Friday, 22 November 2013

Leopard and Stripes

These photos were taken about 2 weeks ago (pre-haircut) and for some reason i had no inclination to post them. Which is quite handy for days like today when i have nada.. A combination of no hubby for photos, that insomnia again (still?) and a lot of  days of very casual wear has meant no new photos this week. But least i have these to share with you all today.

I recently won these practically new leopard print booties on ebay for £5.00. I don't think they had even been worn, they arrived like new! I kinda love them too, they're not the most comfy so not for long day wear, but for sitting on my behind and eating a meal in a nice restaurant they are just fine!
I just love the punch of fun they add. Who would have thought a few months ago i would be wearing leopard print booties and own more than a handful of leopard print peices.. not me thats for sure! I've even started looking at neon pieces lately which is sooooo not like me! I don't know if its the lack of sleep or maybe style growth? who knows, but im happy to go with it. But if i start looking like this feel free to give me a nudge and a "what are you thinking?!" Mkay?

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  1. you look gorgeous! So sorry you aren't sleeping, that can get you down (seriously i know my daughter has sms and sleep is rare here!) Hope that rectifies soon. lovely to have discovered yours and lena's link up. love the boots and i kinda like the bet lynch look so probably don't rely on me for the nudge xxxxx

  2. I've been eyeing leopard booties since last year, but still haven't picked up a pair. I need to get on that! I always keep a few spare sets of outfit pics on back up just in case...

  3. Cute shoes Rachel. I don't think I'd be able to walk in them! You rock them though :-) xx

  4. Looking fab in your leopard print & stripes (I consider both to be classic prints!). Thank you for hosting this lovely link-up party! xo T.

  5. Those boots are calling my name. Fancy giving them away to a new home?

  6. Great combo! I would never consider myself a leopard print kind of girl, but the more I see it, the more I think I might want to try.

  7. OMyGursh, Rachel! I WANT THOSE SHOES/BOOTIES! Adorable. This entire ensemble is GREAT!

  8. Love those booties- they add a perfectly fun pop to the outfit. I definitely like to think of it as style growth when we experiment with things outside our comfort zone!

  9. Rachel I lurrrrve this look on you... and how about those boots for a fiver??!!!! Lucky girl! I feel some outfit inspiration coming on - Pinning it right now!! Thanks for hosting the linky party honey :)

    Catherine x

    P.S. Hope the sleeping improves - I'm sort of having the opposite with too much sleeping and loads and loads of dreams - I wake up exhausted as well but for different reasons :(

  10. Haha oh man, that pic is scary!! But you know how to wear it tastefully, you look great!! I love the mix of stripes and leopard and the pretty darker colors. Is that scarf from H&M? I think I have it! And I feel ya on the casual wear....lately all I've been wearing is leggings and sweaters! haha

  11. Will indeed let you know but you are miles off it at this stage!!! Love the jacket too. Hope the sleeping, or not sleeping, resolves itself - that is the worst and just makes itself worse through worrying about it.

  12. Hope you get back to sleeping soon, nothing worse than feeling shattered but not being able to sleep.

    Loving the boots, great eBay win.

    X x


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