Friday, 7 November 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Things (& Passion 4 Fashion Linkup)

 These are a few of my favourite things:

  • Red Lipstick
  • Shiny Red Shoes
  • Big Scarves
  • Faux fur & faux leather, even better together (this one needs to be in my possession!)
  • Well fitting black skinny jeans that hold their shape (these are my new best friends!)
  • Gel nails.. i had my first 2 weeks ago, amazing, has changed my nail polish loving heart forever
  • Statement Jewllery.. d'uh ;) But particulary Big earrings! Love
  • Easy hair, piled on top of my head, all week long.. no shame.
  • Breton tops, infact striped ANYTHING. A week does not pass without me donning some stripes
  • Comfy flats to change in to when heels are just too much! Enter Butterfly Twists... oh yes... Life.Savers.

 You may of heard of the little foldaway shoes that you can keep in your bag for when your heel loving heart just can't take the height anymore. You just whip the little fold-up shoes out and pop them on for instant comfort. Butterfly Twists are the clever people behind these rather wonderful feet saving companions. Not only are they heavenly for the feet they are SO stylish too! I mean just look...Leopard print, my total favourite. Pretty and Practical, (and might i add a complete bargain too!) I won't just be whipping these out of my bag at the end of a hectic day, i actually would choose to put these on at the beginning of the day. Their cushioned soles make them like slippers which makes ranks these highly in my shoe of choice!
Have you ever purchased fold up shoes? I can highly recommend Butterfly twists.
Infact i will be back to buy more for sure!

Jacket: new Look
Jeans: Asos
Red Shoes: c/o Daniel Footwear
Bag & Breton top: F&F
Scarf: Dorothy Perkins
Leopard Flats: c/o Butterfly Twists

So ladies what are your favourite things? Do share in the comments below, maybe we share some favourite things!

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Here are a few of my favourite things!



  1. I love Butterfly Twists! I did a feature and giveaway not so long ago. Such a great idea and easy to have in your bag. I'm loving your fashion loves list and your outfit looks great

  2. Gorgeous look on you, in love with the red heels and your jacket!! I need a pair of those Butterfly Twists, so cute and comfy.

  3. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS. Love the scarf, red pumps and earrings. WOW, A STUNNER RACHEL! Love my butterfly twist flats.

    Have a great weekend pretty mamma!

  4. This just pure perfection . You look amazing. My list is almost identical. I just don't have big scarves yet.

  5. I like your print mixing with the tartan scarf and striped top! :)

    Thank you for the linkup too!

    Away From The Blue

  6. Fantastic outfit. I love a breton top with a checked scarf. I also take out flat shoes if I'm out for the night or travelling during the day

  7. I adore this outfit, great mix of patterns and texture. I love this look both with and without the flats.

    Princess Audu

  8. Fabulous look ... with both pairs of shoes! My fav things - jeans, boots, big handbags and big sunnies!
    Dawn Lucy

  9. I love your red heels and leopard flats! Gorgeous look!


  10. You look amazing! Black leather and red pumps, is there anything better? Pinning this look.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  11. I love this outfit!! Your pattern mixing is spot on :) That jacket is so fun, with the faux fur and leather!


  12. Those shoes are just fabulous!!

  13. Those heels are just divine! I am a massive fan of bag flats too but need to replace mine as they have completely worn through :(

    Maria xxx

  14. Fold up shoes can be a life saver.

  15. You are looking top to toe terrific Rachel - those foldable shoes are a bright idea!!!


  16. Wow, this look is everything!! you have given me some serious inspiration for a future blog post :) -xo


  17. Love those pretty red heels! They add a huge pop of color to the outfit. I could never dream of wearing them myself though -- me and heels do not get along too well. Thanks for the link-up! I'm a new follower of you through GFC and Bloglovin, if you'd like to check out my site as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. you look gorgeous Rachel! and so teeny, please share me with your tips! these photos came out perfect!

    C's Evolution of Style

  19. I love EVERYTHING about this look. EVERYTHING. It's hard to tell which one is my favorite because the look is thought out, balanced, and cohesive. The pops of the bright red are gorgeous and not overpowering. FANTASTIC! :)


  20. that jacket is perfection, I am echoing Riva in that all the pieces are drool worthy but that jacket for me is amazing. I do keep looking at the folding shoes, ( better then the sneakers in my office or the slippers that i change into LOL)

  21. Literally everything about this outfit is amazing!! You look smokin--plus fur and leather--together. Holy Cow--love it :)


  22. love the outfit!i really like the print mix and the heels!


  23. Red lipstick, a tartan scarf and good fitting jeans...looks like a match made in heaven! Love this look and the fab saviours that are butterfly twist shoes! Thanks for hosting #passionforfashion and letting me link up! Xx

  24. you are the only woman I know that can look chic while carrying heels and wearing flats!! I love this whole photoshoot, and your camera must be incredible because the red of those red shoes is almost edible!

    I feel like I need to conduct an impromptu interview with "how has your style changed since you started blogging". I usually look through the archives of my favourite bloggers and have noticed a definite change in your style, like a maturing of sorts.

    Ok gonna go link up now! I need an extra 10 - 12 hours in the day!

    Angie from reasons to dress

  25. Oh pretty lady - I want this whole dang outfit in my closet now!! :) (you just let me know when you have another blog-sale lady - I love the sophisticated evolution of your style!!!)

  26. How funny! My post today features my love of fold-up emergency flats, too! I guess at this point our Vulcan mind-meld is no longer surprising, but it's still pretty entertaining. You look great!!


  27. Heels might bring about the #tallgirlproblems but this outfit is fantastic! I'm yet to own a pair of foldable shoes as I often wear dressy flats anyway but these are so frickin cute.
    Looking stunning, as always!
    lily x

  28. Love the feet-savers and the fabulous shiny pumps! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo

  29. I have little fold out flats like these amazing for nights out, love your scarf too!

  30. Great scarf and I love the way you styled it...the flats are my favorite! Thanks for the link up!

  31. These little slippers are so cute. I hadn't seen them before. I'm all about the "comfy". :)

  32. Talk about a few wonderful favorite things. I can see why these are just some of yours. This entire ensemble is so striking. I, too, love shiny red heels, anything with stripes, and cozy scarves. Also love red lips (just wish they looked like that on me).

  33. Aw the foldaway shoes are adorable and I love your red heels too. This is a perfect outfit. You can't go wrong with a good pair of black jeans and I really like the striped top and plaid scarf paired with them. You look awesome!

    Jamie |

  34. Rachel, we are sharing the same favorite things :-). I am so obsessed with plaid oversized scarfs, leopard, red patent heels and stripes. Love your outfit, especially that scarf and red lipstick looks so amzing on you <3


  35. the outfit is amazing with both heels and flats..I'm following you!

  36. I love this outfit from head to toe!! Perfect fall outfit.


    P.S. Hope you will stop by Thursday and join TBT Fashion link up.


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