Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Personal Favourite thanks to Country Clothing

 Hey folks, look at me back finally with an outfit post, yippee! I had photographer hubs warned that today i must get photos and through hell and high water (torrential rain, tut!!) we did!
I've had the pleasure of working with Country Clothing Direct over the past couple of weeks. The folks there are just lovely and they let me pick something from the new A/W ranges, they stock Joules, Hunter, Toggi (and North Face coming soon). You guys know me by now, i go weak at the knees for a bit of Joules as i just find their products so wonderfully comfy and versatile, and this dress is exactly that!!

 The dress is actually like a sweatshirt material, which just makes it soooooooo comfy. I can totally see me living in this through winter with leggings and some lovely tan knee high riding style boots, or even wellies for those long wet cold days! I've been waiting for a bit of cooler weather to wear it, and today was perfect, plus we went to the cinema with super high air con and this dress was perfect. I thought i'd dress it up a bit in my favourite colours, red, white and blue, and stripes in particular are definitely a go to for me. Smart casual at its best i reckon! 

 PLUS... it has pockets...girls, need i say more?!?!  ;-)
 Have you seen the new a/w range for Joules yet? I'm desperate for a pair of their funky wellies for when i'm up the allotment! Still so much digging to do!
Well another weekend over? Have you had a good one? 
I feel like mine was short , but sweet! Family time, cinema to see Wolverine (awesomness!) and a whole portion of cheesy /salsa nachos to myself plus getting to wear this gorgeous dress all adds up to a pretty sweet weekend. (all apart from the lack of sticking to the old diet.... naughty me, back on it tomorrow Rachel!!)
Dress: c/o Country Clothing
Bag & Necklace: super old!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Passion For Fashion Link up #13

Is it Friday again already? Wow that one crept up on my like a sneaky little kitten. Speaking of sneaky little kitties, we got a kitten (i may have turned in to a slight freaky cat lady who takes lots of photos of her cat and can't seem to stop;-)

Say Hi to Lucky

But in other (style related) news i ahve ZERO photos for you today, i know!! What kind of style blogger phony am i?! But with general life shizz getting all up in my bizz (say that in your best english accent folks,haha... i should not be allowed to say stuff like that! i do not sound cool!!LOL)  i have just not snapped a single outfit, and i swear i have been wearing cute outfits and everything, which is such a shame, they've just been wasted on my 3 year old who can't even tell how cute my sandals are yet and the general public who don't give a hoot what i wear..:-s

So with that in mind i come bearing a plethora of lovely ladies for you, Some of my fave picks from last weeks link up! Yay!
You guys! You were SERIOUSLY stylish last week! All 37 of you were looking totally HOT! Go you!! I loved looking through each post and seeing what you've been wearing, i am totally inspired!
So here's a few of my favourites from last Friday:

 This girl is GORGEOUS!  this coral maxi is stunning with its lacey pannel!

Um please may i have one of everything above in my size pretty, pretty please? The dress is AMAZEBALLS!! and love how she styles it here with the hat and brogues. Gorge!!

 Oh the bag!! the bag the bag the bag... want, need, love! Plus white dresses.. so so pretty!

 This girl is a complete cutie! Look at that adorable dress and her hair and make up is perfection!!

Woah! that head piece.. SO beautiful, as is that peter pan, perfect dress!

So now its your turn, show me what you've got ladies!! Im in need of inspiration! And i sure would love to feature you next week!
Fashion is for everyone. 
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we all have a passion for fashion!
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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rachel The Hat's Summer Beauty Essentials

So far this summer has been hot and humid here in the UK..which in itself is a rarity, but a rarity that i welcome as i love summer and sunshine. Its sure does make for a happy if not slightly sweaty , Rachel.
So i thought today i would show you guys some of my saving graces this summer so far. I don't know about you but in summer i hate to wear my full face of make up because its too hot for one, and well, all my good work seems to run off my face within about 10 minutes of applying. So with that in mind i have mastered a few lighter options that i am truly loving.
 Lets talk Body:

Bodyshop Coconut Bodymist
Johnsons Face Wipes
Ambre Solaire False Tan spray
Coconut Body Butter
Coconut Soap

Johnsons wipes are a life saver to me, any beauty blogger will probably be cursing me here as i hear wipes are apparently terrible for you, but these ones? I love, they smell great, do not bring me out in spots like some others do and they are great for getting every last bit of make up off at the end of a long hot day. 
And the Ambre solaire false spray tan is the best i have tried. Very little (or no) streaking, dries fast and comes as a really natural colour rather than a bright-you've been-tangoed orange.

