Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lunch Date Attire

When i get to go out to eat it's normally for lunch rather than an evening meal. It's normally a nice relaxed affair which makes me happy(any occasion i don't have to cook or do dishes makes me happy). On these occasions i still like to look nice but not dressy, because y'know its afternoon and has to be family appropriate Slight difference to Monday's outfit which was a bit more sassy for a date night)
Today i opted for this great tunic dress. I am hugely in to this style of dress lately, they don't fly up like a skater, they sit nicely on and hug but also give room to breathe after an awesome huge cavary (my eyes are always bigger than my belly!)
I am also loving the fact that we are finally having a cold snap, today was only 9 degrees (Celsius) which means i am in full on boots mode and big comfy socks (wierd fact about me, i have a thing for lovely thick socks.. i own SO many! Walking socks are my ultimate favourites, even if i'm not really going trekking,because when do i ever(?) they're just sooo snuggly and perfect under boots).
Blogger cliched yes, but I just love this time of year so very much! Gimme snuggly socks, warm wooly knits and hot chocolates any day!
One thing i don't like this time of year? The light.. jeez it was so dark at like 4pm! all my photos came out super dark and blurry, waahhh! #bloggerissues 

 Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Leather& Faux Fur jacket: New Look (last year)
Necklace: Coming soon to Yosa 
(any name suggestions for this beauty ladies? the photos here do not do it justice.. looking for a brilliant name for it.. let me know in the comments any ideas!)
Boots: c/o
Bag: Primark
In honour of photo-bomb being one of the most used words this year, here's Neo doing his finest photo-bomb! haha he's such a poser, just like his mummy!

love this kid!


  1. This colour looks fabulous on you, Rachel. What a stunning outfit! I love tunics and shorter dresses with tights and boots in the winter months - certainly my go to work outfit. Gorgeous photos. Lynne xx

  2. Love you photos Rachel, your little un is so cute!! Great outfit as usual xx

  3. Love that last picture rachel! You're both such cuties!

  4. Great outfit and I am so with you on the darkness, to dark in the morning for pictures and to dark when Iget home from work, first world problems for sure.. I think the necklace should be called
    "the Rachel" just like the hairstyle that everyone had to have, and it suits you perfectly

  5. ah I remember that 4 pm darkness in the UK! crazy! Love that colour on you (and the cute photobomber) xx

  6. That's so cute you got photo bombed by your cute son and you ran with it. Way cool! I love that dress. I think I love everything about you; hair, eyebrows, lipstick, jewelry and of course how everything fits you so well. I still want to talk to you when I am better. Probably one more week of dealing with the radiation aftermath and then I'll be perky and ready. {watch for email}. ♥, Renae

  7. AWCH so adorable. You look amazing and those colours really suit you! Love the jacket and how cute are the pair of you! Riley photobombs all the time too lol

  8. Adorable photos. Love that color on you!! Kendra Scott giveaway on the blog!

  9. Love the maroon dress, so pretty! The whole outfit is fab, you know I like faux fur and leather, such a pretty jacket and boots, And love te pic with you and your son.
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

  10. That is a stunning colour on you Rachel! Another gorgeous outfit & the boots look so cool! Ax

  11. You look fabulous in that textured dress! I love the added leopard prints for some extra glam.
    Red Reticule

  12. adore your orange cardi want want want! ;)


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