Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Guest Post: Donna of Polka Dot PInk

Whilst i'm away on a family trip to wonderful (if not slightly wet & windy) Cornwall, i am handing the blog over to some amazing ladies/friends. To each i asked the same thing;

What is your go-to item this Autumn?
Today i present you my lovely blogging buddy
Donna of Polkadot-Pink.

When you think of a go-to item of clothing, do you think comfort or style? Is it possible for a go-to item to be both? Personally, I think yes. However, I'm a girl where comfort will always win so if my go-to item happens to be stylish as well as comfy, then surely it's a winner? Today, I'm sharing with you my latest go-to item, the denim t-shirt dress
Dresses have always been and will always be my go-to item. I'm curvy and short, dresses and me were meant to be. I bought this Topshop dress a month ago, with my trip to Berlin in mind. Let me tell you, I'm so glad I did! For days exploring a capital city, it's the perfect dress. I mean, what doesn't match a denim dress? When hand luggage limits you to two pairs of shoes, one coat and little else, these kind of dresses are like gold dust. 

// Dress :: Topshop // Tights :: Forever21 // Boots :: Topshop // Camera :: DianaF+ //

I wore this dress over and over again. The first time I wore it, we went to explore a brewery which had closed almost twenty years ago. I chose to team it with chunky burgundy boots and heart print tights. Stomping through glass, wire and grime, my dignity remained intact thanks to the length of this dress. Exploring with my DianaF+ camera, I found I could easily manoeuvre for those low shots.

The eagle-eyed among you will spy my jacket. Yes, it's the Seasalt Seafolly Jacket you saw Rachel wearing just weeks ago. There's only so many times I can be soaked whilst wearing a pac-a-mac! This coat is perfect for any autumn shower. It would have been my go-to item had Rachel not snaffled it first, I can't recommend it enough. 

What's your go-to item? Are you a dress lover too? 

For more Berlin tales, come say hello at, I'd love to see you there. 


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Guest Post: Lena of Lena B Actually

Whilst i'm away on a family trip to wonderful (if not slightly wet & windy) Cornwall, i am handing the blog over to some amazing ladies/friends. To each i asked the same thing;

What is your go-to item this Autumn?
Today i present you my fantastic co-host of our blog hop Passion For Fashion, 
Lena of Lena B Actually
What is my go-to fall item?
Tights & dresses, of course!
More often than not, it's colored or patterned tights with a really bright or quirky-printed dress!

Most people in town think only I can pull off this look, but really... it's such an easy way to feel ''dressed up'' without having to fuss too much.  I think more people around here should give it a whirl! With 2 little kids to get ready in the morning, and a full-time office job to get to on time, I need a way to express myself through fashion with minimal effort.

What are you most comfortable in?  Jeans & a tee, dresses, stilettos or flats?
I love seeing everyone's personal style and adore when someone has a ''signature look'' that is hard to miss!

Thanks Rachel for inviting me to invade your wonderful space today!
I hope you'll all join me over at Lena B, Actually!

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dabbling With Different Colours

Pink is not a colour i own a lot of. But lately i've enjoyed dabbling with it a bit more. This coat is actually from a  few years ago, and each winter i drag it out from hibernation and fall head over heels for it all over again. Its such a great vibrant colour it just makes a grey day much brighter and cheery. Hot pink is definitely a mood lifter!

 Grey is another colour i never usually buy. Infact i've pretty much avoided it in prior years, thinking it dull and boring. How wrong i was, i have a new found love for this colour and its flattering shades. Both the grey bag and scarf are (cheap) new purchases and i am so happy to have bought them, the scarf has barely left my neck and this box shape bag feels so luxe for its small price tag. Grey, i like you a lot... lets become better acquainted shall we?

Then topped it all off with a hit of teal, just because i do love me some teal. 
Such a simple outfit but i was really pleased with it. 
A basic white tee and black skinnies turned in to a bright cheerful outfit on a dark gloomy day.

Are you dabbling with any new to you colours lately? 
I'd love to know what you've been trying!
 Jeans & Bag: Matalan
Coat: Marks & Spencer (few years ago)
Hat: New Look
Scarf: Primark

Ps I'll be away in Cornwall for the next week so i shall see you on the side! I do however have some wonderful ladies stepping in for me answering that vital question we all ask this time of year... don't forget to check back and see their answers!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Spectacular Specs and Passion For Fashion LINKUP!

 Happy Friday folks!! Lately i've been giving my peepers a break from constant contact lens wearing. I always shy away from glasses but when MyOptique asked if i would like to try a pair of designer glasses from London Retro i literally took two days to decide..all their frames are soooo good! Exactly my style, retro, funky and fun. I could have easily picked 7 pairs  one different for each day, ha!
I picked this classic black frame as i wanted a pair i could wear to work and look smart and go with everything, and for me, they do exactly that! So pleased!
MyOptique were also super kind and put my (blind as a bat) prescription in for me too.

 This outfit is kind of a mixture of a lot of my favourite pieces. Orla Kiely Scarf, an easy denim shirt dress and my seychelles mustard heels. Simple but effective i find!

