Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Clearing the Mind

Sorry for the radio silence around here lately folks, i feel like a juggler with lots of balls in the air right now and i am about to drop one at any time.. i am a rubbish juggler, but such is life. Plus my hubby (photographer) is away on business so no outfit photos. But i did find these lovely photos on my laptop from a couple of weeks ago. Ogmore by Sea... its such a great place. Here i love donning a silly (but warm) bobble hat (which incidentally is my sons!) and blowing the cobwebs away. I miss dry days. Its been so wet and rainy here of late i long for nice walks and sunshine.

I find there's nothing like a lovely long walk to clear the mind. 
Whats your favorite way to gain some inner peace? Do you have a favourite spot?

Ps how'd you like the new blog design? I was craving simplicity.. i have to say I'm pretty smitten with it. Hope you like it too!


    Hi Rachel, have been following your blog for a few months now, really, really like the new look. Have just started blogging recently.

  2. these pictures are so beautiful! and i really like the new design, too:-) xx

  3. Those sea pictures of the waves are truly beautiful!!! I almost feel like I am there (and wish I was!). NOTHING clears my head and any troubles like walking along beside the sea on a choppy day! Hope that you continue to keep those balls in the air but even if you don't, give yourself a break girl!x

  4. When I opened your blog page I said,"Wow, how nice!"

  5. I LOVE it! I recently went more simple too. it feels good,huh?

  6. how am I only just seeing your new layout? LOVE IT!

  7. Lol love that you fit in your son's hat! These photos are beautiful, it's snowing here today so I feel you on the longing for sunshine...



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