Friday, 29 August 2014

Khaki Draped Dress (&Passion4Fashion Linkup!)

 When i said i was having a khaki crush i was not exaggerating, add a side of red and that is very much me right now. This is the dress i recently picked up in H&M, a shop i haven't visted for years. I have to say i am converted, there was some pretty great stuff there and i already have a virtual cart full of things i want to purchase next (i'm thinking these as an upgrade to my old faithful coated skinny jeans) Plus their dress collection is plentiful. I can't wait to go back to Cardiff and peruse the rails again.
When i bought this dress it was with late summer in mind, but with autumn in mind i was wondering if i could bring it with me in to the next season. Long sleeves striped top underneath, biker jacket on top, tights and maybe some black knee high boots?

Red Clutch: Dorothy Perkins (old)
Shoes: Tesco
Ray-bans:c/o sunglasses Shop

What d'you think?
 How would you make it work for autumn?

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dressing for interviews

Whilst blogging over the years, the one question i have been asked by lovely readers and also brands is:
What would be your work/interview style?
I actually wear a uniform in my day job so to me this isn't an event i dress for everyday. I have however attended my fair few interviews over the years whilst searching for jobs, which can be quite the feat.
The what will i wear question is obviously the first thing that comes to my mind when i first get the interview (because i am of course that person, not surprising really as i run a style blog) but getting dressed for an interview is one of much thought.

I have thought of the 3 examples i have come across over the years which i hope will be useful for anyone navigating the job search mine.
White shirt contemp

Contemporary interview style gives you the scope to show a little of your personality in the form of your outfit. I love to reflect my personality/mood in my outfits, and for this type of job interview this can be appropriate. If you know the dress code for the work place allows for a bit of expression in the form of outfits then it can work for your interview outfit too. Think PR, Arts and the likes and here you will have the opportunity to dress to impress with your own added flare! Let your personality shine through with some fun accessories too.

corporate- white shirt

I always find when you are interviewing for a more corporate role such as, office based work and the likes of, a business suit is always the best way to go forward.
A classic white shirt will be your best friend here. Also a comfortable, well fitting suit is key.
 Whether that be a skirt of a suitable length (knee length here is most important) or a pair of excellent fitting, flattering suit trousers (no jeans here unfortunately girls).
To wear this suit you need to exude confidence. Trust me it helps fill the suit, otherwise you will feel like you are walking around in your mums hand me downs, which is not a good look.
Well fitting + confidence = Excellent interview outfit

White shirt-smart

Previously i have had casual interviews/meetings over coffee. This is where you don't want to overdress for the situation but you still want to put your best foot forward, in the best possible shoes of course. I like the idea of smart/casual.
Tailored ankle grazer trousers, a small kitten heel with a pop of colour, your classic white shirt and a smart blazer. This look could successfully take you through many a first meeting, showing off your accessible smart and on trend style.
This look is possibly my favourite and i would wear this for coffees on a Saturday with the girls quite happily!

So there we have it , my interview attire for all eventualities.
When looking for a job do you think of what outfits you would wear? 
Do you have a standard interview outfit?


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Leopard print dress with a classic trench and red accents

I picked up this dress when i was recently doing my usual never ending food shop 
(3 kids and a husband all home in the holidays = lots of food shopping:(( ) so as a treat to myself for always being in Tesco doing the relentless food shopping, i picked up this cute little leopard print dress.
I thought it would make a lovely transitional piece through in to winter. Add in some thick black tights, boots and a biker jacket and i have another look with this piece. 
I've said it before, but i am all about pieces that will be re-mixable and items i really want to grab and wear time and time again. The soft jersey material and cut of this dress made it ever so comfy and lovely to wear, which backs up my thoughts that i shall be able to get a lot of wear out of it through the coming months.
Perfect for a laid back Saturday or even out for a meal, it seems to me a nice little all rounder.
The trench coat here is SO old.. i really need an upgrade but am yet to find one i love (any suggestions?) I live in this jacket in the cool months (before it gets too cold) as the neutral colour just goes so well with everything.. its also a sweatshirt material making it super comfy. Its getting a bit scraggly around the edges so really need to invest in a good one this autumn, but for now my trusty one will do.
The other day i mentioned i have a thing for khaki lately(still true), well i also have a thing for red....infact its a non-stop red loving. I think my love affair with red as never actually ended, and is not so much an affair but a true life commitment. I will happily wear it all year round, weather that me accents or full outfits. I guess red is just my groove, a colour i will gravitate to year after year. 

