Friday, 20 February 2015

1 Pair of Boots styled 2 ways (& #passion4fashion linkup)

When you buy a new pair of shoes, what is your thought process?
For me it is always "Will they go with multiple outfits?"
Followed closely by "Are they comfy to wear regularly?"
Granted some shoes don't apply to the second question and are purely there for vanity reasons, but when i invest in shoes, particularly boots, I know they have to answer yes to both of those questions.
So when Cloggs got in touch to find out if i would like to choose from the wide selection i went straight to looking at which pair where going to answer both those questions for me in the affirmative.
It was a LONG evening of deliberating ... shoe shopping is hard when there's just so many good shoes! All my favourites on the style and comfort front, like Joules and Barbour for practical wear, Uggs & Sorrell for ultimate warm toastie feet and Ash and Hudson for cool stylish boots... what's a girl to do ay?
I was spoilt for choice.
So seeing as i already have some tan and some black boots i went for the wild card.. These Hudson Lizard Boots.
And i freakin' love them.

 Double zip fronted, with the most amazing lizard print. These are some seriously cool boots.
And even though they may be the wild card i'm thinking that they will still be versatile and plenty re-mixable.
Here's two outfits i've worn this week with them; one casual, one smart(er).

First up was the casual;

Jeans & Stripe top & Camel coat: F&F
Bag: River Island
Khaki shirt: New Look
Hat: Primark
Necklace: Yosa

I opted for one of my favourite casual combo's right now, ripped jeans and layers. Starting with the stripe top, then on with the khaki shirt and finished off with the camel coat. Casual and comfy.. my favourite kind of style. The wonderful thing about these boots is the print is subtle, lizard print, like leopard print can act just like a neutral, making them super easy to wear.

Next up was a smarter option

Dress: & Other Stories
Biker: New look
Necklace: Yosa
Clutch: (old.. i forget)
Boots: same again:Hudson : c/o Cloggs

I knew these boots would look awesome with black skinny jeans, and i know that will be in their not so distant future, but i wanted to see if these boots would work for a smarter outfit, a dress in this case. I actually loved them paired with the dress. With a short black dress like this, i love to reign it in a bit and pair it down slightly with flat boots, making the outfit more accessible and much more wearable than teetering in high heels all day. I added the biker, one of my favourite statement necklace and a simple clutch and i was comfy but smart!

I actually have a HUGE crush on these Ugg boots also, (have a look... not your typical Uggs i promise you!) They look divine.. and again, how wearable and remixable!
I have to say, i am a huge boots girl and come summer i will miss them (although British summers sometimes still require boots).

So there we have it, one pair of boots two ways.. and many many more to come i am sure!!

Do you have a pair of shoes/ boots that work hard for you with your wardrobe?



  1. Beautiful outfit, looking forward to recreating the first look. Thanks for the linkup.

  2. Those are super stylish boots! I especially like the 2nd outfit you wore them with. :) Also, I definitely love those Ugg boots- so different than the usual ones! I'm jealous you're able to wear boots still - over here, it's been too warm for boots lately but I'm weird and tend to wear them anyway ;)


  3. Those boots are great! I like the first outfit more because I just love hats. However, I tend to wear more elegant outfits so the second is a great inspiration, too.

  4. Great versatile boots, I especially like the first outfit, cool casual.

  5. Yay you went for the boots Rachel! They're absolutely stunning & like you say are going to go with many outfits just perfect!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  6. Gorgeous boots Rachel! A great choice! I love the striped top & khaki shirt too! I've got a giveaway on the blog atm! Pop by & enter! Andrea xx

  7. Those are two lovely ways to style the boots! I really am a bit of a boot girl, to see me through the wet Welsh winters, so I have many, many pairs. It's the one thing that I am prepared to splash a bit of cash on - they have to be leather, and robust enough to last years. Thanks for hosting the linkup x

  8. Those boots are gorgeous! Love both of your outfits and it shows how versatile those boots are! My favorite, though, is the casual look with the jeans and hat!

    Doused In Pink

  9. Love those boots! I definitely have several pairs that work hard for my wardrobe. Those jeans fit you like a glove. I love the distressed.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  10. Those boots!! Are fabulous. Love them both ways you styled them. xx, Conni

  11. Those boots are sooo freaking rad!! You look awesome and I love how they work with both outfits! Thanks for hosting the link up!

  12. For me, low heel boots like these must have comfort since they would make great walking shoes and pairs well with both skirt & pants. Love how you styled them!


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  13. Those are killer boots. Love both ways you styled them. ~Cynthia

  14. Ah are those boots a pair of beauties or what?! Absolutely love both outfits you styled them with!

  15. Ooooooooo! Rachel... I'm livin' those booties. Great post and fun link up!

  16. You look pretty darn stylish in both renditions! Love the way you have styled them.x

  17. Fabulous boots, love the way you styled them

    Joly Look

  18. I absolutely love how different these two outfits are. One is effortless and casual, and one is sleek and classy!

  19. Super cool boots! I love how you styled them both ways. I love that camel coat too!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  20. The second way you wore them is my favorite.

    Erika @

  21. Nice boots and I adore the camel coat as well. Style is important, but comfort is a must for me when purchasing footwear. Thanks for hosting this link up. T.

  22. Love them both, Rachel - your fabulous legs look as good in skinnies as they do in a short skirt, so it's hard to choose!!!! The pattern on the boots is great - love the neutral colour too. I totally want to recreate the skinnies look for myself... consider yourself well and truly pinned.


    Have a wonderful weekend my lovely - any plans? Love and hugs to all of you :)

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

  23. I really love Hudson as a brand, such great quality. I agree, these boots will see you through many outfits! Great outfits, my favourite is the khaki with breton! Gorgeous x

  24. I love how these boots shimmer gold! It's as if they're metallic or something. Love them! Excellent choice!!And lucky girl!

    Two totally inspirational outfits. I'm not sure what to wear this morning....maybe it's time to pull out my LBD like this one and pair it with a neutral print. I don't have lizard booties (read want!) but I do have leopard. Thanks Rach! I had no idea what to wear to work this morning....


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb


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