Thursday, 31 July 2014


 As a 'style blogger' people often think it can be a glamorous life.. i am here to tell you otherwise. You see, as much as i love to get dressed up everyday what i actually love more is coming home and putting on my comfy pj's. I'm not talking pretty silky nightwear here either. I mostly like to kick back and relax in comfy things like baggy pyjama bottoms or leggings and my husbands big oversized t-shirts. Sometimes i actually match, like today, this strawberry set is like my top notch pj's haha!
My best blogging normally takes place of an evening in my pj's when the kids are safely tucked up in bed, i have a hot chocolate in hand and a good film or documentary on in the background (and normally a cat on my lap also!)
AXA have set out to ask bloggers to show them your business pyjamas for the chance to win an iPad mini!!
This is so fun! I so want to see you all in your pj's! I hope they're as bad as mine!!
All you have to do is take a pic of you working in your very best (or worst) pyjamas and write a blog post telling them what you wear for 'work'.
Post your photo on twitter using #BusinessPyjamas and let AXA know by tweeting @AXABizTeam or you can post a photo on their Facebook page
Easy peasy! And its FUN! sometimes as a blogger i forget to have fun, there's always deadlines and a crazy inbox to contend with.... but this is just for kicks (and of course a possible ipad..sweet!!) Which I for one am happy to do (but don't leave me hanging out here on my own guys.. i wanna see lots of funky pjs!)
If you post your pj's be sure to tweet me too or leave a comment down below so i can swing by and check out my fellow pj wearing buddies!


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Teal dress and lemon slice clutch

 Another sales purchase over here, this teal pretty cut-out waist dress is just summery perfection.
I absolutely love this teal/turquoise/aquamarine colour, its just divine and its been absolute pleasure to wear. Its been super muggy and warm here the past few days, so this dress was so light and airy that it made me feel much cooler. A little draft even gets through the waist cut out detail making me feel a little naked but safe in the knowledge that everything is covered ;)
As someone who never bares my midriff (post baby.. its a big no no for me, no amount of bio oil fixed that much stretching unfortunately.. ) this dress makes me feel a little daring and cool (temperature wise and street cool haha..who am i kidding!) with its cut out beautiful detail, its unlike any other dresses i own.

Can we just take a moment for The lemon slice clutch.. it is just divine..
So fruity and fresh its a true beaut!
I finished the look off with this neon yellow Yosa necklace just to add a fun pop and last years sales buy Next Outlet sandals.

Hubs and I did attempt a little date night last night, but we missed the cinema because
a. i read the times wrong and we were taking outfit photos before we went #blogger/real-lifefail
b. i also didn't read the listing correctly as Hercules (gotta love The Rock) was in 3D and we didn't take our glasses (and i was too stingy to buy yet another pair!)
So we sat outside a restaurant in the sun having drinks and chatting which was even nicer in my books!
Sometimes fails turn in to out nicely :)

(ahem, please excuse my really dodgy tan lines.. remember i mentioned burning? well this is the outcome.. pretty huh!)

Sandals: Old Next outlet last year

Ever have your plans change but to end up having a better time? 
I still want to see Hercules but maybe another day;)
(have you seen it, was it good, did i miss much?)

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

resort wear (beach talk)

Having spent a lot of time at the beach lately, it got me thinking of what a great beach outfit  would be. I've been living in shorts and vest tops but i started to wonder how i could look fabulous even when i was at the beach.
For me it's got to be something, easy to throw on, loose fitting and of course pretty!
I absolutely adore the nautical theme whether i'm water side or not, so it seems to be an apt theme to run with.
Nautical Chic sums up my thoughts on beach-side chic exactly.
Having discovered Heidi Klein's resort wear which seems to be the epitome of nautical chic, i think i have solved my beach wear problems.

resort wear

The Sete Square neck dress looks perfect for throwing on and arriving at the beach look chic. With the cute sleeves its also wonderful for throwing on if like me, you may have had a little too much sun, keeping you cool and covered.
I also love the idea of a crisp white cotton shirt, classic and timeless. Also great for days out and not just for resort wear. This is most definitely an investment piece in my eyes.
Then not forgetting a great bag to throw everything in, a must have hat and slip on flip flops, as no one wants to be faffing with buckles on the beach do they.

Do you have any resort wear that you swear by for holidays/ beach days? 
Do you love a sarong or are you a dress kind of girl?

