Friday, 17 April 2015

Passion 4 Fashion Linkup

I like to take inspiration from pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I can be out shopping and see someone in a cute outfit and make a mental note of it, it can be a magazine or a fellow blogger, and sometimes its tv. I have major netflix marathons, what can i say i like a little tv action on in the background whilst i work, and a little late to the party i have been watching Gossip Girl (currently on series 4 and completely addicted by the way..) and the outfits...oh the outfits! But unfortunately my life doesn't call for many outings in glam gowns and to be dripping in jewels, more's a pity, haha, but sometimes its taking inspiration and making it work for you and your life. Serena and Vanessa, on separate occasions, wore a gorgeous neon lime colour that just looked so striking. I was instantly drawn to the bright summery colour and decided on a contrast with the black. 

The shoes have been on my want list since the #100daysnospend started back in January, proving that both patience and the law of attraction works. Want something bad enough and it will become yours. 
House of Fraser kindly let me choose a pair of shoes and i was spoilt for choice with their amazing ladies shoe selection, all my favourite brands in one place... thats my idea of mecca;) So i went for the pair i had lusted after for so so long. The two part shoe is hot hot hot this season, whether that be in flat form or heels. And these are ticking all the right boxes for me!

Michael Kors Bag: via Jon Ian of Cowbridge
Jeans: F&F
Biker: New Look
Cami top: River Island
Earrings: Yosa

Do you own any two part shoes? Flat or feels?



  1. Rachel I'm totally with you on the neon lime with black (must revisit that look myself) - this really, really suits you sweetie. Plus I love your hair (is it braided at the side?) and the shoes are OMG gorgeous. Isn't it nice to bare a bit of ski in this warmer weather...?!!!!

    Have a fab weekend hun, thanks for hosting :)

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

    1. A bit of SKIN, not ski. We're not skiing in this weather ;)

  2. I love your bright, summery look. As for shoes... I go for plain, simple, flat... Sounds boring, but I walk a lot, and my feet don't like heels (however much I would like to wear them). Have a nice weekend!

  3. I'm a big fan of lime with black and blue this look on you, really suits you!

    Ally // Digital Diva


  4. I love the neckline on your top, really unusual x

  5. Love your beautiful bright top, it looks amazing against your dark hair and those shoes are fabulous, so versatile, fab look for Spring and summer xx

  6. Wow! Rachel Wow! I am loving the sharp yellow in this outfit. Perfection! Thanks for doing your link up. If you read my post today, you'll see that I really mean that!! ♥

  7. Beautiful shoes! And I love the yellow top - you're so lucky that colour looks great on you, I wish I could say the same! X

  8. Woman, I swear you get sexier every week. Love this look on you!! :)

  9. I love this easy going yet sexy top paired with those heels! HOT!!!


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  10. Love the bright yellow. Stop by my link up if you get a chance.

  11. What a cool top! Love the heels as well.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  12. The colour here are so bold and sexy.


  13. Some fun fashion here...thanks for hosting the link up, Rachel.

  14. Those are fantastic shoes - good things come to those who wait! That top on you though, oh my gosh - it's so lovely! Totally love the unique neckline and hemline. Looks like an outfit that's as comfortable as it is fabulous!

  15. That pop of yellow is everything! Love those heels as well. ~Cynthia

  16. What a great outfit including fantastic shoes. Today I also have two parts shoes.

  17. That is such a fun vibrant top, paired with the heels and jeans, it's a perfect date night outfit! xx, Conni

  18. Loving ths neon top, I'm liking the detailing at the front. Those shoes look fabulous!

    Jaye x
    The Life of JP

  19. Wow! That top is so super edgy! And this is probably my favorite shade of neon too!


  20. Rachel, that cami top is the absolute cat's pajamas!!!


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