Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Search For Skirts

I haven't been a big fan of skirts until the last couple of years. After having a baby and carrying my weight right across my midriff  (as well as everywhere else!) I could never find a flattering cut that didn't look like it was cutting me right across my worst part. But with some patience and some trial and error i have now come to love a good skirt and have proved to be useful thanks to their mixing options with different tops jackets, with or without tights etc.
I just don't have many of them (not something i say often)
I have firmly planted myself in the faux leather skirt loving camp for 2 years now and i have worn it on numerous occasions (see the remix post here), to the point where i'm sure you're all bored to death of me banging on about it. So to put you out of your misery (winky face) i've decided to invest in maybe a couple more and expand my skirt collection this summer.
Faux leather skirt: Matalan (2years ago)
Shoes: Mango
Bag: Zara
Breton top: F&F
Shirt: New Look
Necklace: Yosa

 Ok so lets start with my absolute favourites shall we? Similar to my black skirt above, these two warehouse beauties below are just skirt perfection. I love both, but think i may swinging towards the grey suede, what with my penchant for grey lately, this could be pretty perfect.
However the tan A line avec pockets (always a bonus..pockets, yay) holds a number of great potential outfit options.. decisions decisions.
So it appears i need both.. Bummer.

A little more detailing on these, the  blue obi style tie belt on the navy skirt is a nice addition and lots of tees/blouses /vests could be tucked in nicely. I do like to tuck in, i hate having a drafty back (I know I know, i sound like i'm 90, but if you ever met me when I was cold you would understand, i'm a complete misery guts, also the same when hungry (always carry snacks if you're with me).
So if you like high rise (aka muffin-top hiders) like me then this could be a great skirt option. 
The cream lace hemmed detail is just super super pretty, could be gorgeous with a black blouse for a strong contrast, but for day to day wear it probably isn't my first option and i'm not speeding to the checkout so, moving on...

Denim options seem like a good idea too. My heart is loving the wrap style skirt perfect with a breton and classic trench. But the popper front skirt is hot hot hot right now, with that 70's style detailing it could look fabulously retro with some wedges and a floppy hat.

A bit of colour now to add some variety. I have had my eye on the floral beauty for months..
It could look great with tights and boots in winter or some sandals, a cream blouse and a denim jacket in summer. Me likey.
 Alike with the tweed skirt, the colour keeps it fresh for spring but could easily be worn with tights. Multi-seasonal items always get my vote.
Then finally back to classic black.
The wrap black skirt is similar (but better) to what i have, I admit i am totally crushing on the flattering style of the wrap once again. 
The green suede almost khaki (which i'm pretty obsessed with also) is stunning! I mean look at it.. absolutely bloody gorgeous! 
But if i had to make a choice, i think i would like something that could be worn with trainers as well as smart flats and heels. The length for me just wouldn't work with flats (id look like a hobbit) but alas, it is beautiful!

So yes, options are there.. There are A LOT of great skirts out there, its just finding the best one that works,ie can be used for multiple outfits and for all seasons.. i'm not asking a lot really am i ?!

Which is your favourite? Do you have a skirt that works really hard for you?

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Spring Blues and Whites

I have to be fair the UK has been blessed with some glorious spring weather of late. The temperatures may not be hitting hot figures just yet, but sunny dry days are far nicer than April showers. 
For me the perfect thing to wear when its not quite hot is the ever comfy, lightweight joggers. 
I freakin' love them. They're just like legit pj's that you get to wear out in public, how can you not love them. I embrace comfy fashion whole heartedly. And comfy yet funky trousers like these pretty babies are perfect. Blue and white has just such a lovely fresh look.  I picked these blue geo print joggers up from New Look. They were at the front of the store, they grabbed my eye and bam! They were bought. And for £9.99 i have to say it was money well spent. I've worn them numerous times already, perfect for throwing on for the school run or a day out. I am yet to trial them with heels as they are just so damn comfy and i've been lapping that up in the form of comfy outfits. 
But who know's maybe some black strappy heels and a blazer could also smarten these up for an evening look.

Bag: Zara
Shoes: Boden
Denim Jacket: F&F

Have you embraced the joggers trend yet?

