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Lets talk Hen Doo's

Hen Do’s – and Hen Dont's
Wedding season is upon us which means that, as well as the romantic nuptials, attending hen party celebrations will be in your summer diary. If you’re the lucky lady in charge of planning a friend’s hen do, here are a few helpful tips:
Hen Do’s
Fancy Dress

Choosing a theme for a hen do is a great idea, and fancy dress can be lots of fun. Why not run with the popular super heroes trend? You can pick up Batgirl women’s fancy dress costumes, complete with cape, from George at ASDA, for £25. Wonderwoman and Supergirl are other options.
For something a little classier, be inspired by the new Hollywood release The Great Gatsby and go for a 20’s flapper girl theme.

A Weekend Celebration
Why restrict a hen do to just one night when you can enjoy a whole weekend of celebrations! Hiring a cottage or apartment can be a cost effective option for groups – take a look at Bath, Brighton or Edinburgh to get you started with some UK hen break destination ideas.
Afternoon Tea

The trend for afternoon tea is still going strong, so why not indulge in a rather civilised manner with a cake and champagne celebration? You’ll find afternoon tea venues is most UK towns and cities – or put up the bunting, pick up some cupcakes and French fancies, and hold your own!
Sunshine, Shopping and Sangria

If you have a decent budget, why not look a bit further afield for the ultimate girly sunshine break? Barcelona is an amazing hen do destination, with plenty of sunshine, shopping and sangria to keep you entertained.
Pre-Party Party
Not all members of a hen party will know each other so it can be a good idea to organise a mini get-together before the event to help break the ice. Even if it’s just a meet up to go over the hen do details over coffee or wine, it’ll help get the hen do off to a relaxed start.
Hen Don’ts
Romantic Restaurants
It’s nice to eat out during the hen celebrations but avoid romantic restaurants where you’ll be surrounded by gooey eyed couples and may feel ill at ease. Instead choose sociable food venues, like popular high street chains, tapas restaurants or Indian restaurants, where it won’t be all candlelight and love songs – and where you won’t look completely out of place in your fun women’s fancy dress costumes!
Mid-Week Celebrations
Ok so it might be cheaper to do most things if you avoid a weekend, but organising a mid-week celebration is a logistical nightmare. Stick to weekends only and you avoid having to work around the work/childcare/life commitments of 15 people!
Strip-Tease (aarrghh)
While some see a stripper as being an obligatory hen do component, others, in particular the bride to be, might consider a writhing, oiled up stranger as an unwanted party gatecrasher. Why not break with tradition and give this embarrassing, overrated hen do element a miss? Less spent on the stripper means more to spend on cocktails or spa treatments.
Too Much, Too Soon
If you decide to plan a hen do celebration that lasts more than one day, be sure to plan the proceedings so that it’s not too much, too soon. A heavy session on the first night is likely to lead to a group of hungover, unhappy hens the next day, so bear this in mind when planning the itinerary.

So go fourth and enjoy ladies! 
I'd love to hear your hen party plans! Do you have any great stories?

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  1. I am kind of relieved that none of my close female friends are married yet - I just know hen nights with them are going to be crazy! Love your suggestion though, especially the don'ts xo

  2. I organised my friends hen do. We spent the day playing its a knock out and in the evening we went to the red hot buffet then for was fab xxx

  3. I went for lunch, the ice slating in the afternoon, then we all had a few drinks at hotel and got ready - went for a meal and into town for a dance! With everyone wearing bunny ears :D

    The next day we met for brunch and sat in a courtyard watching the world go by - I loved it!!!

  4. Every element of your hen party should be chosen carefully, as small mistake can ruin the whole night which is a special night of every girl’s life. Many things can be added in the party to make it spicy and more happening like different games and activities.


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