Monday, 23 March 2015

yellow with black and some 90's coloured jeans

Do you know the first thing that hit me when editing these photos?
How white are my ankles?! Seriously i am in need of some sunshine on these pins, or some fake tan at least. Milk bottles has never been so truer. White ankles aside (and you are welcome that its not a full leg) i am so ready for some warm sunny days. Its been a bit of a tease lately as its been beautiful blue skies and sunshine but still rather chilly, which i rather think is perfect biker jacket weather. I have been living in this biker jacket, literally every day, which is new for me as normally i'm a different coat every day kind of gal. But nope, the biker jacket has been on my back constantly lately.
I wore this outfit early last week, but with my mid-wash girlfriend jeans. I think i actually preferred the outfit with the mid-wash jeans rather than these super washed jeans, but these boyfriend jeans certainly added a kind of early-nineties vibe to the outfit, which is an era i never really go back to style wise. I was a  young kid starting my love of fashion in the 90's and seeing the re-run this time around on my step daughter is really quite amusing (She's really in to the elastic chokers, the cropped tops, the pineapple on top of your head style ponytails.. for me it's just slightly scary), but not something i want to necessarily re-vist myself.

How do you remember the 90's? 
Is there anything that stands out to you from that era?

Boots &sweater: F&F
Jeans: Sainsburys
Jacket: New Look
DKNY bag: c/o Harvey Nichols
Ray-bans: c/o sunglasses shop
Necklace: Yosa

PS so sorry for the lack of Passion 4 Fashion on Friday, it was one of those weeks where nothing went to plan, there was lots of work, lack of sleep, Easter bonnets and tears (mine), which all resulted in me completely loosing my mind and also track of time .
The linkup will be back as usual this Friday.. hopefully along with my sanity ;)


  1. Ah hope your week gets a little easier Rachel! Incredible outfit as ever - on fire lady!

    Story Of A Girl

  2. love this look, pineapple pony's love that. crop tops are one I will most likely not revisit. I posted a picture from late 90's in a crop top and my niece almost died laughing she said she had tears running down her face. Little brat.

  3. This outfit has a perfect retro vibe to it. I love the leather jacket and the jeans! Great little red bag too.

  4. Very nice outfit! For me it was an era of corporate outfits so I don't think I would wear suits that often anymore.

  5. You're rocking these boyfriend jeans! I love the rolled up cuff. I definitely don't think your ankles look too pale either. You have gorgeous skin!

    Jamie |


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