Sunday, 17 November 2013


 Im just gunna come right out and say this. Insomnia is a biatch isnt it. As you can tell from these photos sleep is not my friend of late, and me and the wee hours of the morning have become well acquainted.  This makes for a pale ass Rachel with bags the size of refuse sacks under these eyes, hence the not so great photos and lots of headless shots below.. apologies for that, but i assure you i'm doing you and your computer screen a big favour.

Ever suffered from sleepless nights? To the point where you feel like a zombie come morning time? And yet go to bed at night and BAM! Brain WIDE awake... not cool brain, not cool!!

 Because of the general zombie-esque nature of my daylight hours this past week, i have literally been throwing on this brown biker jacket and brown Lotus boots over pretty much every outfit. Chuck them on over jeans and a top, you're good to go. Dress and a scarf, off i trot. easy peasy no brainers is where i am at right now.
I long for a solid 8 hours sleep(heck id even take 7 at this point in time!) Maybe after that my outfits may be consist of other articles and i won't look like i've just walked off the set of Walking Dead.. here's hoping!
Oh and also i got my hair cut quite substanstially. Not entirely sure i like it (not great first show here, Welsh mist means greasy/wet/frizzy hair..nice!) but its hair, it'll grow back soon.
 Dress: Primark
Biker Jacket: New Look
Scarf: Miss Selfridge
 On that note, i shall leave you with a shot of the beautiful welsh countryside.. Pretty huh!



  1. Urgh! There's nothing I love more than sleep, my problem is that I just can't get enough of matter how long I sleep. I think it's called laziness. Glad to see my dress twin is back, this dress is a real beaut isn't it?! Such a bargain! Hope you manage to get some serious sleep soon, I've yet to see these Walking Dead eye bags you're talking about ;-)
    Donna x

  2. So sorry about your insomnia - it is indeed a bitch of an ailment. You still look wonderful, how do you do it with no sleep? Hope tonight is much better, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. I love this dress. I have looked at it so many times and even considering buying it put away for after the birth. I know exactly what you mean about sleepless nights. Before pregnancy I was the most solid sleeper. I have even been known to sleep through a fire alarm, a fire engine outside my window and a fireman banging on the door of the flat to get everyone to evacuate the building (true story - I didn't wake up intil my husband returned from the door and literally shook me awake), but recently I find myself away for hours from around 3:30am. It's driving me crazy!

  4. Well, I think you look lovely...and I never would have noticed the insomnia...and I love the colors you put together in the outfit. Hope you get more sleep this week.

  5. Would never noticed ANY bags at all! And the countryside is just gorge--as is your outfit! insomnia defiantly sucks. Wishing you sleep~ xoxo

  6. i feel exactly the same... i'm a terrible insomniac. you look lovely, though!! xx


  7. I really like how the tights pick up the accent color. Nice choice.

  8. I have these nights as well. I could really do with more sleep. Despite needing more sleep, you look wonderful. Gorgeous tights. I hope the insomnia lets up a bit, so you can rest xx

  9. oh lady... I have these bad nights every now and then, and I know how frustrated you must feel watching the clock. the good news is... you're still a mega babe. x

  10. Your leather jacket looks so well worn and loved! I love how it matches the boots


  11. I always love seeing the beautiful scenery in your shots, Rachel :) Sorry to hear you're suffering atm, sleep wise, it's really not fun. Have you tried meditating?

    Good luck :)

  12. I think you look great Rachel - Your hair is beautiful as well - Maybe you are too hard on yourself, non?
    I hope for your sake that you get a good night sleep soon !


  13. That's so frustrating that you haven't been able to sleep! I'm so sorry! Your outfit does look quite beautiful and I hope you're able to sleep better soon!

  14. You look lovely here, you wouldn't know you haven't been sleeping but for your sake I hope you get some soon!

    Maria xxx

  15. I have only truly suffered through insomnia once...don't ever want to again. Ever. I hope you get a great night's rest. Until then, know that your photos turned out beautifully and I never would've known you were tired if you hadn't said so. Oh and just call the headless photos "artistic".

  16. The lack of sleep doesn't show, but I sure can relate. I have nights when I cant' get to sleep no matter how tired I am and also nights when I can't stay asleep. My mother tells me it's age and I'm not impressed. You look gorgeous and so does the Welsh countryside.

  17. Great color combinations and I love the socks over the tights and in the boots. I love that look. I got some cool tights at Savers yesterday and must admit you are influencing me in a great way. Thank you!

  18. Lovely outfit! It's great how you have combined those colors!

  19. Hello gorgeous! Insomnia, what? I would never have guessed that you weren't anything but well rested. I see no bags, dark circles, or any other indication of lack of sleep. You are so pretty, lady!

  20. We love a little exposed sock! So trendy!


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