I would love to know and have some inspiration from you..
We are planning another beach day this week (weather permitting..fingers crossed!!!) and i would love to look tres chic whilst i'm there. Any suggestions?


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Floral Oriental Shorts and a Window Pane Blouse

Ahhhhh its so lovely to be back with an outfit post! It feels like so long since i last struck a pose hahah!
I mentioned in Fridays post that i was looking forward to ditching my practical shorts that i had been living in and donning a dress. But it appears i'm easing myself back in slowly by wearing a pair of shorts again! Pretty shorts, but shorts none the less. When lengths are this short i will take it in short form any day. When skirts and dresses are this short i just can't handle the constant fear of flashing, and i just look uncomfortable all day long. I'm the one uncomfortably tugging at the hemline constantly wondering why I wore such a ridiculously short skirt/dress. But with shorts, i am happy. I feel at peace knowing i am not going to expose thyself and shock the poor people in the near vicinity.
Plus it was super breezy today so these oriental shorts were perfect. Light, girly and flowy yet perfectly covered, even with the pesky wind! (i am totally crushing on the matching kimono blazer to these shorts too... how gorgeous would they be together as well as separately!)
I went for a little bit of pattern mixing with my new sale buy of thw window pane print blouse from River Island. This blouse should see me through to autumn and work as a great transition piece as the checked print is set to be big next season. With the colour theme being common amongst the two pieces (black &white) they seem to mix so well together, i was so pleased with the outcome that this has become top of my outfit leader board (actual thing,,haha i kid...maybe;)

Shoes: Tesco
Clutch: Primark
the garage gave these shorts 10 out of 10!!haha

So are you a shorts lover or loather? 
Are you comfortable with short lengths or do they make you feel uneasy, like me?

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Friday, 25 July 2014

(loving) Life Lately (& Passion4Fashion LinkUp)

life lately has been busy. Excellent, but busy.
All i seem to say here is how busy i am, but i guess that's just real life. With the kids in full swing for their summer break i am spending as much time in the beautiful sun with them. Taking them out to some of my favourite places, places that i grew up and had many lovely summers as a child. Its been so lovely re-visiting these places and taking the children their to experience fun times there too. I hope over this summer to build some glorious family memories, just like the ones i have with my family when i little.
So what does that mean exactly? Well i have nothing today. No outfit photos, no crisp beautiful photos and outfits to show, nope not a thing. To be honest I have been happily living in shorts, vests and sandals mucking around playing with the kids at the beach, or having impromptu water fights. Its been lovely. I am looking forward to acting like somewhat of a lady again and getting back in a pretty dress and heels some time soon, but for now it's been a great break.
Here's a few pics from the past couple of days.
Beach day one:
Barry Island Beach

#ootd consisted of tropical shorts and neon orange vest top.. later that day it also consisted of unexpected sunburn... #beachfail

Day Two:
Trip to The Knap lake and pebbly beach

#ootd again shorts(got these comfy linen black ones in the sale and they are so so lovely on!) and a tribal vest. I did accesorize today with a spike necklace, my trusty aviators and tan and gold gladiator style sandals, but still, basic and simple.

I talk about my kiddoes on here so often its lovely to share these photos of our week so far.
 Thank you for letting me share with you ladies.
I hope you've been having a wonderful summer so far! Have you done anything wonderful? Do share with me in the comments, as i could do with some more ideas of things to do .. there's still 5 weeks left of the holidays haha!

Ps back with an outfit post sunday...pinky promise!! ;)


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sales, sales, sales: My top buys

It's already that time of year when the the shops are gearing up for the next seasons lines and the mega sales are in full swing. Being a rather cheap shopper this pleases me immensely. I'm not one for scouring through racks and racks of clothes, but in the comfort of my own home, sat with my tablet or laptop, i will often peruse the sales sections and find some bargains.
This year here in the UK it appears we are actually having a summer! (the shock!) Which leaves me completely unprepared for such weather. I never buy many summer clothes knowing i don't get much chance to wear them with our normal crazy weather patterns. But this year it appears we are actually having a true summer season, which in my eyes permits me to shop a little for the correct clothing (right?)
The sales are perfectly timed for this and some bargains are out there to be had.

