Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stripy Legs

Some days a bit of sparkle is just what you need. This jumper has the cutest sequin Peter pan embroided collar and was definitely a nice welcome to a very stressful day. Sparkle makes everything better, don't you think?

 I recently added these wonderfully stripy tights to my ever growing tights collection and i just love them. They're the wooly thick type and so comfy and cosy, i can't wait to wear them again, they're fun for the legs ;-)
Add on top of that my trusty old red duffel and i was good to go! Another coat from the collection (Jeez i have a lot of "collections" haha, this is just code word really for shockingly excessive hoarder!).
And then the skirt that has already 3 remixes on the old bloggero... its definitely earned it's ranking in to my hall of clothing favourites.

So in real life (as opposed to blogging life) right now we're on a bit of a roller coaster ride. Our whole lives are about to turned upside down and its so nerve-wracking. It's bizarre how stress can effect people isn't it. I like to look for the little things to keep me going, like a nice outfit to get dressed into in the morning or a little shopping to ease the soul. Stripy tights, sequin collars  and red lipstick are another coping mechanism i guess. these things put a small smile on my face even when the world is tough! 

How do you cope with stress? Any tips for me?

 So folks we are more than half way and that feels good. I am looking forward to seeing my Sister this weekend (Happy Birthday lovely sis) and have scones with clotted cream and jam...mmmmm. Simple pleasures, right?!
Tights & Boots: next
Sequin Peter Pan collar sweater: Katsumi via Ebay (£5!)
Red Coat: Matalan (maybe 3 years ago)

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Dresses at Dusk

Happy Monday Folks!
Did you have a nice weekend? I do hope so!
I have been in a bit of a rut lately. I was standing in front of my wardrobe staring blankly in complaining to Hub's that i had nothing to wear (to which he did the husband eye roll thing, you know?) Maybe its the lack of shopping and that i'm feeling a little uninspired with what i have, i don't know.
So, after a mammoth trying on sesh where i was being a complete diva/spoilt brat and didn't like any of it (picture me throwing stuff on the bed in a huff like a child throwing its rattle out of the pram) i just picked up my favvvee dress. Knowing I'd already asked Paul if we could do blog photos today he responded to my dress choice with "didn't you do that one recently?" Gold star for observation hubby, gold star. But that wasn't really what i needed to hear at that (stroppy) moment in time. You see sometimes i just want to wear my favourite dress. Full stop. No need to worry that i've "blogged" it before and even worse, very recently. No worries that it's not remixed much differently than the last time i wore it. I just wanted some uncomplicated fave dress time. You get me?
And what resulted in this action? Well it made me do lots of this:

Sometimes you just gotta do what you want to do i reckon. Do what makes you happy, go with what feels right. I think i often over think things and make them more complicated than they need to be, and thats not just with my wardrobe. There's a life lesson to be learnt here me thinks...

Do you blog your outfits? 
Do you ever get weighed down with the worry of repeat outfits? 

It sounds so silly really, in real life (as opposed to blogasphere life) we all wear repeat outfits all the time, heck its not like we're Victoria Beckham and have a different outfit every freaking day, we're real life women. 
So therefore ladies I stand up!
 I am a repeat wearer of the same outfit...and sometimes two days on the trot!
(Sshh don't tell anyone that bit!)
It feels good to just grab a dress and go and not worry. 
Anndd i think maybe i need a little shopping to get the creative juices flowing again,hahaha! 

I feel like the dress is such a statement piece in itself that there's not a lot of re mix options, a jumper over it maybe? But i kinda like  love it just as it is.
If you're curious, this is when i last wore it here.

Dress: Joules
Shoes: Seychelles via Modcloth
Hat: Next
Scarf: Peacocks

We stopped at this viewing point on our way home from our lovely friends house on Sunday. 
We had spent the day watching the kids play wonderfully and i had baby cuddles with their gorgeous 10 week old baby... hello broodiness (which then dissipated quite quickly as Neo had a tantrum as he couldn't take the toy trains home with him!)

So anyway, in other news ladies, the nights are drawing out ever so slightly and it means we have around an extra 40 minutes of light at the end of the day. Paul did say we probably wouldn't have enough light to take these photos, so apologise if these are a little dark, but i was ever so slightly excited that it was 4.30pm and still not dark! Springs-a-coming people! 

 So then ladies, you go forth and repeat those outfits!
And have yourself a very happy week!

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Little bit '70's

Happy weekend everyone!!
I had these photos sat on the old desktop for a couple of weeks. Pre snow on ground- which is still outstaying its welcome. 
Just a very simple outfit post, but sometimes thats a good thing, right?
 Flared Jeans, polo neck, coat, hat, comfy wedges, done!

I fell in love with this jacket when i saw it in Look magazine (obviously the powers of advertising works on me...:-/) but i just couldn't justify £55 on another coat. I kept my beady eye on it and when it came to the sale it went down to a bargainous  £15 odd quid.. and so i added yet another coat to the collection. Someday maybe it will be a collection i can leave to my step daughter... coats and shoes,my legacy,ha!

Little bit of the 70's vibe makes me a happy gal.
Wishing you the best weekend lovelies! 

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pay Day Treats

With a the End of January nearly in sight, it can only mean one thing... PAYDAY!! Woohoo! I'm not sure if you're like me, but January is one heck of a long month, especially when you get paid early for Christmas (which now feels like an age ago...yikes!!!)
So with my self induced shopping ban since well before Christmas i think it's only fair, you know as a reward for getting through a toughie of a month, that i have a little pay day treat!

Pay Day Treats

Don't get me wrong i don't think i'll be buying all this, but i sure do like a lot of it.
I have this urge to try different things outside of my comfort zone. Yes this shopping list has the usual culprits for me on it, i.e, the pretty dress and cute duck printed skirt, but i fancy trying out an edgier look with a khaki jacket and a pair of boots and a slouchy beanie. We shall see i guess!!
What are you fancying at the moment? And are you having  a little pay day  or a 'Well done you made it through January' treat?
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