Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Biker jacket, Black And Red

 I feel a style progression happening lately. I mentioned back in april that i was going through a bit of a transition, and i guess really you never stop changing, and that to embrace the change and go with it. That is definitely more of how i am dressing lately. I don't think im sticking to one particular style, or limiting myself (as i have been known to do that previously) but opening my mind to trying new styles and im actually enjoying picking new clothes and styles out for myself. It makes for a more interesting collection, rather than just a row of floral dresses (which i have a TON of!)

Something i had never really dabbled with before is the slightly edgier look, and sleek lines. I was alll about the girly twee previously, which i still like but im excited to try different ways to wear items. I am loving biker jackets, studs, and i don't think i've ever been so in to black, which feels bizarre for me as i used to be allll about the colour, but lately, black with the right accessories feels gooood.
Do you have a particular style? Or do you dabble in a varied way of multiple styles?

 Hubby bought this jacket for me last week, and we actually bought my step daughter nye on the exact same one, i went to put the jacket on just before leaving to go for yummy indian food with the girls from work and the jacket felt a wee bit tight and the sleeves were up my wrists. It did not fit like that in the shop... it actually took hubs to say  "you have Mia's jacket on!!" before i even realised, haha! I'm such a dope! But on a plus note Mia and i will totally be ble to share clothes soon as that age 11-12 almost nearly, fitted. Heehee!
This is also the last outfit before my hair cut (which was today) i've had a fair old whack off the length and lots of layers put in. I like it, it feels lighter and easy going which is what i am all about! Im looking forward to trying some different styles for shorter/mid length hair, any one have suggestions?
Jacket & Blouse: F&F Tesco
Biker leggings: River Island Sales
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Dorothy Perkins

Ps also, leggings as trousers, controversial non? Hit me with your feeling on this as i know its like marmite, like or loathe!!


  1. Love the post -kind of echo's mine today, transitional style! Your hair looks lovely:) x

  2. I absolutely love that jacket! You do the edgy look well :)

  3. Oh my gosh, you look hot! Edgy suits you!

    I definitely dabble in many different styles, I'd say. Sometimes I like to go edgy, sometimes super girly, sometimes business casual, sometimes boho. Hopefully it doesn't look as scattered as it sounds. I have thought about that - whether a truly stylish person should have one signature look or a really varied wardrobe.

  4. Leggings are only controversial when they aren't worn right, you have worn.them.awesome!


  5. woaaahhh its been awhile since i have been here and was so excited to see this look! AMAZING CHANGE! style is so fluid and its meant to be that way! i love to see you embracing the need for change. I know for me as my mood or experiences change my outer appearance does as well! cheers! xo

  6. you realllly suit this style Miss! xo

  7. I like this look on you Rachel! I've got a leather biker jacket I've had for yonks, and I still wear it lots, it's something that stands the test of time.

    My style changes all the time too - today I'm a bit '60s, something a few years ago I wouldn't have touched! I do love wearing the older style stuff (1930s to 1950s) but sometimes I like to break out of that and try new things.

    P x

  8. so weird seeing you in a lot of black, but as usual, you bloody pull it off! x

  9. I love this look on you! I tend to go back and forth between twee vintage and rockstar looks, too. My husband teases me about not knowing which wife he has on any given day. I cannot WAIT to see your new haircut! And black is so chic. You look fantastic!

  10. Oh Rachel - I adore this look. It is fabulous on you!

    I too have been feeling that transitional bit in my style. I am still trying to really find my look! Studs, leather, and black are hot hot hot and have definitely been jumping out to me lately. I recently got a grey studded purse which I adore. It's a new thing for me - but then again, today all of my accessories are basically bows. :) haha

  11. You look really cool, and the leggings are great. Your legs are fab so you definitely pull them off!

  12. haha...you said Nye in your post. Is that really a word? Johnny tells me it means "no" in Swiss German lol
    Man, Rach, the pounds just keep coming off of you - you look absolutely wonderful and super skinny! I really can hardly wait to see how your new hair looks!

  13. I tried for years to have a "signature" style, I would try to stick to one "type" of clothing, usually preppy, but then I would get bored and want to try trends, etc. Now I realise how misguided that was, as none of us are only one thing. I still love my preppy clothes (must be the American in me) but I now know how to mix and balance my wardrobe so that the "me" comes through no matter what. I always find it interesting when people tell me something "looks like me", because that means I must have a recognisable style, whatever you want to call it.

  14. Love this look and would love if you would share it at my linkup that begins tomorrow at 8am

  15. I love leggings as pants as long as the shirt is longer :) You look great in these!! This is totally different for you, but I LOVE it! That jacket is great and I love that color of your blouse! You make me wish I could pull off the edgier looks! I'm totally a twee girl too but I just look...wrong in edgy stuff.

  16. That jacket is awesome! I love the quilting and the red shirt!

  17. That jacket is gorgeous! Leggings as trousers - controversial, but I think you pull it off! Xo


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