Friday, 2 May 2014

Floral Dresses and Biker Jackets (& Passion4Fashion LinkUp!)

When i walked down in to the living room and husband saw me in this outfit his words to me were:
"Wow, you look really pretty today, its like your old style"
to which i replied
"So you prefer how i used to dress?
Aaand then he made a remark about how i over think things and can't i just accept a compliment.
But by that point I kinda felt like it was a back handed compliment. Old style vs New Style, hhhmm.
What i think he meant was that it reminded him of when i used to where floral dresses all.the.time.
Which it would now appear he liked.
And apparently i still can't totally walk past a pretty floral dress as this one jumped in to my trolley at Tesco when it was on super sale for just £7.00. With its long but light sleeves and pretty pink and purple print its been making a great transitional dress. I kinda think i've brought it into a more 'Current me' style with the biker jacket (which is my beloved item that the wonderful Erica posted back to me super swiftly after it did the rounds for #frockswapuk).
The canvas tote bag is a £1 special from Primark emblazoned with the letter R, i just couldn't refuse an initialled bag.
Apparently i can't refuse much lately... I guess old habits do die hard ;-)

Dress & Scarf: F&F Tesco
Jackt: c/o George at Asda
Shoes: Matalan
Bag: Primark

So tell me, is there a 'thing' you just can't quit, whether it's florals, or scarves or bags or shoes..
or all of the above (like me, again apparently;)

Just a wee sidenote from me, i'm currently away in Cornwall on a family holiday completely without wifi or any internet, which i'm either probably loving or running around  like a mad woman, climbing the walls holding my phone to the sky to just get one bar of signal/3g/any internet at all.
 Either way i hope you're having a lovely week and i really really look forward to coming back to you as soon as i'm home.

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  1. Bah ha! I do this to my other half all the time :D

    I love a floral print as well, there are so many lovely dresses in Primark at the moment it's hard to resist!

    Chloe x

  2. It was such a surprise that the sleeves were long! A great surprise. UHHH I can't refuse anything. lately: shoes, and always food. ;)

  3. I love it when our men give us a backhanded compliment or something that suggests something else... I love winding them up and saying "oh you liked the way I USED to look, then?" and they try and backtrack, hehe. I guess it is a little more like your old style, but that's good - it's all about mixing it up, isn't it? You've got the colours spot-on, they work sooo beautifully with your hair.

    And I want a "C" bag like yours! Must get one!! Enjoy the rest of your hols hun, hope the weather holds out :))

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

  4. I can't quit the quirk. its my ting!

  5. Love your dress Rachel,and how you have styled it :)

    I have on simerla in green, I need to lose a few inches yet to get in mine, hehe..

    Thanks for hosting ...

  6. Rach, that dress is so sweet. I love the Tassel Cap-toe Flats and Monogram Tote, also. I always love mixing something soft like you did with your floral with something touch like you did with your leather jacket. I also mixed something soft and something tough on the outfit I linked up. You are looking EVER SO GORGEOUS!!

    Enjoy your weekend my friend. <3 Ada.

    1. I meant to say *tough not touch. Sorry typing from my phone lol.

  7. I tell myself I need plain things, to step away from the same old, same old printed items, but I don't seem to be able to step away from my comfort zone, as it were.
    I have to admit, when I clicked onto this post, I did think this outfit was very YOU. In that I like it, it suits you and it's reminiscent of the sorts of outfits I associate with your posts. That's supposed to be a good thing, not a bad one, but sorry if it came across a little wrong.

  8. I love the mix of floral and biker!

  9. I'm the same way I just can't walk by a pretty floral dress!! Loving the one your are wearing & I just did a post on floral dresses if you get a chance to check it out. First time joining your link party and I'm now following you and Lena on Bloglovin. Thanks for hosting.
    Marta xo

  10. I love a pretty dress with a leather jacket, it's always a good look! For me, my unresistables are stripes and spots. I'm obsessed with them. Have a great weekend! x

  11. I'm a big fan of feminine dresses with biker jackets. I love the colors on this outfit.

  12. Great ensemble and dress, Rachel! Take er easy and I know you'll be back. I love how your stilled this with deep pink and black. awesome.

  13. Love this tough-meets-feminine look, and there are too many things I can't quit. Jackets (moto jackets especially), low heeled sandals, and everything black...just to name a few!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  14. Loving that dress and scarf combo!!! You look so darling!

  15. that pink is amazing with your colouring, you look great. love the look with the biker jacket ( and sorry you are still wearing tights, mans it is chilly)

  16. I love this outfit, and those shoes are adorable! I sometimes accept compliments like that too... Haha

  17. I love your floral dresses! For me, I just can't quit wearing my Doc Martens. I am really trying to get out of wearing black but the Doc's, I think I will always love to wear them. :-)

    Erika @

  18. oh you look especially beautiful here! i love the pink lips and the pink scarf!

  19. My boyfriend said, ' You look juicy, have you lost weight?' There it was, that double handed compliment. However, I'll take it. Really love this scarf, I agree it really goes well with ur colouring. F&F have some wonderful clothes atm, Im such a fan. I can't quit polka dots...especially in monochrome! <3 x

  20. I just can't quit brightly colored tights. I admit I have a problem (and a drawer full of them), but I have no desire to change that! That floral dress is super cute AND such a good deal. I probably wouldn't have passed it up either :)


  21. I like the dress!

    I can't quit shoes and handbags. No matter how hard I try, I keep buying more.

  22. This is a beautiful color on you! Especially against the background.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  23. You look gorgeous here, I love stripes, I can't get enough!

    Maria xxx

  24. love the dress and the jacket! great look. :)

  25. I love your floral dress, and you styled it perfectly. such a great mix of edgy and girly.


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