Friday, 24 April 2015

Grey longline waistcoat with some classics

I have been banging on for weeks, months even, about building a classic wardrobe filled with pieces that i would want to wear time and time again. Well i've just added a new piece to the click. 
Its big news in my wardrobe and it is perfect for spring. 
I love how its neutrality adds a little something to an outfit, an extra layer adds extra interest. 
So what to wear with a waistcoat (or vest as my international pals would call it)? Well i added in some more classic pieces in to the mix. My favourite leopard print heels, ripped jeans, a black and white striped shirt and a pop of colour with the clutch. All of these items are key players in my everyday dressing, and by adding them all together makes for one classic outfit and one happy gal. I'm building a wardrobe piece by piece of items that i love to wear. It makes getting dressed every morning a damn site easier i tell you. 
I have however just been packing away some of my winter woolies and pulling out some of the spring summer items, ready to do my seasonal switch, and i have to say there is not a great deal of things that i want to carry over from last summer. There's a few maxi dresses i love that will, a few jackets and some blouses. But apart from that not a great deal. I am not a big fan of shopping for summer, i think thats the Brit in me, being in Blighty means you never know what kind of summer you're going to get (mostly wet is what i pre-empt), so that makes shopping a leetle more difficult.
But i am going to embrace the change, get rid, sell or donate a lot and take it from there. 

Shoes: F&F
Shirt: Warehouse
Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: Yosa

What are you planning on purchasing this summer? 
Any summer wardrobe tips ?


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Perfect Jacket Weather: Lust List

The thing i love about this time of year is that its the perfect time to pull out all the jackets and blazers. Through winter i do love me some coats, and as the weather gets nicer its all about the blazers and light weight jackets. I love a simple basic top, jeans and a great jacket thrown on top, simple easy and pretty much my everyday routine. As i simplify my wardrobe i seem to add more jackets..go figure?! lol!
So as you can imagine i have been doing a lot of window shopping over the past couple of weeks looking for the perfect additions to add to my jacket collection, there are just so many good options. So i thought i'd break it down; Neutrals, Stripes which are practically a neautral in my book, and statement... strap in folks here goes:

First up the neutrals

Denim Trench

I've said it before and i will say it (probably many more times) again, every girl should own a great classic mac/trench. Perfect for all seasons, goes with everything and makes you look pulled together in an instant. The above classic trench was made for breton tops and tailored trousers to channel parisian chic. 
The denim trench is a great modern twist on a classic, plus extra style points for double denim;)

I recently invested in a navy trench (worn here and here ) and i love love love it, again classic and goes well with so much, super easy and simple to wear. 
I am currently crushing on the River island beige cropped trench, i can just imagine wearing it with some ripped skinny jeans and a white cold shoulder top.. think this needs to be mine!
The classic black boxy jacket vs modern neoprene bomber jacket
Timeless or edgy, which do you prefer?

Next up; An almost neutral is the stripe.
Lord knows i love me some stripes. 
Instant outfit maker!

The black and white striped blazer is the perfect amount of stripes, plus its velour meaning super comfort levels and great amounts of possibilities. The green and cream stripe in a sort of boucle adds an interesting twist to the usual stripe, i've been looking at adding a bit of green to my wardrobe (random thought i know) and this looks lovely.

Waterfall style jacket or a structured box blazer, one more easy going the other more formal. Either way stripey perfection.

Next up is the more colourful statement jacket. 
I love easy but great outfits, you know the ones that pack a punch, all by just adding on a stonking ggorgeous show stealing jackets. The choices are wide and varied, from abstract prints, to aztec, take a look

 Pink Waterfall  and Red Floral Duster Jacket

Pinks and reds are always on my lust list, these are great for adding some colour in to neutral outfit.

Mango beaded ethnic jacket and embroided jacket
Beaded, fringed and embroided, Aztec is always a great summer choice.  These two Mango beauties are gorgeous,uugghh i think i want both. Ripped jeans a little cami and one of these jackets could be perfection.

The Wild Cards
What's a lust list without a few wild cards thrown in for good measure... River Island is on point with their jackets this season. All of the below are RI and i have to say i really love them all. Particularly crushing  on the embellished long kimono, the whole outfit and styling is gorgeous... If i were to part with my cash could this be the one? My problem is i just can't decide!

So there we have it, jackets a plenty. 
What are your thoughts? 
Do you love structured blazers or draped jackets? 
And do any of these take your fancy?

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