 OK so i am obsessed with coconut scented/flavoured stuff, like anything coconut at all from soaps to yougarts! i can not get enough of it. Maybe it reminds be holidays and summers gone by, but i sure do love the memories and feelings that lovely smell evokes. These above are just a few of my current faves!

For the Face: Make up
 L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream
L'Oreal Million Lashes
Bourjois Touch Illuminance
Coral & Teal Nail polish
Benefit Hoola
Max Factor Touch Up
Kabuki Brush
Rimmel Eyebrow pencil
Collection 2000 Fix Me Up

 SO i have just discovered this new L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream and it is amazing!! I have tried a few BB creams previously and have not rated them well at all, infact i ended up throwing them away as i just couldn't take to them. So reluctantly i bought this one as i was after a light coverage and fed up of wearing full foundation. I have to say it is glorius to wear. It smooths and evens colour and gives such a beautiful glow i just want to swim in the stuff,haha! Its great and lasts pretty well too. Highly recommend this if you are looking for a BB cream. Plus it has spf 12 which is perfect for me!
Then of course a bit of Max factor Master Touch concealer as these bags don't cover themselves. I definetly need help in the ark bags department. This one i have used and re bought multiple times. Tis good and value for money

 Now, Benefit Hoola has been with me for years and yet i have never bothered with it much, until now. This is so great for giving you that tanned look and is now constatly adorning my face to make me look like i've just spent the weekend in a beautiful Tropical location. I then like to top it off with a bit of Bourjouis Touch illuminance to give a little sparkle as Hoola is quite a matt colour and this is great for a little light catching.

And Lastly in the facial department, this little bottle of Fix Me Up by Collection 2000. 
You spray a few squirts over your made up face and it works like a hairspray for the face. It actually works, i was shocked and impressed. Seeing as i have to draw my eyebrows on every day (Rimmel eyebrow pencil above) (i'm severly eyebrow challenged having overplucked as a teenager and they never grew back!!) this stuff makes sure they don't slide down my face in a puddle of sweat. Perfect for the summer!

Any good mascara is a must for me, this one i got on sale and i don't love if im honest, it has microfibres which are supposed to build you eyelashes up, but these microfibers are terrible if you have contacts in or suffer from hayfever as i fins they make my eyes extra irritable.
And then some teal or coral nail polish... my favourites! Definitely my summer colours!!

Lets talk Hair
 Alberto Balsam Coconut shampoo and Conditioner
Schwarzkopf Beach Matt
Tail Comb
Hair ins

Obviously when i saw coconut shampoo i had to try it and even though it may not be the totally best shampoo i've ever used (its literally £1!!) its cheap and smells super cheerful and feels cleansing and gets all product build up out so it works for me.
The last product i've discovered this years is this:

 Retailing at about £5.00 you get a large spray bottle of salt spray, which i have discovered i love! My hair is wavy and frizzy, so this gives me control over that and makes it look beachy and a bit wind swept in a nice way, all without feeling like there's loads of product on my head. I really like this and will totally be buying this again!

And lastly:
A cute small bag and a ton of turqoise jewellery, my favourite every summer. This is a few of my favourites that i literally wear every day and just complete any outfit for me.
So there we have it, my summer essentials!

Have you discovered anything this summer, do tell! I would love to check out some of your recommendations! And have you tried any of the above?


Friday, 19 July 2013

Passion For Fashion Link Up #12 Come Join In!

Welcome Welcome Welcome 
to the Passion for Fashion Link up! 

 Summer is in full swing and so is my wardrobe. I am literally finding stuff i have not worn in years (and also fitting in to things i have not fitted for years, woopwoop!)
Take this lovely exotic flower full skirt. I have had this for the best part of 5 years and its finally getting an airing again! I forgot how much i love the pretty print and fullness of it. I kinda wanted to be girly and do lots of twirly twirls haha!

