Sunday, 24 August 2014

Khaki Jeans (&my cat steals the show)

Well that was a very unexpected week off from blogging and any computer activity at all. We went for a little break to my in-laws in Hertfordshire and it was lovely. I had every intention of getting outfit photos done and posting whilst i was there, but somehow that just didn't happen. I was so relaxed and enjoying my time going to the parks, Legoland and chilling out that i just stopped everything for a wee while to enjoy the moment. I actually has a 3 hour reading session which i never was heavenly (the book by JoJo Moyes, Me Before You is amazing by the way).
So here i am, back with an outfit at long last.
I am so confused with this weather.. UK weather you are killing me right now. In my head its august so i refuse point blank to wear tights, but to wear a dress without them would be too damn cold, which has left me wearing a lot of jeans lately.
I am completely crushing on khaki, which is new to me. I just bought a lovely dress from h&m thats drapey and khaki and lovely.. very much looking forward to showing you it!
Khaki, blacks and neutrals are very much my cup of tea the moment. Stark contrast to my normal birght colours, but nice for a change.
Do you own any khaki?

Anyway enough about me, how have you been?

 Lucky our cat decided to become a cat blogger, LOL!  he was totally striking a pose and loving the camera.. first cat blogger, right here everybody! ;)

 Feather Necklace & Cuff: Yosa
Shoes: Matalan
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Blazer: F&F
Oversized Blouse: New Look
Ray Bans: Sunglasses Shop
Bag: Primark

Are you a neutrals person or a bright's person? 
I think i may be both!


  1. Lucky the cat is sooo adorable! Great look, Rachel! I would wear more khaki if I looked like that in it! ;)
    Dawn Lucy

  2. I love the whole outfit!
    I can so relate about the weather. I was UK until this morning and all I had in my luggage was summer clothes. There were days when I was freezing. I refused buying warmer clothes... Silly me!
    I think I am more of a neutral person though I am gradually introducing more bright colours to my wardrobe.

  3. Love the white/khaki combo - and glad you had a week off. Sometimes unplugging is just the ticket! x

  4. I totally get you with the lack of outfit pics! I've been far too relaxed this holiday to take many! I really want some khaki trousers & they are on my AW wishlist! Its a lovely muted colour palette that will take you into the colder months too! Glad you had a good break! We missed you! Ax

  5. Khaki jeans and leopard print - just perfect! Fab look! Lynne x

  6. Love, love this look on you Rachel, very sophisticated.

  7. Love this outfit. I recently bought very similar khakis from Gap ... and love them. They're cropped, a bit faded, kind of crumply and look great with a more dressy top or with a sweatshirt. Just the thing to tide me over between summer and fall. Now that I see your outfit....I'm off to haul out my black jacket and pumps!

  8. Those pants are great.

    Olive green is one of my favourite colours.


  9. I am crazy about those olive trousers, with the zips! And what a beautiful kitty, too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  10. I really love this outfit, Rachel and the pants awe awesome. I have become a neutrals person, but I like to say I still have a kick of brights inside me and they emerge every now and then. I love you pictures!

  11. Yes, I own khaki, probably way too much of it, but after seeing this post, I'm certainly glad I do. Love how you kept the whole look neutral and just a pop of color with the necklace, very classy indeed. Also love that you took time to actually disconnect and truly connect with family on your little get-away.

  12. I love everything about this outfit, but the neutral skinnies, the necklace and the kitty photobomb are my three favorites!

  13. Great outfit. I love my olive green skinny pants. =)

  14. I love the whole outfit! Rachel I love this look on you :) you look fab
    Have a lovely week hugs Beata

  15. Glad you got to take some time off and just enjoy life. You look awesome in this combo.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  16. Neutrals and Brights depending on the mood and the day, great outfit and awesome cat, My little Meeko would never stand still beside me like that 9 and is always indoors so...) I like the new blog look and it fits perfectly with your post today

    1. Ok, now your blog has flipped back on me, I must have a computer glitch but it looked really different and minimalistic for a while there.

  17. I love this look... your pants are fabulous!
    xo Jessica

  18. Rrrrrr.. love that bag!! The whole look is great with the pants , love the olive color with the black jacket!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

  19. I love neutrals too! Those pants are awesome!
    XO, Ellen from Ask Away

  20. The white looks so effective with the black on top. Your olive trousers are the perfect fit!

  21. You look great in that outfit and love your cat! I'm usually a neutrals girl especially navy at the moment, I may have to try khaki as I don't have any at all although I also like the idea of introducing burgundy / deep berry shafes for autumn. I do like a splash of colour but usually for shoes or scarves. Love the blog but you definitely deserve some time off :)


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