So here are my top sales buys i am either eyeing myself or may have already purchased!
(the co -ords below were £8 and £3! it felt rude not too ;)

Dorothy perkins sales buys

I am having a thing for maxi dresses at the moment, i just love how comfy and relaxed they can be but also how easy they are to dress up and appear smart for an occasion! I am loving the orange maxi, but having similar in black, green and blue i have thought maybe i should get some wear out of those first. But how gorgeous is that colour?! Paired with the blue slingback wedges you have an outfit smart enough for any summer doo , but pair it down with the sandals or pumps and you have a perfect sunday casual outfit.
The co-ords as i mentioned above are so dirt cheap i just couldn't refuse. £11 for the both means i can try the co-ords without shelling out too much money on a trend i'm not sure will suit me.

New look sales

Dr Pepper Vest top, Denim Mid Shorts & Leopard embellished sandals
Stripe midi cover up and Aztec wedges
Floral Maxi & Gold embellished sandal
Floral blazer,  Coral Shorts and colour block heels

Being the summer holidays here which means lots of parks, beaches and fun play stuff, i've been needing some casual outfits for running about in for my mum duties. Dr pepper is my most favourite drink (how awesome is Dr Pepper Zero!!) so i totally love this vest top, and the shorts look perfect for park days.
The cover up is something i've purchased, at £4.00 i thought it was worth a shot. Its called a cover up for beach wear but its actually a really lovely dress and for 4 quid its really lovely.
Then another maxi, strapless this time! and a beautiful blazer and shorts combo.

River Island

Cold Shoulder dress, Blue rimmed Sunglasses & Pink Bag
Shirt, Shorts, Shoes
Playsuit & Hat
Waterfall striped Jacket & Eva Jeans

Ahhh River Island, you have been a constant source of great clothes for me this year. And your sales never fail me. I have wanted another cold shoulder dress since my first one which i totally fell in love with. I have just ordered this tropical summery one for £12! The pony hair pink bag and sunglassesd would look so good with it!
The check blouse is set to still be a very key print this autumn so a great transition piece. Add in teh shorts and shoes and you've got some great pattern mixing!
The playsuit is a new one for me, having tried a jumpsuit not long ago and loved it, i have decided to give the short option a go too,
And finally.
The waterfall jacket is £10!! a tenner people.. that is amazing! Not great for hot days but imagine it for autumn.. so so good.
Plus my favourite cut of jeans, the girlfriend Eva jeans in distressed black are on sales also. awesome!

So there we have it folks, my sales picks/buys!

Have you bagged yourself anything amazing in the sales? Do share!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Blue Grecian style maxi dress

I had a really long lovely chat i wanted to have with you all about the beauty of this dress, but after having maaajjor blogger upload issues all freakin' day{edit: i wrote tthis last night and then still gave up and have come back this morning}, i'm kind of exhausted... thanks blogger, I needed that stress like a whole in the head i tell ya.
Now i have that off my chest i will briefly just tell you that this is my new maxi dress love. I picked up this cobalt maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins in the sale and i just bloody well love it. Its tshirt material so super comfy, but the neckline and the cut of the sleeves reminds me of the beautiful Grecian gowns. Because of that Grecian style i think it just adds such an elegant touch to such a simple dress. I've been pairing it with white and tan for a smart summer look but as its is such a great blank canvas i am excited to remix this baby up!
When the dress first arrived late one Wednesday afternoon i tried it on and immediately fell in love. It was a really warm afternoon and i was going out to the school to see my beautiful step-daughter in her leavers assembly. So there i was stood outside loads of parents at the school waiting, pleased as punch with my dapper new dress feeling rather Grecian and suave, when a gentleman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said "'Scuse me love, you've still got the label on your dress"
The excitement obviously overcame me and i completely forgot all about he stupid tag. Needless to say i know longer felt Grecian and suave.. #fail!
I quickly ripped the tag off and replied "its new, can you tell *cue over eager false laugh*"

Couple of other things i just wanted show my love for; my new white quilted jacket, it's just so pretty!! I haven't captured it in all its glory here ( i shall try better next time, pinky promise!) But it feels so beautiful on and is such a nice change from my denim jacket. 
And lastly my new Coin & Pearl necklace.. i just LOVE this necklace, bang on trend, not heavy, beautiful and pretty much just perfect in my eyes. I have wanted a coin necklace for some time, this one is the new apple of my necklace loving eye.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (£16.00 on sale)
Gladiator Sandals& Clutch: F&F (£10.00 & £7.00 on sale)
White quilted jacket: Peacocks

Have you ever had any epic fails when getting dressed? Please ease my mortification by sharing your stories!!

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