Thursday, 13 March 2014

Brand Crush: Zara

Spring with Zara

Zara surplice dress / Zara oversized top / Zara blouse / Zara pink coat / Zara jeans / Zara print skirt / Zara sandals / Zara pointed shoes / Zara purse / Zara purse / Zara geometric necklace / Zara hat / Zara chain belt

I know i'm a little late to the game on this one. Hell, most "fashion bloggers" have a wardrobe filled with Zara pieces. But only now am i seeing Zara for the wonderful brand it is.
Take the new S/S14 range.. perfect yellows and pastels with interjections of blue. It's pretty awesome.
Over the course of a few weeks i found i had pinned most of these pieces individually, but when put all together they make the most fabulous Spring capsule wardrobe, don't you think? Perfectly encapsulating casual weekends, drinks with the girls or a fancy occasion. All in a matter of 13 items.. not bad right?

Is there a brand you're currently crushing on?

Ps Passion for Fashion is on tomorrow, don't forget to come by and link your fabulous self up!


  1. OMG i know! I love Zara! I have so much beautiful good quality stuff from there!

  2. I love their stuff, but I can't wear bright yellow or pastels. So, there are some great spring pieces that I can't wear. Boo. There is a coat I love, but it only comes in bright yellow.

  3. That little blue bag is on my wishlist, but I also love that cream one! My Zara wishlist is reallllly long right now :)

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