Friday, 31 October 2014

happy (Casual) Friday! & Passion 4 Fashion Linkup!

Happy Friday my Lovelies! Just a casual outfit I bring you today, casual but with some nice finishing touches is how I like to think of it.
Just jeans and a cream boxy top, adding in a punch of colour with this rather wonderful split hem kimono sleeve cardigan in a lovely bright orange, then a lovely latte colour hat that is the most wonderful fit and was super cheap from primark! Finishing off with these really gorgeous comfy Duo Idaho ankle boots, a new tortoise shell Yosa necklace, a clash of colour with the burgundy bag wrapped with a Yosa leopard print scarf. This has kind of been my everyday uniform this week. What with it being half term and puppy training... i think i forgot to mention... we got a puppy!!!!! Think i will do an official meet he pooch post for you all if you don'r mind;) But yes, needless to say this week has been hectic! running around after a puppy is exhausting! But in good news, i lost a couple of lbs that i had been wanting to shed to hit my goal weight and now i am celebrating with some good ol' bottled beer.. Cheers to the weekend folks! Are you doing anything nice?

Cardigan & Top: New Look
Boots: Duo Boots
Jeans: f&F
Bag: Primark

Don't forget to enter the superb Shoetober giveaway for a £100 voucher for Daniel footwear HERE!

Its Friday which means ,yay the weekend, and

Come join in ladies, i absolutely love to see your style.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lunch Date Attire

When i get to go out to eat it's normally for lunch rather than an evening meal. It's normally a nice relaxed affair which makes me happy(any occasion i don't have to cook or do dishes makes me happy). On these occasions i still like to look nice but not dressy, because y'know its afternoon and has to be family appropriate Slight difference to Monday's outfit which was a bit more sassy for a date night)
Today i opted for this great tunic dress. I am hugely in to this style of dress lately, they don't fly up like a skater, they sit nicely on and hug but also give room to breathe after an awesome huge cavary (my eyes are always bigger than my belly!)
I am also loving the fact that we are finally having a cold snap, today was only 9 degrees (Celsius) which means i am in full on boots mode and big comfy socks (wierd fact about me, i have a thing for lovely thick socks.. i own SO many! Walking socks are my ultimate favourites, even if i'm not really going trekking,because when do i ever(?) they're just sooo snuggly and perfect under boots).
Blogger cliched yes, but I just love this time of year so very much! Gimme snuggly socks, warm wooly knits and hot chocolates any day!
One thing i don't like this time of year? The light.. jeez it was so dark at like 4pm! all my photos came out super dark and blurry, waahhh! #bloggerissues 

 Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Leather& Faux Fur jacket: New Look (last year)
Necklace: Coming soon to Yosa 
(any name suggestions for this beauty ladies? the photos here do not do it justice.. looking for a brilliant name for it.. let me know in the comments any ideas!)
Boots: c/o
Bag: Primark
In honour of photo-bomb being one of the most used words this year, here's Neo doing his finest photo-bomb! haha he's such a poser, just like his mummy!

love this kid!

Monday, 27 October 2014

How to Wear Faux Leather Leggings (& SHOETOBER DANIEL FOOTWEAR #GIVEAWAY!!!)

A little after dark look today and trying out the love-them-or-hate-them faux leather leggings.
Last year i invested in a great pair of coated skinny jeans and pretty much lived in them year round, i just love the edginess they bring to the outfit that skinny jeans just don't do. So this year i stepped up on the faux leather front and tried these faux leather leggings. To be honest,it took some courage for me to walk out in them as i felt more than a little self conscious because they show off, uh... everything. But they got a big thumbs up from the hubs so if anything they are husband pleasers, haha!
Wearing them reminded me of when Sandy rocks up in her lycra at the end of Grease, they made me feel like i wanted to break out in song,lol!
Couple of note worthy points for wearing faux leather leggings:

