Friday, 29 May 2015

My 'Hero Item' for the wedding season with M&S

Wedding season is upon us ladies. That time of year where we fiercely scour every shop and website for the perfect occasion dress, that magical item that will make you feel a million dollars (or pounds in my case) that fits like a dream and sparkles and shines with the best of them. 
The thing with an occasion,such as a wedding in my case, is there are photos. Lots of photos. This outfit will be encapsulated in these images which will be viewed by all and put in albums for all of time. You can't turn up to something like that looking naff now can you.
So when Marks and Spencer got in touch to introduce their Ultimate Dress Guide i headed on over and took a good look at the possibilities for a summer wedding guest outfit. (well worth a look for lots of occasions, i absolutely fell in love with both the outfits for the Garden party, i may have to create a party in my pokey garden just to buy the outfits!)
This dress is actually one straight out of the guide after much deliberating and perusing their full dresses range
I absolutely fell in love with the exquisite beading and detailing, in person its super sparkley and catches the light beautifully. I have my dearest friends wedding on July 2nd, which is a traditional church and a stunning venue for the wedding breakfast. I knew i wanted my outfit to be fitting for a church ceremony (call me a snob but too much flesh out in church is just a huuugge no no to me) but yet still fun and not stuffy. For me this ticks all the right boxes. Yay! That leaves me lots of time between now and then to sort hubby out, he may not be so easy. The man hates a suit, a compromise may need to be had, or bribery, like with the kids (LOL).

Dress , Earrings & Shoes c/o Marks and Spencer
Clutch: Marc Jacobs(via TK maxx)
Do you have an occasion this year to dress up for? Have you found your 'Hero' item yet?

Just a quick proud mummy moment.. this is the child of a blogger, the boy now loves to be in the photos too haha! He's not coming to the wedding but i'm tempted to buy him a little suit anyway because that would be just plain old adorable!


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Lets talk about the C word

Culottes that is.

I am totally on the fence with these. Literally can not decide either way. I see them, i even pin them, but i just dont know if i can actually wear them. Well I'm sure i can wear them, i learnt how to dress myself many moons ago (i'm clever like that), but will i be able to, you know, wear them with conviction?
Jurys out.
Culottes first came in to my little world at the ripe old age of 9 as a Brownie. The yellow blouse and brown culottes will mentally scar me forever i'm sure. But i can't help but think of this poor kid in the horrendous brown itchy cullottes anytime i go near them.
But i know that worn the right way (and in the right colour.. obvs no crap-brown insight) then they can look chic and stylish. The other thing is they are perfect for Spring and possibly our British summer, for the times when you want to bear a little leg but its not that warm. Culottes could well be my answer.
So lets take a look shall we.
All these ladies look uber cool, street-styled to perfection, like they've literally just been walking around waiting to be papped all day long. Gorgeous but lets be honest, slightly unattainable for moi. However, taking what i can from these inspirational beauties, the shapes, the styles and the corresponding items, i really like what culottes bring to the party(the party being getting dressed everyday that is, woopwoop!)

What do you think?
I love that dressed with birkies and a masculine styled shirt they can look nonchalant and cool. But add heels and instant smarty pants.
I'm sticking with plain colours here, mostly monochromatic, as i just can't get my head round patterned culottes, i'm struggling with plain, full on frilly floral fancies is just too much.
So options to try?
First up we have what i would be considering myself (if i could get my head round them that is)
The Classic Black Culotte.
If in doubt with something, try it in black i say. Instant chic points without trying. Plus, ya know slimming.
Left is New Look  These look swishy and when your legs are together(that sounds weird but you know what i mean) they just look like a lovely black midi skirt. Swishy and girly culottes.
Right is F&F (and possibly worth a punt at nine whole pounds on sale!)
More structured  but still with volume.

Next up Cream or white, which would be just lovely for summer! Paired with tan or black these could look fabulous.
Left is the gorgeous cream high waisted Zara pair, love love love these. They're quite a thick material making them less floaty and more rigid, which surprisingly i like, but bummer, they are out of stock. Obviously culottes are all the rage, particularly this pair and i am late to the culotte party. Poo.
Right we have a creamy/white pair from Warehouse, love how these are styled on the site, they look office smart, great with navy.

So how about denim? Denim culottes. As above with the black culottes, if i'm ever in doubt of something or feel its too dressy for day to day life, then i usually turn to denim. Denim makes everything more casual and that can work with culottes too.
Left again are Warehouse and i am sold! Put a stripe top on anything and i would love it. Perfect weekend wears right there.
Right we have a bit of a cheat. Not quite a culottes, more of a cut off, but i fell in love with them. They're from Asos and they're High waisted, wide leged with a D-ring waist adjuster. They're different but i like them.. a lot. But i guess cut off jeans could be a whole other post.. shall ponder on  that..back to full on culottes..

