Friday, 10 July 2015

Spanish Senorita and Passion 4 Fashion Linkup

 I never actually intended to post these photos here on the blog. We actually took them for some promotional material for Yosa. But i am all out of outfits posts after a crazy busy week,when are they not crazy i hear you say, and you're completely right.. how i'm still sane i'll never know.
With Sky Fibre going down (and still is whilst i type) meaning NO INTERNET for the past 24+hrs  makes writing blogs and mail shots and updating an online store virtually impossible. Thank god for 4g and hotspots and friends willing to lend you there houses so you can use their internet, is all i can say!
On top of that Yosa is doing so amazingly well i'm literally giddy with happiness and possibly tiredness due to working till 12.30 most nights then back up at 6am, so yes giddy happy/giddy tired.. (I should probably mention here that if you didn't already know Yosa is an online Statement Jewellery company i founded, its fabulous jewellery for fabulous ladies like you.. be sure to swing by and check us out..!)

So yes on to the outfit, I was so inspired by the D&G Spring/Summer collection with all the gorgeous red and blacks and rich florals, a mix of Spanish señorita and Sicilian prints, i just had to recreate my own everyday version. This scarf is my absolute favourite scarf that has ever existed ever, everrr. Its such a beautiful bold colour and exquisite print (and obviously an absolute fraction of the price of anything D&G lolz!). I went with the senorita vibes and paired it with a beautifully flowy black H&M dress, one of the green Everyday Clutches and my lace up sandals.
The finishing touches were the Delicate Dazzle Earrings and the Silver bracelet all from Yosa.  Obviously owning an accessories company has its perks and wearing stock for promo photos is definitely one of them *winks*

Sandals: Next
Dress: H&M

Do you own and scarves that you absolutely adore? I can see so much wear with this one( you can see it worn here casually), even through autumn and winter it's the perfect pop of colour.

PS Yosa is now on Facebook! I would love for my Rachel The Hat blogging buddies to come swing by and give us a like here!!

Thank yooouuuu!!!

And there's a little 10% off code for Facebook Likers too: 



  1. Beautiful look and I have fallen for your scarf.

  2. The colours! It's a bold statement, but a beautiful one. I tend to wear these colours in winter, you've shown they can be paired in summer too. Will swing by your Facebook soon! Thanks for the discount code!
    Donna xx

  3. Ola Senorita!! Really love that scarf, so vivid. Thanks for hosting x

  4. Stunning look. Going to check out Yosa now!

  5. This scarf is so fun!! I love that it participates in the fringe trend, but in a totally different way!
    Southern Elle Style

  6. so so beautiful! amazing scarf!thank you for hosting the link up!

  7. That scarf is gorgeous! I love the vibrant colors and the tassels! Just liked you on FB!


  8. You look like you should be in Barcelona.


  9. So glad to hear Yosa is dong so well! Congrats! I bet you are tired though.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. Love this, that scarf is perfection on you!

    Maria xxx

  11. Not having internet access is like cutting me off from food. You don't realize how much you use it until you lose access. What a beautiful look, I like how you wore the pretty scarf.


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  12. I've been trying to find the perfect lace-up brown sandals. Looove yours! Thanks for the inspo babe. x Nicole |

  13. That scarf adds the perfect touch to take your LBD to a summer vibe! Running a business is really hard but looks like your hard work is paying off!
    xo Adri

  14. Wow! What a statement scarf! It really makes the outfit! The fierce lace up sandals and green clutch are fabulous accessories. Such a fun outfit!

  15. Love the shawl, beautiful! The mix of red and green looks so good with the LBD.

  16. Wow! That truly is an incredibly beautiful scarf Rachel!

  17. You look gorgeous! I love how the scarf looks draped over your shoulders and the print is lovely too. Thanks for linking up to Flashback Fashion Fridays!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  18. Rachel you make the perfect Spanish señorita...!! I've always loved you in red, and even though you don't have the raven tresses any more it still looks fabulous on you. Well done for Yosa doing so well, I feel your pain abut working so late every night...!!!!!

    Thank you for hosting my lovely, hope you had a great weekend :)

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

  19. What a gorgeous scarf, that brings both colour and some ethnicity to the black dress. So pretty! I've got a similar scarf in black and have to try and create a similar look. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Anett | Tall Girl's Fashion


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