  • They show off every curve. Beware that you will feel slightly naked on your bottom half, they are very figure hugging, but because they are thicker than a normal fabric legging they can be quite flattering(ie they hide cellulite well;)
  • If trying for the first time wear a long top or tunic. I wish mine was longer at the front, i think i would have felt more comfortable. I was happy with the low part at the back of my blouse as it covered my (more than) ample booty, but longer both back and front would be a great place to start with faux leather leggings.
  • Try on before you buy. I thought i may have to size up, but no not the case. infact you don't want them to be baggy and saggy. Tight is actually right in this case. I actually tried on a great pair in New Look that were faux leather on the front and fabric on the back. These would be a great and comfy way to try the trend. I tried these on and they were actually really really nice on. I wish i had bought them but at the time I was feeling super daring and wanted to go the full faux lather hog.
  • One word.. camel toe. Avoid at all costs.. (i'm actually giggling whilst writing this, jeez, i'm such a child) due to the form fitting, clingy nature of the fabric, beware ;)   
And that's it! So what are your thoughts on faux-leather leggings? Love or Loathe? Try or pass by? I am actually going to try them again but with an oversized big wooly knitted jumper. I quite like the idea of the textures together, plus a bit more covered up.

So the boots are back for Shoetober,woohoo!Oh how i love these studded funky boots!
 And excellent news,for the Last Shoetober giveaway the lovely people at Daniel Footwear are ever kindly giving one reader a voucher for £100 to buy whatever shoes you would like from their wonderful online store! AMAZING! I shall be doing my lust list later this week but if you haven't already visited their site be sure to go see how great they are.
They stock Michael Korrs, Vivienne Westward, kate spade, Ugg and SO MANY MORE of all our favourite brands. So you could treat yourself to some wonderful shoes or put your £100 towards a new designer purse! The choice is yours!
So my lovelies what will you buy if you win?Get entering below!

 Khaki Blouse & faux leather leggings: New Look
Boots: c/o Daniel footwear
jacket: H&M
Necklace & Clutch:Yosa

a Rafflecopter giveaway
T & C's
This giveaway is open to all but international orders will have to pay for shipping and any local taxes)Daniel footwear are only able to ship to the countries on their delivery list which can be found here. Be sure to check, or have someone who can forward on to you if you do win.
Please be a kind follower and not unfollow once the competition is through. 
The lovely brands that work with me are very generous so lets give them some excellent support.
No cash alternative.
All entries will be verified and if mandatory entries aren't completed then they will be disqualified.
Once the winner has been chosen you will be notified by email and details passed to the relevant PR correspondent for your prize.
You have 2 weeks to to reply to the email or a new winner will be chose,
Good luck, and thank you thank you thank you!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Tartan Dress and Passion 4 Fashion Linkup

 Why is it that at this time of year i always start to feel Christmassy. I mean, it's just wrong isn't it, we're still 2 whole months away from the big C-day but i can't help but get excited! What normally happens is i get really excited way ahead of the date and then get Christmas burn out the weeks running up to the day.. typical really.
My prompt for Christmassy feelings could be this cute tartan dress. Tartan always reminds me of the festive season but i couldn't (and shouldn't i might add) wait till December to where this cute little number. dresses with sleeves will forever be my BFF's of the dress world, they're just so cosy and comfy. I added some extra bling in the form of the rather fabulous Aurora statement necklace that really packs a punch and finished it off with my gorgeous Clarks boots from Shoetique, which FYI are super comfy even for heels. I took them on an unexpected half mile walk to the bank today and they proved to be very comfy. I am very impressed!
Don't forget there's still time to enter to win a pair of shoes like this or  whatever shoes you would like, in the Shoetober Giveaway, go enter here!!

Passion For Fashion Link Up

This week i have the lovely Linda of Labour of Life co-hosting with me, be sure to swing by and say Hi, she's a Doll and has a plethora of amazing statement jewellery!!

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