Friday, 26 June 2015

Shirt Dress, Arm Party & Passion 4 Fashion Linkup

You know what i love about summer? Ease of dressing is what. Great dress + wedges+ clutch = Done! Voila, outfit complete as if by magic. Ok not magic, but a little bit of sunshine goes a long way for mood elevating.  The past week has seen little old Wales bathed in beautiful warm sunshine. It's glorious to just get up throw on a dress, some finishing touches, and away you go. That sure gives me something to smile about. 
As does this Warehouse shirt dress that i wanted so badly when it was full price, but at the time i ended up going for the other one, which i also loved. But praise be to sales and payday. It was reduced, i had cash to burn. The rest, as they say, is clothes buying history.
I am all about the shirt dresses this summer (that and jumpsuits). I can not get enough (fyi that's your heads up for a lot of shirt dress action coming up over the next few weeks.. don't say i didn't warn you for repetitive dressing syndrome;)
I'm also finding myself reaching for those longer lengths. Maybe i'm geting old, at the grand old age of 30 i am reaching for longer hem lengths and leaving the shortie short dresses to the youngsters.. haha.. get me all old and (not)wise. I guess this is just a comfy length for me. Being tall means things often end up being micro on you when its actually intended to be normal. I have had my fair share of years of tugging at the bottom of my dress uncomfortably, and i no doubt will have more as i'm not quite ready to fully give them up just yet. But this on the knee situation is kinda nice, and dare i say it, easy. Like comfy easy. And we all know how much i love that.
Plus; Pockets. Need i say more?

I thought i'd share my little arm party with you. 
You see, all these bracelets are the ones i wear daily and they all have significance to me. 
The pearl one has a personalised heart with my name on (you know, incase i forget) and that was from the ladies i work with for my 30th. 
The yellow beads are from a  company i worked with which left me feeling really chuffed with my blogging game and how hard i work at this little blog, it's a nice reminder that the blogosphere is a great place to be.
The 3rd bead and wire bracelet was from my step kids from their holiday with their mama to Tenby earlier this year. Mia (my step daughter) picked it out for me and she really hoped i would like it. Turns out i love it, mostly because it was such a thoughtful gift from them. I cherish this.
And finally my darling Pandora. I am SO enjoying building this charm by charm. I just added the perfect summer charm with the little white daisy from Gift and Wrap, which is just so pretty. I have my eye on a few and i can't wait to add more again, i'm in need of another spacer to even things out too... Shall keep you posted! Its lovely watching my little collection grow.

The necklace is a new arrival and its called the Sweet Coral Beaded Necklace.. which just screams holidays to me.
I thought the necklace and the Everyday Orange clutch added a nice pop of colour to the outfit.
I wore this out for a meal with the girls (where i managed to tip a glass of rose wine over my lovely colleagues white jeans.. I was mortified.. I am such a clutz lol!) 
But it was a lovely night. Rose wine, Mexican food and great company. Pretty much the perfect summer evening!



  1. I absolutely love the print on that dress! x

  2. That printed dress is beautiful on you! I like the bright necklace too! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue

  3. So I officially love this outfit, it's so gorgeous! The colours work really well. Haha, payday & sales...what a combination! Xx

  4. Love the summery colours and prints here!

  5. Love this outfit, gorgeous colours! I also go for longer lengths now I'm 30! Haha.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  6. I know exactly what you mean with being tall and having lots of leg on show! Even when it's not too short it feels like it because you've got much spare leg out! :-) Dresses are indeed the easiest way to get dressed, once you've got a dress on, you've got the outfit, dresses rule!

  7. That printed dress looks so pretty on you! I love your bracelets!

    Doused In Pink

  8. love the dress! so stylish!

  9. What a gorgeous dress! I'm so annoyed that Warehouse only carries a small fraction of its collection here in Norway, as jewels like this dress never make it here. It is a great store for unique and fashion forward pieces at a reasonable price, though. I last bought a cognac A-line leather skirt there for a relative steal compared to other brands.

    Anett | Tall Girl's Fashion

  10. Love your hair! Also that dress is really flattering on you, nice print and color choice!


  11. I absolutely LOVE this look…this shirtdress is so amazing and of course I love your arm party! Fabulous look, just gorgeous!

    Brooke | KBStyled

  12. I have been wanting everything and anything palm print so this pretty shirt dress is right up my alley! I love the added orange for contrast.


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  13. You had me at pockets...and those shoes are beyond awesome!

  14. What a great shirt dress, and your shoes are perfect with it!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  15. This dress is adorable and I love that you paired it with a pop of red in your necklace! This look is so chic, but looks comfy at the same time! Have a great weekend! :)


  16. I know what you mean about ease of dressing. It just feels like so much more effort is required in Winter, doesn't it? Love the orange clutch. Lorraine x

  17. This dress is absolutely beautiful. I love the bold pattern and the shape is super!

  18. i just love the boyish fit of this shirt dress!! The palm print is amazing- i cant get over this trend:) Also, I love your shoes! I seriously need them in my closet:)
    Southern Elle Style

  19. You look too gorgeous for your own good, Rachel... WHAT a dress! I can't think of anyone it'd look better on!!

    Thank you so much for hosting, have a wonderful weekend!

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

  20. This looks like it was made for you, I really love it!

    Maria xxx

  21. I love how you have warmed up a potentially cool colour palette with some beautiful accessories. I'm so glad I followed a link from Catherine @notdressedaslamb and found you! Cute shoes...look comfortable too (bonus).
    Samantha XXX

  22. I've definitely started to gravitate towards longer lengths too. The print of this dress is really cool - definitely says "summer"! Thanks for linking up to Flashback Fashion Fridays!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  23. I love how certain jewelry reminds me of a special time in my life, loving the tales of each of yours. Your outfit is so well put together and cute!
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  24. Love this whole outfit! #fashionfriday

  25. Love the dress, stunning! looks great on you


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