Thursday, 31 July 2014


 As a 'style blogger' people often think it can be a glamorous life.. i am here to tell you otherwise. You see, as much as i love to get dressed up everyday what i actually love more is coming home and putting on my comfy pj's. I'm not talking pretty silky nightwear here either. I mostly like to kick back and relax in comfy things like baggy pyjama bottoms or leggings and my husbands big oversized t-shirts. Sometimes i actually match, like today, this strawberry set is like my top notch pj's haha!
My best blogging normally takes place of an evening in my pj's when the kids are safely tucked up in bed, i have a hot chocolate in hand and a good film or documentary on in the background (and normally a cat on my lap also!)
AXA have set out to ask bloggers to show them your business pyjamas for the chance to win an iPad mini!!
This is so fun! I so want to see you all in your pj's! I hope they're as bad as mine!!
All you have to do is take a pic of you working in your very best (or worst) pyjamas and write a blog post telling them what you wear for 'work'.
Post your photo on twitter using #BusinessPyjamas and let AXA know by tweeting @AXABizTeam or you can post a photo on their Facebook page
Easy peasy! And its FUN! sometimes as a blogger i forget to have fun, there's always deadlines and a crazy inbox to contend with.... but this is just for kicks (and of course a possible ipad..sweet!!) Which I for one am happy to do (but don't leave me hanging out here on my own guys.. i wanna see lots of funky pjs!)
If you post your pj's be sure to tweet me too or leave a comment down below so i can swing by and check out my fellow pj wearing buddies!



  1. Well even in your pjs you do look glamorous! :)

    1. haha thanks Pegggy.. my husband may agree to differ on that.. he call's my pjs passion killers haahaha ;)XX

  2. You look gorgeous even in your pajamas. Love those strawberry PJs by the way. They have personality, like you do. =)

    1. aww thanks Ada.. yep i can't stop my colourful obsession, even with pj's heehee!:)XX

  3. i actually really love these pjs!

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