Next up we have linen style culottes, something i hadn't considered until my colossal culotte research.
Left we have Asos bringing it with a khaki linen culotte, which i have to say are growing on me (its khaki, are we surprised?) and then
Navy from Zara.. not sure about these.. they are somewhat girl guide revival, but that's probably just me.

And lastly Some vertical stripes.. leg lengthening, not widening, stripes can be your best friend when worn in the right way.
Pinstripe wide leg option on the left from Asos, which i really like with the sliders. Also think some black mules could look gorgeous.
Or some navy and white stripes for a bit of a sailor/nautical vibe from zara. Not my favourites, but an option non the less.

So there we have it. Culottes.
Judging by the fact that some of my favourites have indeed sold out, i'm guessing i am pretty much late to the culotte party, but better late than never hey (even though im still yet to buy a pair, so perhaps i haven't quite made it to the party yet, i'm at the window peering in with curiosity shall we say)

Have you tried culottes yet? Do share? i'd love to see if you have or share your thoughts? 
Do you think they could be a good option for a British Summer?

Sunday, 24 May 2015

An Outfit for A Champagne Afternoon Tea

 For the past week i had been scouring the internet and my local stores for something to wear for a hen doo which was a champagne afternoon tea at the Beautiful Llanerch Vineyard. The Hen is one of my dearest friends and she always always looks stunning. But what do you wear to afternoon tea? And what's worse the weather is being all kind of crazy at the moment, to trouser or to dress..that was the question.
It just so happened it turned out to be an absolute glorious sunny mild day.
So after the hairdressers i had an hour to find something at my local shops, and this beautiful River Island dress was on sale( you can keep an eye on the latest sales at River Island here which is a big help!).

I had actually swooned after this baby when it was full price. The kimono sleeves are ticking some major style boxes and also dress it down making it easy to wear in the day time. Granted i didn't realise how short it was in the changing room, but at least its slightly longer at the back, making it ok for even a tall gal like me.
I added in my new mules, again a great day shoe for when you want a heel but a skinny stiletto heel is just too dressy,  a pop of orange with my Fossil bag which was tied together nicely with this yosa necklace. After over a week of stressing about what to wear, i was actually really pleased with this last minute option.
Normally when i panic purchase it usually ends up in the never-to-be-worn-gain pile. But this time i think i did good.
Pat pat on the back for me ;)

Dress:River Island
Mules: F&F
Bag: Fossil c/o Mcarthur Glen (last spring)
Necklace: Yosa

Ps how d'you like the new hair? It's not *quite* what i was going for, but the new sunkissed look is growing on me. At this rate i'll be blonde by summer ;) haha!

Have you ever been for afternoon tea? I have to say it was wonderful, even catering for me with a gluten free tea! What would you wear to such an event?

Friday, 22 May 2015

A Shirt Dress with Mules and a Blazer (& #Passion4Fashion linkup!)

Being late May i have been craving some nice warm weather. We haven't really had it yet, but i live in hope. So i've just decided to go with it and the legs have had a bit of fresh air. I've been wearing jeans constantly lately so it was refreshing to wear a dress for a much needed change. 
And what's better than in a nice new dress and heels that didn't (technically) cost me a penny.
I was so pleased as it was that time where my Tesco Clubcard vouchers popped up into my inbox (for my foreign friends, these are a clubcard scheme where you build up points with every pound you spend and in this case points most definitely make prizes!! Or shoes and a dress in this case), plus they are doubling up all vouchers for clothes .... Aannnd voila! 
New shirt dress and mules that i have had my eye for weeks. They're bloody gorgeous and i love them. I've been trying them on every-time i'm shopping and have kept on an eye on the sizes, making sure to move the size 6 to the back of the rack whilst i decided whether to buy them or not , so when the vouchers landed i decided now was as good a time as any! 
These mules are gorgeously soft and the heel is a great sturdy block, making them surprisingly more comfy than i expected, i couldn't decide if i wanted them in the tan or the black, but ended up going for the black knowing a lot would go with them this summer. 
Two things i can see me living in this summer, shirt dresses and mules..Happy Days (as long as it warms up a bit that is)

So yes; Free shoes and a free dress equals getting the legs out and for a very happy Friday... Plus after today i am off for 12 days from the ol' day job and we are off on holibobs next week to Cornwall! 
I'm sooo excited!

Bag: Michael Kors Via Jon Ian of Cowbridge
Blazer: New Look
Jewellery: Yosa

What are you loving for summer? Have you invested yet?

Lena B, Actually

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