Thursday, 12 September 2013

Coated Jeans

 I never felt like i could rock leather (or fake leather) trousers, i just didnt think i was edgy enough to be able to pull that whole look off, and i definitely couldn't work the wet look either. But when coated jeans started to appear, i found myself adding them to my online cart, then leaving it there for a while wondering what they'd be like on these child bearing hips of mine.... Fast forward a few weeks and i was holding a pair of coated jeans in the changing room in New Look. I took in the (uk) size 10 thinking, as if?! and the size 12. I pulled the 10 on, did them up and thought to myself "my god... i freaking love these jeans" Firstly 'cos they were my first size 10 pair of jeans since loosing the weight, secondly,the kinda made me feel a bit rock and roll and a little bit..dare i say it, sexy. Needless to say they came safely home with me where i have worn them a lot since!! What do you think of coated jeans? Would you try them?

  For a little date night with hubs i chose to pair it with my new Warehouse top that i recently recieved from Zalando. Now, i'm always pretty late to the game with things, this was my first time shopping with Zalando, i don't why it's taken me so long, they have an amazing range of so many of my favourite brands! I now have a wishlist as long as my arm ( tell me its christmas soon, somebody!) Including this skirt with this!
 Have you shopped with Zalando before?

Coated Jeans: New Look
Shoes & Bag: Matalan



  1. Oooh I do like the print on that top, I think Warehouse made a dress very similar to that too.

  2. This outfit is just perfection on you Rachel¬ Love the lines of that top. I've never tried coated jeans but I'm a big fan of my faux leather trousers0- I bet these are probably a bit more hardwearing than my PU ones?


    Chambray & Curls

  3. Love coated jeans. I think they are a great affordable alternative to leather. Plus because they are denim they wear so much better. I had a pair of pleather pants once that didn't last past a couple wears because they didn't really stretch all that well...

    And let's be serious since you got them in a great new smaller size they were coming home regardless right ;)

  4. These jeans look great on you! I have actually been considering giving coated jeans a try, even though I would never, ever attempt leather. I just might try them on if I found a good pair.

  5. These jeans look great on you! I have actually been considering giving coated jeans a try, even though I would never, ever attempt leather. I just might try them on if I found a good pair.

  6. You looking totally fantastic in those jeans! I've never given them a try, but I'm definitely up for it after seeing you rockin' yours!
    Debbie :)

  7. I used to have Pleather Leggings from like 6 years ago. I saw them on sale at Arden B. loved them and got them. I have no clue I what I did with them though. Since I love leggings & skinny pants and wear them ALL THE TIME, I got to give coated pants a try. Today I purchased a Faux Leather Skirt that I love. I love how you made your pants Rocker Chic. That top is fun, unique & edgy. I am in love with the Nude Studded, Peep-Toe Stilettos. The light Neutral Color goes so well with the Electric Blue Toes.

    And I am now all caught up on your blog. Stop by mine whenever you can/like, Rachel. Much appreciated.

    Enjoy your weekend, Ada. =)

  8. Ah! You're so tiny girl! And those leather pants look SO good on you!! I'm loving the cute shoes too and your pretty bright blue toes! I've never heard of Zalando but that skirt you're wishing for is super cute! I hope you end up getting it!

  9. Those jeans look terrific on you! You are looking so svelte.

  10. Love the jeans and your top is fabulous! You pull off rocker chic perfectly :)

  11. This jeans look brilliant on you and coated jeans are the smart way to do leather ;)

    Maria xxx


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