 Please excuse my non made up face.. i literally am avoiding lots of make up right now as
a. Its way too hot
b. when i do put it on i just sweat it right back off again (attractive i know!)

Have you found any gems in the back of your wardrobe/closet lately?

And now time for the link up! Please do come join in, its such great fun and so lovely to meet you all! The lovely Lena and myself will come swing by each and every link up and see what inspiring posts you have for us this let's get cracking yes?

Fashion is for everyone. 
Whether you're single in the city or a stay at home mom from the country...
we all have a passion for fashion!
Every Friday Lena & will be co-hosting a fashion free-for-all linkup! 

Anything fashion goes!
Link up your outfit posts, a fashion recap, a fashion wishlist, get your kids or hubby in on the fun... if you've got a passion for fashion, this is the place to be! 

Celebrate your style with us every Friday!
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Travel Agents Advice...

As your friendly Travel Agent i thought i would talk to you briefly about the holiday/vacation season and here are a few points to consider!

 Be Shopping Savvy Abroad
As many of us are looking forward to a getaway overseas in the coming months there are some things to consider. Having already spent out on flights, a hotel and plenty of new outfits to wear on your trip you can take some steps to ensure you don’t part with more of your cash than you need to when away. That is of course unless you find that perfect pair of heels in a boutique on the Champs-Elysees, in which case any expense is surely justifiable.

If cash goes missing then it is gone for good, but if you choose to take cards instead, they can be quickly cancelled should they be lost or stolen. Whether you want to carry cash or not while you’re away, it’s always a good idea to have at least one card on you for any emergencies.

Many credit cards have special rates for use abroad, and it is worth finding out which is the best deal available to you, as the cheapest interest rates and fees are usually reserved for those with the cleanest credit ratings. To find out what sort of cards you might be approved for click here to check your credit score. Debit cards are usually the more expensive option for use abroad but check with your bank to see if they have special rates on offer.

You will want to have at least some cash to take away to pay for taxis, tipping at restaurants, or buying things on markets where they are unlikely to take cards. It is also much easier to haggle with cash than card and if this is the custom where you are visiting then it’s wise to be prepared. Make sure you get the most out of the exchange rate by comparing charges and exchange rates before parting with your pounds.

Part of the fun of being abroad is eating and drinking out and exploring local shops and attractions, but with a bit of forward planning you can do all of these things without giving your bank balance the post holiday blues.

So go fourth and enjoy that summer holiday. Tell me do you have anything booked for your holiday this year?
I'm dreaming of the beautiful Lake Garda in Italy, the gelato is like a little piece of heaven!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I Blame The Sun

Hey dearies, jeez i am such a slacker when it comes to blogging lately. I just can't seem to get my arse in gear at all!  All i want tis to get through each hot day by having water fights with Neo in the paddling pool and then chill out with this drink (its amazing and you have to try it!) whilst listening to some old favourites like this and this on constant repeat, then going out for an evening stroll when the weather cools ever so slightly,  and that my friends pretty much sums up this little existence right now. Honestly this sunshine is making me blog lazy. I think i actually blog better in bad weather, how bizarre!

 I guess jean shorts and baggy vests don't really count much for a great outfit post do they? That has pretty much been my uniform of late.. i just can't stand too much clothing in this extreme hot weather we've been having. Us Brits aren't used to such extreme hotness for such extended periods of time. I had to go and buy a few more light summer dresses as i was actually lacking in the very light airy dress department, being that i've never really had much use for them! and, well shopping is always ok in my books!

 I bought this dress in New Look. It kinda reminds me of the nineties, so i kinda played on that a bit when i out it on with the tee and chucks.  Spending a big part of my youth as a 90's child i have never really looked back and thought i would re create an outfit that assimilated that era even slightly but i do admit i kinda like this one... comfy floaty dress, white basic tee, comfy shoes... all ok in my book!!

 I remember having a really puffy rara skirt and really big tongued trainer boots and lots of really embarrassing hair bands in the 90's...i was not a trendy child at all! Infact i looked bloody awful..bless me, haha!
Do you ever dress like your former self in the 90's?  or like me, do you normally avoid it?

Dress: New Look
Concerse: Via Next
White tee: Matalan
Bandana : Ebay
© Rachel the Hat. All rights reserved.