress i'm missing out on!

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