 The Lovely Sara sent me one of beautiful handmade bracelets, each silver disc has the names of my children (Mia, Talyn & Neo). It is the loveliest bracelet and is such a lovely wearable piece. (it would also make such a lovely present for any mamas you know!!) Sara is super sweet too, she takes the time to find out exactly what design and colours and sizes you would like to make sure its extra perfect, its been so lovely working with her.Take a look at her wonderful Etsy shop Naki Design and her Facebook page here. This is such a special piece for me, i have long wanted something with my childrens names on and it really is even nicer in real life, im afraid my photos dont do it justice!

 Dress: c/o Uniqlo
Shoes: Seychelles
Scarf: Orla Kiely for Uniqlo
Bracelet: c/o Naki Design

SO ladies, what have you been wearing this week?

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What i couldn't live without..

There are a few things in this busy life of mine that make my life easier and generally happier.
My smart phone is one of them, i am one of those people who feel like i've lost an arm if i leave it behind and generally check it a gazillion times a day. Coffee is another thing i could not function without, and so is coke zero (terrible habits i know, but a habit i am not about to kick anytime soon!)
And now my new Asus Nexus Tablet

I have been a huge pad/tablet fan for the past 4 years. I bought my first ipad when i was on maternity leave with Neo and used it a lot when he was first born and then continually afterwards. Hub's being a bit of a techie geek has also had the Motorola Xoom and now on his recommendation the Asus Nexus Tablet.
When Argos reached out and asked if i would like to review one of their tablets, i jumped at the chance. My old ipad is looking a little worse for ware after being beaten up by a toddler and 3 and a half years of lots of use (and filled with baby games) This new tablet is just for me.. and i couldn't be more pleased with it! 
It now goes everywhere with me, to work, out for coffee (like this lovely Sunday), shopping and to bed even. It has become a product that i couldn't live without (ok i probably could, but heck i don't want to thats for sure!)

I thought i'd just do a quick run through of some of my favourite apps that are always on my main screen for quick access:

I love keeping up on all my favourite blogs, nice clear and easy format and it means i can read blogs on the go at any time (which i do a lot!) grabbing a few minutes here and there.

Sometimes i flit between bloglovin and Feedly, and lately ive been reading all my blogs through this format. I find the images load quickly and the layout is nice and easy, plus you can just sign straight in with your google account, easy peasy

Hi my name is Rachel and im a serial pinner.. yep i raise my hand to sayong lately i have really jumped on the pintrest wagon, its so inspiring , i love it!!
Are we pintrest friends? we should be! lets exchange boards shall we? this is me!

Major love for this app, its just so handy! When i first moved in in April i relied heavily  on the argos app  for viewing things for our new home and reserving them for convenient pick up..amazing. And now Christmas is coming (65 days people, 65!!) i am already browsing the toy section for a certain little boy to see what father christmas might be bringing him ;-)

I LOVE to read. True story, we do not have a tv subscription in our house (you're thinking im crazy now aren't you) but we have been TV free for nearly a year and its been amazing. Don't get me wrong we still watch films and we go through phases where we will watch a box set (supernatural was a recent one!love those Winchester boys!!) But day to day TV we do not have. So instead of putting something on the old box, just for the sake of it, i now read a book. I have read so many amazing books and the kindle app is just perfect for being able to pick up my book, read a few pages, get distracted  by a busy 3 year old, book mark and put down to be picked up later.

After a good read through my fav blogs, a few chapters of my current book and yummy coffee and cinnamon swirls , hubs bought be a lovely dress i had had my eye on (New Look superstore has a Starbucks in it where i live, how good is that?!)
Sundays don't get much better than that do they?!

How do you like to spend your Sundays and What gadgets could you not live without in your life? 


Monday, 21 October 2013

$1000 October Style Giveaway!!

I've collaborated with an amazing group of bloggers to bring FOUR very lucky readers a chance to win $250 USD each!  

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just a quick outfit post from me today as the obvious main attraction of today's post is up there ^^^!
Have you entered yet?? Go on , go on , go on!!
Amazing huh! Just in time for some pre Christmas shopping perhaps?

So this is the outfit i wore to our company thank you party last week. I am just totally crushing on coated jeans still, i love how they take normal skinny jeans to a whole other level, i call them my sassy pants as they make me feel pretty darn sassy haha!

The cobalt blue blouse is just about my favourite colour right now. Its just such a wonderfully deep shade and i am hopelessly head over heals for it, i may have recently bought a cobalt blue sweatshirt too (in the sale i may add!) which is great for causal days. 
The dress code for this particular doo i went too was smart/casual. This always confuses smart? how casual? what is the best way to accomplish this? i am a serial over thinker who could literally complicate the most menial of tasks, so after much deliberation this was my outfit, which i was pleased with, becasue lets face it, any chance to wear these coated jeans and i'm a happy gal!

Blouse & Shoes: Matalan
Coated Skinny Jeans: New Look

How do you do smart/casual? And have you tried sassy pants/ coated jeans yet?
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