Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 The Re-cap (and #100daynospend announcement)

I wasn't actually planning on a re-cap post, but then this morning i got up with Neo, sat with my Nexus tablet and morning coffee and started reading my morning round of blogs.
On there i saw some amazing 2014 re-caps and i realised how lovely it is to see fellow bloggers round up of 2014. 
So here i am sat at my laptop running through my archive like a crazy lady trying to put a post together... always last minute rachel,always....oopss (potential new years resolution there ,haha)
One thing i started to realise once trawling through my back catalogue of 2014 was how incredibly proud i am of myself. Please know, being British actually makes that incredibly hard to say.  Self-deprecation should be my middle name. I will always point out my own negatives and pick holes in myself (incidentally i've actually been doing that a lot lately..perhaps another NYresolution?) but, looking back through my past years efforts for the 3rd year running in to RTH left  me feeling incredibly proud and pleased. 
There are some outfits i absolutely love (again hard to say, damn that overly-British gene!) and i can't wait to re create. I'm not going to lie, i do sometimes struggle to come up with fresh new outfits that i think you will find appealing. Lately especially, i am happy in jeans and a cute sweater. But i continue because this blog is such a positive wonderful experience, you ladies make me come back week after week and express myself through outfits. Its a good work out for my brain, gets the grey matter moving and makes me think up new outfits instead of sitting in my onesie all day (current situation though, not gunna lie;)  
So thank you all for your support. Thank you times a million.
You made my year.

And lastly, just a quick shout out to say i am about to embark on my 2nd year of 
The 100 day shopping ban!
Yep 100 whole days of no clothes shopping, you can see my original 2014 one here
Exactly the same principals as last year, no clothes for 100 days.
Its hard, its frustrating, but it's good for me to do.
So if there's anyone who would like to join me again, comment below and we can form a twitter help group to encourage and support one another through this tough time ;)
Like last year i shall be keeping you up to date on how i'm doing and will possibly be venting when needed(heads up,lol)
I shall be starting on Monday 5th Jan, giving me my last few days of shopping freedom.
Wish me luck ladies.. it is not going to be easy!

So there we have it goodbye 2014 , bring it on 2015.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful year!

To the re-cap!













Do you have a favourite month to dress for?
I think autumn winter is my favourite, but dabbling with shorts and kimonos this summer was definitely a nice new addition!


Sunday, 28 December 2014

Mrs Grey (and Black)

woohoo i'm back with an outfit post. After over a week off  and a month of very limited blogging, it feels good to be getting back in to some sort of blogging groove.
As the year draws to end and everyone starts to reflect on what has been their highs and lows i can't help but follow suit. One things thats been a big change this past year has been my style. No longer are all my outfits full of colour and pattern mixing, but more simple and classic. It's taken me a while to come to terms with this, heck i feel (felt) that i built this blog on colourful outfits, which i do still love, but on a daily basis i am reaching more and more for neutrals and finally i am ok with this. When i wore this outfit  yesterday my step daughter said it looked very grown up and nice and all, but not her style. This i was actually ok with! I've established that i don't always have to be 'down with the kids' haha! and that growing up and a growing sense of personal style can also be very cool, going hand in hand with being more comfortable in my own skin that i ever have.
Grey may be dull to some but to me it is my new favourite go to colour.
2015 may be more greys and blacks but my mood is joyful and happy.
This can only be a good thing!

 A quick note on the outfit, i am in love with faux leather trousers! Having dabbled with coated skinny jeans & faux leather look leggings, i've now gone the whole hog and gone for faux leather jeans and i just love them and wanna wear them all the time. They just add that look of luxe and like effort was made, but haha i fooled you because actually really it's just jeans and a sweater.. ;)
The coat was also bought in the pre-christmas sale, even though its New Look i  thought it looked more like Cos! its really beautiful on with its simple cut and lovely lines, and i know i know, another coat.. uughh! But it was such a bargain and it's grey. I am loving grey right now. And also khaki. Two new colours to me that i can not get enough of.
Speaking of grey though.. 50 shades of infact... i have never read the books, have you? would you recommend or just go see the film? The hype has made me curious i must say!

 Coat, sweater and faux leather trousers: All New Look
Boots: F&F
Bag: River Island
Earrings: Yosa

So grey? 
Love or loathe ladies?


Friday, 19 December 2014

Blush Pink with Burgundy and leopard print & P4FLinkup

Is it just me or is this festive period the most busiest time of the year, what with the day job, yosa, kids and their nativity plays and christmas parties, and shopping for everything in the whole world all for one day(!), life has been extremely busy. This Christmas i am very much looking forward to some time off. Some relaxing and snoozing and chilling with the ones i love most. I am in some desperate need of some down time after the craziness of this festive season and it couldn't come sooner in my eyes.
I can't believe i haven't blogged again all week. It literally has been all systems go on the christmas front. With my evenings filled with wrapping, or online shopping or cleaning and tidying the house (we have my in laws coming for christmas this year.. im excited!)
With 2015 already so very close i am already thinking of what i want to accomplish (i have my 30 before 30 update coming up soon too!), i am already thinking another 100 day no spend starting in January and ways i want to improve Yosa and things here at RTH, that is once the craziness dies down that is..

My most fave Boots: c/o Lotus
Scarf & Earrings: Yosa
Dress; Dorothy Perkins
Jacket: Primark
Bag: new Look
Tired sleepy face: All my own

What do you look forward to at Christmas? Is it the chill time or are you all about the pressies;)?
Have you thought about things you would like to accomplish in 2015 or is it a bit early for you?

Time for Passion 4 fashion the link up!!
I've shown you mine, now you show me yours.

Get linking up any style/fashion post and go visit some like minded lovely ladies.
Note Passion for Fashion will now return on Jan 2nd! See you then!

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