Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Brit Pack Presents: the Pastel Parade

This month us Ladies of the Brit Pack are uniting and showing off a parade of Pastels!
When i first put this out to the girls as this months theme i kinda shot myself in the foot. You see until recently i was really not a pastel type girl. I was ALL about the brights and felt pastels to be wishy washy compared to the strong colours that dominated my wardrobe. Then the more pastels i saw the more i liked, their subtly sugary tones are sweet and pretty. Problem is with the #100spendingban still in full swing i couldn't exactly run out and purchase some pastel products. Nope i had to make do. But thankfully making do meant wearing this baby blue beautiful long-line cardigan that i recently received from Front Row Shop. I have been wearing it pretty much non stop on my day off/jeans days. Its perfect in this spring weather we've been having.

I also couldn't wait to where my patch jeans again, they have become a firm favourite since they first graced my legs only to be removed for washing and then safely back on again. 
I have to say i am really excited about adding some more pastels to my wardrobe in 28 days time (!!) 

Shoes & Necklace: New Look

Now for some more pastels prettiness be sure to check out my fellow Brit Pack ladies below, who have a plethora of pastels for you today.
 (l-r)RachelSophieSarah, Gemma
(l-r) MariaKimChristinaDonnaErica

Do you wear lots of pastels? I would love to see! 
If you can leave a link in the comments below of a pastel post 


  1. considering you're on a spending ban, you're doing well to have added lots of new things to the wardrobe! you should ban yourself more often!

  2. Great outfit Rachel, love your jeans :)

  3. Ah Rachel you've done it again with another cracking outfit!

  4. That cardigan is gorgeous on you, it looks so cosy!

    Maria xxx

  5. I love those jeans and the cardigan is great too!

  6. LOVE that cardigan! Thanks for linking! Please add the badge or link to your post :)

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  7. Love the polka dot top, such a nice outfit :) x

  8. I'm not a pastels fan either, and usually love my bright brights, but this look is really cool on you - loving those jeans!


  9. I love the blue against the polka dots! :)
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK

  10. Hello! Been following your site :-) I am in full pastel mode too. I love the baby blue color especially with your dark hair, you look great!
    If you can drop by: www.elegantlydressedandstylish.com

  11. I love this cardigan - it's a great way to get pastels into the wardrobe without appearing twee.

    Popped across from Transatlantic Blonde

  12. I love the long pastel cardigan, it's so perfect for spring and looks great with the polka dot blouse!
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