 I swear, everytime i head outside to do photos Lucky wants in... i can't stop him lately he just wants in on the blogging action.
When i was stood here with my hubby taking the photos, my neighbour (that i don't really know that well) walked past and look so bemused. When you look at it from an outsiders point of view, its a really weird thing we do isn't it!haha!
Dress: F&F Tesco
Shoes: New Look
Bag: c/o Marks and Spencer
Tench coat: Next (old)
Chain Necklace: coming soon to  Yosa

So ladies tell me, is there a colour that you gravitate towards, one that will grab you every time?


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Khaki Jeans (&my cat steals the show)

Well that was a very unexpected week off from blogging and any computer activity at all. We went for a little break to my in-laws in Hertfordshire and it was lovely. I had every intention of getting outfit photos done and posting whilst i was there, but somehow that just didn't happen. I was so relaxed and enjoying my time going to the parks, Legoland and chilling out that i just stopped everything for a wee while to enjoy the moment. I actually has a 3 hour reading session which i never was heavenly (the book by JoJo Moyes, Me Before You is amazing by the way).
So here i am, back with an outfit at long last.
I am so confused with this weather.. UK weather you are killing me right now. In my head its august so i refuse point blank to wear tights, but to wear a dress without them would be too damn cold, which has left me wearing a lot of jeans lately.
I am completely crushing on khaki, which is new to me. I just bought a lovely dress from h&m thats drapey and khaki and lovely.. very much looking forward to showing you it!
Khaki, blacks and neutrals are very much my cup of tea the moment. Stark contrast to my normal birght colours, but nice for a change.
Do you own any khaki?

Anyway enough about me, how have you been?

 Lucky our cat decided to become a cat blogger, LOL!  he was totally striking a pose and loving the camera.. first cat blogger, right here everybody! ;)

 Feather Necklace & Cuff: Yosa
Shoes: Matalan
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Blazer: F&F
Oversized Blouse: New Look
Ray Bans: Sunglasses Shop
Bag: Primark

Are you a neutrals person or a bright's person? 
I think i may be both!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Duster Jacket, Cropped Breton Top and Pointy Loafers

Do you ever wear an outfit that just feels so right? Like you have an image in your head that you know where you want your style to be at, but often that doesn't transcend in to actually happening?
Well that's me normally. I like a certain look/style in my head but i just don't pull it off.
Well that all changed when i pieced this outfit together.
I actually love this outfit.
This is exactly where i want to be right now, style wise. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!
I'm really happy. I don't know what it is exactly, but i've worn this outfit twice this week and each time i've just felt like me, which is always a good things isn't it.
I've been enjoying more 'grown up' styles and by that i guess i mean more tailored because i actually feel very far from 'grown up' and i don't think i ever want to truly grow up, but a more smart/casual style is what i'm gravitating towards of late. I don't really know why, but that's just where my heads at right now (this changes regularly i can assure you) I am loving crisp white shirts, or breton stripe tops. Smart blazers or (duster jackets in this case) and well fitted jeans/trousers.
The loafers were a recent purchase after so much research. I wanted the perfect loafer for autumn, something that was smart but would hopefully go with many outfits and also become like slippers.
I ended up, after way too much deliberation i might add (im so fickle its actually painful), buying these River Island patent point loafers. When they first arrived i was reeally unsure.. they just added extra lengths to my already fairly substantial feet, but then i wore them and fell in shoe love. I've had them on all weekend and they have been really very comfy( i've worn them with those little inner sock liner thingies which are a god send!)
So yay, i see a lot of wear in their very near future.

 Duster Jacket, Coated skinny Jeans & Breton top: New Look
Loafers: River Island
Bag: Tesco
Pearl & Coin NecklaceYosa
White Skull Scarf: Yosa
(don't forget there is Free Delivery on all Uk orders from Yosa with code: FREEUKSHIP and half price shipping for all International orders with code: INTSHIPOFFER )

This is all very autumnal isn't it? I just can't help it, it's my favourite season to dress for, plus the weather is really feeling very autumnal too! What's a girl to do, ay?
Have you bought anything for the new season yet? Or are you waiting till the season actually arrives?

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