Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Black, White and Coral

Well the weather has turned back to typical British showery grey-ness, but thankfully we had a warm dry day before it turned all yucky. I was in work in the day in uniform, but after dinner Hubs and i went for a walk and i felt like wearing this lovely dress which i have had since winter. Its maiden voyage was nice :)

 This is a Joules dress and i absolutely adore it. It fits like a dream, is made and cut beautifully and it felt extremely comfy and flattering on. Best thing was it cost me £8.00 from ebay in the winter months. I squirreled it away and patiently waited to wear it in warm weather. I think it could look lovely with some tights also so some remixing options make it even more wonderful.

 Last night i simply paired it with some coral as i just love coral. Every Spring/summer for the past few years i have had a crush on Coral. its such a pretty colour isn't it! Normally i would add a necklace to the deep v neck dress, but i just wanted to keep it super simple (something i haven't really  done before) The dress just didn't feel like it needed anything else so i just added some cream floral earrings. I can't wait to wear this dress again! Funny thing, i've been planning on getting my hair cut this week, but sods law (is that a british phrase? ) i've been having really good hair days, like its saying to me 'please don't cut me!!! i can look nice!!' so yeh, to cut or not to cut. I was thinking about having a lot off this time as its just so damn long and thick. I've snapped 4 hair bands this week, its just such heavy hair!
I asked some of my Buddies on twitter what they thought of THIS HAIRCUT, what do you think? Go for it or not to go for it? I have to say i'm being a bit of a chicken and already reconsidering to something longer maybe like this, which i think would remove a lot of the weight.. what d'you think?

 So its back to work for me again tomorrow and Saturday, but thats ok, i quite enjoy it to be honest. Terrible twos are not being kind to us in this household lately, so the break from being mummy is actually very much appreciated from me (and probably Neo too haha!)
Is the weather still lovely where you are in the UK/World?
tell me, go on make me jealous! ;-)

Dress: Joules via Ebay
Cardigan: New look (old)
Shoes & Earrings: Primark (few months ago)
Lena B, Actually


  1. Cute! I love the pop of coral against the classic black and white!

  2. Adore the coral with it Rachel!

  3. This is a really lovely look Rachel, last week when the sun was shining I was all about dresses again! Maybe it's the weather we need to change, now, mmmmmm how do we go about that? haha


  4. Oh my god Rachel - HOW utterly gorgeous do you look in this dress??? I saw the teeny tiny picture of you on my Bloglovin feed and my eyes went out on stalks!!!!! What a fabulous find, I bet you've been so impatient to wear it ;)

    Haircuts: I love a change for me personally, so if you're thinking about it I say go for it (your lovely thick hair can take it)! Why not go for the longer version first, then next time take it to the shorter length if you fancy taking more off? Depends whether you want the massive shock or not...!

    Hope you're well my lovely :)

    Catherine x

  5. That dress is ADORABLE on you! I love it!


  6. Coral looks absolutely amazing on you, it goes so well against your dark hair! This look is so perfect :)

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    Now following!
    looking forward to keeping up!

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  8. I am so in love with that dress xo

  9. Love this dress on you and coral is a great color! I was so excited to finally get a cardigan in that color!

  10. That dress is absolute perfection on you. Love love love love love it!
    As for the hair - I say cut away babe! It always grows back! (I took have hugely thick hair, and adding in lots of choppy layers helped me keep the length but get rid of the bulk)

  11. That dress is adorable! I love that the zipper matches the shoes and cardigan :-)

    Laura @

  12. You look so pretty! That dress really does fit you like a dream. And I love it paired with coral. Good choices all around. :)

    No idea on the haircut, I'm terrible with hair ideas and trying to picture something ahead of time.

  13. You look so beautiful here Rachel! Your skin is gorgeous. I love this dress, especially the neckline and feature zip. Perfect =) xx

  14. Beautiful dress! The zipper is so fun!

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  15. Such a lovely, feminine, vintage-y dress! Love how you paired it with a bright sweater and shoes. :)

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  16. Very cute dress and the coral cardi really makes it pop. Here in Belgium we've also been having typical grew weather, so sad.

    As for the hair, hey it's summer so would go a bit shorter. Both options are nice.

  17. I love this dress! The orange with it is great.

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  18. This is such a cute dress! I can't believe you got it for such a cheap price! :) I really love how you added some color to it with the coral sweater and the super cute cut out flats. :)

    Written in Fashion

  19. What a gorgeous dress! I love the classic shape. I am visiting from the Penniless Socialite Favorite Friday Link-Up.
    PS-I am your newest follower :)

  20. Oh my goodness I love, love, love this dress!

    I think both hairstyles look great - but I do like the first one!

    Im thinking of having a fringe cut in myself .. have been asking people on facebook tonight whether i should or not haha!

    Sal x

  21. That dress is so cute!! I love the zipper detail on the back!

  22. Super cute! Love that exposed zipper!!! Thanks so much for linking up with the BEST OF!!! Have a great weekend girl!!!

    xx, Kristen

  23. I think this is one of my favourite outfits of yours EVER, you look absolutely blimmin beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  24. I love the neckline on that dress! So pretty! Thanks for linking up for Favorite Fashion Friday. Hope to see you back this week!
    Penniless Socialite

  25. That is a truly gorgeous dress!! And choosing coral to accent the black and white was a great touch.

  26. Eye catching. Its super cute girl !
    Your cute frock great with orange

  27. This dress is gorgeous! What a great deal! It really is super flattering. It looks like it was made for you. I think the coral cardigan is a gorgeous shade to pair with the black and white dress too. It's just one of those colors that looks good on everyone.


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